Ever wonder what happens with all that mail that arrives in South Africa?  It goes to the KAS Barn where many volunteers SORT everything out to eventually be distributed to local children.

   Please check in here on a regular basis to see photos from all the activity in the KAS Barn during 2019. 

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Thanks Amy. Can't wait to see what happens in the KASBarn in 2019....always a hive of activity.  :)) 

Everybody was back into the swing of things with the first sorting day of 2019.

Celebrating Audrey's 70th Birthday with a delicious vanilla and caramel cake made by the birthday girl herself.

General Pictures from opening day January 8, 2019

Our shelves are filling up.  Check out Leanne's That Warm Fuzzy Feeling,  telling us how the volunteers in SA are putting together close to 1,000 blankets for a distribution in April.

My green and yellow blanket, third picture down.

I can see in front of Leanne one of my Blue Bunny Panels and some more of my Bears on Squares, yippee!

Well spotted Jude!

Two ready made blankets from Patricia Underwood in the UK.  The KAS volunteers are always delighted when ready-made blankets arrive...it is a great help.

Ronda and Viv loved them so much they just had a good snuggle.

I can't get enough of seeing this picture!

Here are four soft toys donated by the Fleming Children in New York.

You might recognize Deborah's Baby Boy Hero she posted last month.

Look at all these wonderful goodies that arrived from Croatia.  Thank you.

Here are some photos from the Barn on January 15 from Estelle:

Opening day at the KASbarn...we are pleased to report to the RIVER JOHN SQUARE KNITTERS from Nova Scotia that their pink parcels have arrived in mint condition.

Two lovely ladies arriving at the KASbarn today and one lovely lady packing up to leave after a back breaking morning. Ronda has started packing bags of blankets for a distribution of 950 blankets in April...so we better get sewing heatwave or no heatwave.

Judith Sullivan in the UK, Mabel opened your parcel with your incredible rainbow blanket in it. Wow!
I was thrilled to find all these gorgeous dolls in Sandra Jones’s parcel. (from Australia) I just love their hair styles. We are so fortunate at KAS to have so many brilliant contributors who create all these amazing things for our children.

Bozica from Croatia, here we are with our namesakes. Athele absolutely loved hers. I’m sure the next photograph you’ll see of them will be with a child cuddling them. Thank you.

It's wonderful to see the parcels from our River John Square Knitters!!!  Thank you, Amy, for sharing.  You just know they're going to be thrilled :))

What a great feeling!!! Congrats!!



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