Very late opening this thread this year for various reasons that you know about but lots of pictures have now been received and should be posted over the next few days. Many more will appear in the Blanket Room 2017 which will be opened shortly.

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Well done all of you! Your amazing squares will keep so many vulnerable children warm, thank you!

What an incredible effort. I hope that it has sparked off a lasting love of knitting for some of these girls.

An assortment of photos from the FB pages of Estelle and Athele :

Little boy at traffic lights

Report from Athele : Bozica, I gave one of your special little characters to this precious little child who spends his days having to sit on his mother’s lap at a traffic light, while she begs. He was so delighted! Thank you on behalf of Knit-A-Square for making it possible for us to reach out with a little joy and loving care for this vulnerable little chap. I will look for them again when winter comes and give him a blanket and beanie too...

Max returns with more beanies from his Mum!

I see some of my squares in the second picture from the bottom with my snake from the ' Slithery Things' theme.

Congrats Marion!!!!

More Estelle :

Mabel and Nani still at it. Just look at the blanket packs behind them. There are 9 packs in each bag ready for the Gogos next year.

Sunèl Botes from Centurion SA popped into KAS opening day with the most stunning blankets and 35 gorgeous cuddly toys. Ronda and Sunèl with some of the blankets. Sunèl has been supporting KAS since 2011. Thank you so much for all the time...7 hours to cut out those circles, you spend creating those incredible blankets.

Clare Leeson from the UK Vivienne unpacked your beautiful blanket today. Thanks so much.

Debbie Dyanand from Cananda your Christmas box so beautifully wrapped arrived today just in time for Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to write cards for the children, making those gorgeous caterpillars out of socks and all the book markers you made. What a special gift...loved the silver tinsel. Thank you from all of us at KAS.

Viv has started preparing for her distribution just after Christmas. She is rolling 200 blankets with a beanie and hand warmers inside them.

Thank you Louise Tidman for these gorgeous soft toys which arrived today.

Square from Alice Pistan - Croatia

Such a lovely collection of photos covering all the aspects of KAS.

Wow!! Some fabulous crafting from our ever-generous KAS members.

Lovely to see a blanket from Claire L.......very pretty, LOVE the colours.  :))

LOVING the little 'snips' of news associated with some of the pics, Bozica and Max and Sonel, to name just a few.

I spy, what I think is Jude's first 'bunny blanket' draped over a chair.  :))

Fab to see so many blanket packs ready to go for the Gogos to sew in the New Year.

A pleasant surprise to see a donation from Louise, too.  :))

Thanks Pam for posting these. 

Fabulous blankets from Sunel and all those circles ! They look beautiful ! Great parcels from everyone and all those blanket packs waiting for next year ! It looks like a great 2019 coming up !

December 11 at the KAS Barn:

Opening and closing day at the KasBarn. We celebrated Wandi’s birthday today. She had a bit of a problem blowing out her candles but soon got plenty of assistance.

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

We had a couple of visitors today. Sipho, Bongi’s delightful son; Palesa, Viviennen’s lovely daughter who spent the morning rolling blankets with her mum and Tanj, Athele’s friend from Zimbabwe. Tanj worked flat out helping clear the tables of some unusual squares and will go armed with blankets, toys and hand warmers for the children in Zimbabwe.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting

Image may contain: 2 people, including Athelé Oosterbroek, people smiling, people standing

Audrey brought this fabulous blanket that she’s just completed to the barn. Amazing colours and squares I think the animal ones are from Bev Jeffery from Australia. Thank you all so much.

Image may contain: 1 person, stripes

Wishing all of our crafters, contributors, volunteers and friends

a Merry Christmas and a relaxing holiday.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor




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