Very late opening this thread this year for various reasons that you know about but lots of pictures have now been received and should be posted over the next few days. Many more will appear in the Blanket Room 2017 which will be opened shortly.

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Here in France, we don't have an option. Everything goes airmail and costs a lot. However, parcels are supposed to take 8 to 10 days. This is what has me worried about y 2 parcels.

My two boxes are quite distintctive, as they both have a yellow stripe. But now that I think about what I sent in March then in July, I am beginning to feel that these 2 may be the July boxes. I will have to wait until the list comes out in a few weeks. Maybe it was wishful thinking that they were the March boxes.
Wendy and Bev, I am also finding mine are taking 6 months. I was getting worried, then last week I had emails from Little Libbraries, and Jbay Recycling Project to thank me for parcels just received, and they were sent in March.....seems they get held up in the SA postal system........Ooooh, I'm hoping that red and blue striped bag on the bottom might be one of mine.

Although I do still have a number of blanket pictures from November openings because I am so short of time I think it would be best to post Ronda's email this week with photos from Opening Day 5th December. She writes:

"A few opening day pictures from 5th Dec - our last opening day of the year will be next week, when we will be celebrating Wandi's 67th birthday. A good way to close !!

No 1 shows Megan, our newest volunteer who seems to be enjoying herself at Knit-a-Square.
There are also a couple of Thomas, our new driver, who is so helpful always, and gets involved on opening days which is so welcome.  It is good to have a strong young man around to lift and carry and reach up to top shelves - he has no fear of the long ladder !!!  Nos 2 and 3 show him taking blanket photos (he needs a little practice perhaps ?) and generally helping out.

No 4 - the Sammy Davis Jnr doll, isn't he adorable ? The volunteers were not able to tell me who he was from, but he's special.              [Regulars will know that this was one of Deborah Anderson Fleming's creations]
 No 5 is of a lovely blanket and a top from Sue Ferry in London - she has been an amazingly faithful KAS-er from the very outset !!
The last picture (No 6) is showing a beautiful design done by Linda Maltby's mum ... she passed away in January this year.  It was enclosed with a special blanket which Linda made in her memory for a needy child.  We are so blessed by our contributors, every single one of them."

Lovely. Someone has had a lot of patience making and or sewing all the little squares in the bottom two pictures into a blanket too. The little notecard picture that has a number 6 on it is beautiful too, looks hand drawn.

Gorgeous card designed by Linda's Mum who passed away early this year, Ronda mentioned.

The tiny squares look very effective but such a labour of love to put it together ! Sammy Davis Jnr has at least one pal seemingly swingingon the ladder.

Thomas , thanks for helping with the heavy lifting and the heights , and the driving of course !

Megan thanks for volunteering for KAS opening days, many hands make light work !

A lovely collection of photos bringing us closer to KAS.

January 16, Opening day photos. Comments from Estelle.

Another busy day at KNIT A SQUARE. Wandi with her lovely smile,

Nani with a stunning blanket from Barbara Bartlett from New Mexico USA,

Vivienne loved the teddies she unpacked. Thank you V Goodwin from Oxford UK.

Susanne Leverton your big red spotted bag arrived safely,all the way from Australia.

Ronda is holding the dearest doll.

Mabel and I are carefully opening that very well packed bag. 

Thank you for the beautiful blanket and the 33 soft toys you sent the children.

 Mabel and Lindiwe sorting and packing.

Linda, thanks for the marvelous pictures.  

Looks like the new year is off to a great start.

Thanks for posting such wonderful photos Linda....I love the c2c blanket from Barbara Bartlett and the teddies from V Goodwin.  It's wonderful to see Ronda and the team hard at work unpacking all the goodies.

Wonderful photos. It's so nice to see all the KASers in SA and the lovely squares and toys that have arrived. That doll is so beautiful.

Totally agree with everything you've said, Valerie.

Thanks for sharing these pics, Linda.



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