Our wonderful 'parcel opening' team!

The volunteer team turn up each week to sort your squares, hand warmers, tops, hats and cuddlies so that more and more vulnerable and deprived children are given a sense that they are valued and cared for!

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Wow I'm absolutely thrilled to see no less than 6 photos with items I have sent. The blue granny square cat was sent absolutely months ago, if not last year, and the dolls were only sent recently, so nice to see the backlog from the strike being cleared, well done to all you hard working volunteers

Yay! Glad to see you found some of your gorgeous goodies, Christine....what a thrill !!!!!

What a morning! And best of all, one of the pics show a space on those wonderful shelves - well done the distrinution team! You send them, we sew them and they distribute them - together we are keeping children warm.

What an enormous job, opening and sorting all that. You really are a devoted bunch of people.

I'm pleased that my "Molly" squares arrived safely!

Wow!  I want to comment on every photo but haven't the space or time or energy.  The dolls, the lovely bag of yarn for sewing up blankets, the toys, the school supplies...the smiling faces....with almost every photo I was going "wow" or "awwwww".  How you gals keep going with all that incoming....talk about a flood of love....but then I guess love is your fuel.  How grand to see how many people from around the world are loving and giving....and talented yarn artists too!  Thanks so much for posting this Pam, these are lovely to look at.  Very inspiring! 

p.s. I do hope Molly didn't see that pile of "Molly squares" and run for the hills, I might have been tempted but I am sure Molly is made of sterner stuff. :)

p.p.s. I love those little pocket pal dolls 3rd last photo....how cute and perfect for little hands to hold...you can see the love that went into making them.

Thank you for posting these wonderful pictures. It's so inspiring to see so many donations of all kinds to warm the children. The kid in me just wants to dive into in all that colorful cozyness.

W-O-W!!! So much love on display here......from all the knitted/crocheted items from our wonderful KASers, to the never ending dedication of 'our' SA team and Wilma and Sandy and their team.

Goodness what an overwhelming pile of mail. What a stella effort by the team to tame it all. Sometimes people have butterflies and 5 or 10 in a bundle, sometimes others have a miscellaneous heap, all kinds of wonderful piles. These busy hands are sorting the treasure. I look forward to seeing some of my four parcels in transit in view.Thank you.

This gives us an idea of the size of the task facing you all! Goodness me! 

I really wish I could spend a few weeks over there helping. Thanks to you all for your commitment. Xxxx

I have just seen my red and white sweater next to my lilac and white sweater with my brown and yellow one in the lower right corner and I'm so thrilled it's silly!!  In fact I gave such a jump my two Border collies took off barking their heads off! I'm about to head to the post office with another couple of parcels feeling greatly relieved at having proof that they are actually arriving and not just endlessly circling the globe. Best wishes to you all and hello to all the other KASers wherever they may be.

Fantastic, Marjorie - how exciting for you!

Be assured that the vast majority of parcels certainly do find their way to their destination and are put to very good use warming little bodies.

Congrats Marjorie!!! What a thrill !!!!! Lovely jumpers.  :))



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