Our wonderful 'parcel opening' team!

The volunteer team turn up each week to sort your squares, hand warmers, tops, hats and cuddlies so that more and more vulnerable and deprived children are given a sense that they are valued and cared for!

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I agree...what lovely photos!  And they really get across why Ronda needs the KAS van....wow.  Everyone around the world is so loving and giving....what beautiful squares, so many hats and toys and socks and all sorts of goodies.  My hat is off to the South African volunteers, our KAS angels, without you we couldn't help at all and we're so grateful that you allow us to help the children.  Thank you all so very much!

Estelle is using one of my blue bags to carry her work home.  Looks like Molly didn't luck out on the other one. 

How honoured do I feel? Very is the answer! Estelle and her family and friends make such a lovely job of them. Thank you so much. I saw some of mine in the last picture so I am getting very excited that I might see a child wrapped up in one of my blankets sometime soon. I needed a lift tonight as my daughter in law was involved in a car crash this afternoon, and although she walked away from it with bruises, aches and pains it could have been a different story, only for the fact she was driving a Volvo, which the police said had saved her!

Oh Cath! How frightening! Thank goodness she wasn't hurt seriously. Still, she might want to see a chiro or massage therapist to make sure all is as it should be, internally. Accidents have a way of sneaking up on a person later on.

A lucky escape, Cath...thank goodness....she is probably going to need lots of hugs....I imagine this would be VERY traumatic.

What fab photos.......love seeing all the cuddlebugs.  :))  .....and that little pink, knitted piggy is just sooooo cute.  :))

YAY, Chris!!! Its always such a thrill to see our goodies in the safe hands of Team SA.

Poor thing. I'm glad she didn't have any major problems, but Barb is right. Make sure she is well checked. I had a very minor accident once (a car ran into the back of ours while we were stopped at a traffic light) and I got a mild jolt. A couple of years later I started having very bad dizzy spells and the doctors linked it back to the jolt.

I believe you about the Volvo, Cath, they have this steel cage around the passenger compartment.  Way back in the 1970's I was dispatching taxis and heard of a Volvo driven by a drunk local man that smashed into a rock cut outside of town.  Back to the passenger compartment the car was demolished---he walked away from the crash and promptly bought another Volvo! I hope he stopped drinking the daft twerp.  

I agree with everyone else about double checking with a chiropractor.  I have had whiplash and concussion and I do feel care is needed. Poor sweetie she must be so shaken up.  Do give her lots of encouragement and comfort and cuddles from us will you?  I hope she feels much safer soon.  I have no doubt she will likely go buy another Volvo. Yes?

Oh goodness Cath. That's so awful. I hope your daughter is going to be okay. Is that Olivia's mum who was involved in the accident?
I love the blue bag Mili. It's about four times bigger than the one I started with. Molly suggested I use it as I take so many squares and blanket packs home. I think Kim uses the other one. Yesterday I had to leave early and there was still a mountain of post to open. Let's hope we catch up soon.
Thank you all for your concern and advice. She realises how lucky she is. They had another small minibus on order, but I think that is being cancelled and another Volvo ordered! She is feeling achy, stiff and sore today. I'll pass on what you say about a chiropractor. Thanks again.

Love seeing all the parcels being opened i find it very heartwarming to know that we are all united with the same aim to help vulnerable children . I have just seen one of my cuddlebugs which delighted me ! i have been gettinga bit despondant lately because i have sent three parcels since January and none of them have been on the squares list yet so seeing my cuddlebug has renewed my determination to knit a square a day have a lovely day everyone x

Hi Sue, there is a huge opening backlog, as an incredible number of parcels arrived during June - a couple of weeks ago Ronda made two trips to collect and then the PO rang up begging for a 3rd trip!  One recent collection trip took 4 hours from collecting & loading the KasVan at the PO, and, then returning to the office to unload!

Hi Pam thanks for letting me know . Good news that there are so many parcels to open shows how hard we are all working ! X



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