Our wonderful 'parcel opening' team!

The volunteer team turn up each week to sort your squares, hand warmers, tops, hats and cuddlies so that more and more vulnerable and deprived children are given a sense that they are valued and cared for!

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Above is a beautiful life-sized dolly sent to KAS some time ago by Maria Teresa Cleasby (UK).


Ronda & Wendy decided hold the doll back because they perceived that it would be of special use as the doll is "anatomically correct' and might assist children verbalising their pain and suffering. And at last it has found a special home.

The doll was given to the Benoni Rotary who support a child sexual assault clinic along with other toys, beanies etc., sent by KAS members. The clinic sent this letter of thanks to the Benoni Rotary, who, in turn, forwarded it to Ronda.

Have managed to capture a slightly larger print version below :

What a positive impact this doll is making.  Life changing.  Thank you for sharing!

Do so lIke to hear about this kind of community activity. And am very pleased to be part of it through KAS. I will miss seeing little Rhonda presiding over the toys in the blanket room
When we make and send items to KAS in South Africa, it is because we have love and compassion for the children there and want to make a difference by showing that people care and that they are loved, and help provide warmth and joy. Sometimes we just don't realise just how much of a difference it can make.....
This doll, when it is used at the clinic, will I am sure be invaluable in helping children verbalise their suffering, and with the care and support each child will receive at the clinic, the healing process can begin, with compassion.
I am so glad that Ronda and Wendy noticed this anatomically correct doll and realised it's potential in helping children who have been sexually abused.
Thanks to Maria Cleasby in the UK for this special gift.
(I have worked with many, many children who have been sexually abused).

Thanks Christine for validating Ronda & Wendy's decision to hold onto the doll, so it can used at the best possible time. The KAS ripples go on and out..........

Very well said, Christine.

I'm so very glad that little Rhonda is where she was always meant to be, helping children.  Great storyand thanks for sharing it with us!

A little bit of news from Ronda : 

Another precious little one rescued from dire circumstances. 

Knit-a-Square donates just R100 per month to Peace Agency in Durban, and in return they send us little snippets like this. 

A drop in the ocean, but always encouraging to know that just ONE more little South African baby has been saved from uncertainty and abuse and misery in life.

Message accompanying the photographs :

Hi friends, 


This beautiful little girl was abandoned last week and came to us on Friday. She is just two weeks old. 


Much love from us all at the Baby House! 



How heartwarming so glad she has been saved xx

How precious.  Thank Heaven for agencies like Baby House!!! xo

Poor litle mite. How wonderful that she's been saved. Thank you for passing this on to us.

So very glad she was found and now has a good chance at life.  What a little sweetie!

Do we ever donate baby items to Peace Agency for little ones like this? I am wondering because I know people still mail  baby items to KAS in South Africa.



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