We have an office again!

Thanks to our members prayers and generosity we have these lovely clean and modern offices to work from!

The volunteer team turn up each week to sort your squares, hand warmers, tops, hats and cuddlies so that more and more vulnerable and deprived children are given a sense that they are valued and cared for!


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Here are the amazing photos of the team on this special opening session on January 9th 2014!

Donna and Lesley stopping for a moment!

Lindi and Elizabeth (a new USA volunteer who, we discover lives about 100 metres from us!)

Donna as able to use Peter's side of the garage whilst he was at work!

Busy whittling the parcel pile down!


1 of 6 boxes from Knit for Life!

Start of blanket-pack making in the lounge - it reminded Ronda that her back had forgotten what it was like to work on a low coffee table. Chiropractor services might be needed!

Yarn winder to make Yvette's life easier - sent from Japan by the Nakagome family.

                                                                              Donna models a beanie!

Lindi and Oti with a 'thank you 'present' from the Knit for Life Team (Pam Johnson & Elaine Jones)

Today's team - still smiling!

[Oti was not in the pic, but worked very hard, and loved having everyone back at the house!}

Ronda says, we absolutely love to receive a bundled group of 35 squares! They make perfect 'blanket packs' and a immediately ready for distribution!

Pam Johnson and Elaine Jones had the right idea with sending a gift to the SA volunteers, I have thought on that myself.  What a feast for the eyes is here. I too love the blanket bundles of 35 squares.  I still can't get over the sheer size of some of the boxes and packages that arrive...my goodness!  I mean it's marvellous but I can't help thinking that some of us are single-handedly supporting the postal service in their home countries!  The SIX boxes from Knit For Life...how jaw droppingly amazing is that?  I just love seeing all this bounty.  It's the middle of a frigid winter here and seeing all this color and brightness and life...the squares are like my winter flower garden!  Thanks so much for posting this up for us, Pam Antink.   (and a yarn winder from Japan???? People are so thoughtful!)

p.s. I love that green "slouchie" beanie...two of my daughters have been hinting for one!

Thank you Thank you Thank you to all in SA.  Ditto to ALL that Jeanne has said !! Packs of 35's is a good idea. Perhaps we could all go for saving squares until we get to a blanket pack. Although it might be a bit slow on the tallies ! I love that some thoughtful gifts have arrived for the team.

I take this idea on board.....I must try to have lots of different colours and patterns etc. in each bundle of 35.........Roz x

It is such a joy to see our boxes there and open and the ladies enjoying the little gift.  We are using a removals firm Jeanne that allows us to send in such quantities.  Yesterday Elaine and I packed another 5 boxes and plenty still to do.  Elaine is off on holiday soon and we had so much to pack we wanted to make a start. We are trying to clear the squares then send a box of jumpers - this time we managed to include loads of pants and toys and books squished down the sides of the bags of squares which are all vacuum packed to get the maximum in.

We have just lost our big fund raising event in the UK so are pondering what to do next.  It is such a shame that we are all so spread out or else it would be much easier to get together to raise funds and ship collectively.

I really agree with the last bit of ur post about how its a shame that we are all spread out in the uk, I have seen in the forums people saying about sending bigger parcels as its cheaper but when you are on a budget you have to spend what you can I know that when I send 20 squares it will cost me the same amount each time I send them so I can budget for this I would love to send more squares in my parcels but unfortunetly I cant afford to but I know that each square counts so don't feel so bad about sending only 20 squares at a time

One thing KAS does not want Ann is anyone to feel 'I should be doing more', it is important that everyone sticks within their budget and doesn't add unnecessary pressure to their lives!  As you rightly point out every square sent has the power to make a difference to each vulnerable child touched by them. They contain an essence that most other charities cannot provide - love & caring!

A  HUGE Thank you for this posting, Pam. So inspiring to see the wonderful team moving forward despite the obvious challenges and inconveniences.

LOVE your very neat boxes of squares, Pam & Elaine...and very thoughtful of you to give a gift to the team. :))

Is that a couple of KAScuddles from Mili on some blue plastic on the floor??

Ann, every contribution is a wonderful help and we all just do what we can.  Just a thought though - the bigger your parcel up to 2kg, the less it costs per 100g.  You may want to save up your squares until you have 60 or so and just send every few months.  I realise that may not work with a budget - unless you had a KAS tin and put the pennies in each month to send more at once?  Just an idea.

it would cost me too much to do that as it is it cost me nearly £5 to send 20 squares if I was to send 50 or more it would proberly cost me something like £25 and I cant afford that I don't work I just have a small pension from work as i am not old enough to claim my old age pension yet and my hubby is also retired and has 2 small pensions from work and a state pension  and this pays for all out household bills plus heating water sewage council tax rent food etc

No Ann, it should only cost about £15 to send 70 squares surface mail depending on their thickness but I quite understand how difficult it is on a tight budget.

well its a lot of money to pay out in one go wheras the smaller amount is better to cope with



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