by Louise Tidman & Jude Sullivan

Louise Tidman lives in a village called Purton which is in the Wiltshire area of the UK. close to Swindon.

She is a very busy and valuable member of KAS. Louise runs along with her right hand lady Jude a knitting group for about 80 ladies, who support KAS with all of their wonderful goods.

Louise writes;

Due to the success of our KAS coffee morning in March 2015 we decided to do the same again this year.  Planning started in January 2016. The Village Hall was booked, a list of willing helpers was drawn up and tasks were allocated. Things were going to plan, then I had the bright idea of adding a two course lunch to the proceedings!  I ran the idea by a few of the helpers who thought it was fantastic but who was going to cook the lunch during the coffee morning while we were all busy.  That’s when I had my best idea to date……I contacted Sharon Fennell (fellow KASsister) and asked if she would be willing to help out. To my amazement she said YES!!

On the morning of the event Sharon arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed (At this point she had no idea what she had let herself in for!) and she set to work in the kitchen with my friend Sheila. 

The Hall filled up nicely, the coffee was flowing, the biscuits were being eaten and the stalls were making much needed funds. The icing on the cake was when Chris Chiplen and her son Andrew arrived from Wales, it was wonderful to see Chris again and great for her to meet Sharon.


Photo: KAS Display.

Sixty lunches were served before Sharon had a well-deserved sit down and chatted with Chris and myself. Chris brought some of her beautiful blankets for us to see, they look great in photos on the forum but are truly spectacular when in front of you.

It had been a very busy morning, with plenty of fun and laughter along the way and I know Sharon and Chris were amazed by the friendliness and sense of community within our village……Oh, I almost forgot, we raised over £1000, truly amazing!!!

Jude writes;

My first meeting with Sharon Fennell was at 8.30am prompt she arrived at my house to start what turned out to be a busy but fun packed day raising postage funds for KAS.  Sharon arrived like Father Christmas with so many goodies plus a wonderful Easter Hamper raffle prize.  Louise had already started to decorate the hall with photos, granny square bunting plus a display of some of the work our group had made.  In no time at all 10.00am arrived and our first 'supporters' arrived for morning coffee.  Chris Chiplen arrived with Andrew her son who had kindly driven her to Purton with the bribe of homemade cakes plus a two course lunch!  Chris arrived bringing me more embellishments for my PJ’s plus some blankets which she had completed which were stunning.
It was a lovely atmosphere and we all introduced ourselves as we sold raffle tickets and asked people to part with more money to 'Name the Duck' which I won.  His name is Cyril and he is going to SA to be loved by a KAS child.
By lunchtime 60 guests stayed to enjoy a two course meal and everyone
congratulated us on such a successful morning.  At this time we allowed Sharon out of the kitchen, she was last seen driving Louise home with a boot full of Teddies.


We are so grateful to everyone who made it a KAS fundraising day to remember. See you all, same time next year ? ! :)))


Photo: Four KASsisters, Louise, Chris, Jude & Sharon


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Lovely, lovely Ladies, who 'give your all' for 'our' children. xo

After seeing this photograph I decided I had to lose weight and now have lost 1st 8lbs, see what impact the KAS photographs have on one!
I hope next year I will look a lot slimmer our next fund raising day. Haha!

Well done to you, Jude....that is terrific!!! Don't go losing too much more....thought you looked fine as you were.  :))

What a tremendous effort-----and what a wonderful result! Congratulations, ladies.

What a wonderful article Louise and Jude ... thank you!  And thank you, Sharon, for posting it for us.

I can only imagine the amount of work that was involved in pulling this event together.  You're a fabulous team, for sure!  And that is a super display you put together ... all the beautiful handwork, the photos, the grannies, and that sweet little pink and blue eared mouse :)

Jude: Congratulations!  The impact this KAS photograph had on you might just inspire me to try to shed a few pounds as well :)  However, I think you all look absolutely lovely and it is such a treat to be able to see everyone. xo

What a fabulous story. I love the way the words sped along at the speed of the lunch making. It was beautiful to see the four of you standing together.

The table groaning with goodies and beautiful hand made love is just stunning.

Well done and thank you.

Lovely Report, well done ladies!

It was a great day, such a wonderful village and great community, next time I will ensure more photos so you can see the hall and the army of 'other ' helpers. It was just amazing .Such a friendly community.

This sounds like it was so much fun, even if it was lots of work. Thank you for all you do for KAS.

well done!!! and I love your Granny Square bunting!

Sharon, sorry this is late I've been on holiday for a few days......thanks for adding our article to this month's Snippets.....and thanks so much for all your help on the day and thanks to Chris and Andrew for supporting us too. It was great to see all three of you.
Thanks to everyone for your kind words, much appreciated. Oh by the way, the granny square bunting was stitched together to make a blanket after the coffee morning.......nothing is wasted, it all goes to 'our' children. Lol :))))



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