Hi Everyone.

New Year - New (updated) Discussion.

To simplify things (and for me 'simple' is ALWAYS better...lol) we have decided to combine two of your favourite discussions: Yarn-aholics Therapy and Anyone Feel Like A Chat? We thank Jeni (Harrison's Mum) and Kalai for initiating these wonderful avenues for sharing, which will be archived and still available for reading and reminiscing. 

I know I've laughed, cried and commiserated with many of you over the years and so it is my pleasure to offer you this opportunity to continue to share with your friends in 'Share A Yarn?'

Who doesn't love to share a yarn?...Well, I probably prefer to share a yarn (tale) than share a yarn (my stash)...lol.

So all you lovely folk, let's keep things humming along.....well maybe 'humming' is not a good word to use in my case. I recently learned from my hubby that he doesn't like my humming...only took him almost 32 years to tell me.....but I think it may also have taken him 31+ years to work out WHY I hum. When I'm happy, I tend to sing (or la, la, la, as I never know all the words to a song)....but when I'm tired (I think to keep myself awake) irritated or just plain CROSS, I hum.....LOL.

There you go...there's my first 'yarn to share'.

I look forward to seeing and/or reading yours...please share....you are among friends.  :))


yarn holder/unwinder


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Oh my goodness!!!! That is soooooo me, Anne. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

thats my hubby lol

Yes, that is my hubby too.  He gets so bewildered. He used to program a huge mainframe at an international bank but computers have changed so much he's completely "at sea" now and stares at the keyboard. "I didn't want that, what is this?  How do I get into my email?  How do I send it?  Why isn't the address copying?" and on and on.  My daughter and I roll our eyes, grab our patience and wade in to explain it's all right infront of him.  Heaven help him when my tablet I ordered arrives this week!  (I got it because it's lighter to carry than my scriptures to church, and all my scriptures and Sunday School books are online for free now-less carrying for me...but oh the times ahead for me when hubby tries to use it!  yeeesh.)

i know just what you mean Jeanne hubby has a tablet and he keeps asking me stuff like how do I reply to an email or how do I get rid of this game how do I take a photo,or how did you get that on your tablet I cant get it on mine and his is a newer model then mine lol  and mine is only 4 months old

Oh dear Ann....hubby and I just ordered ourselves a joint Christmas present...a tablet!  He gets mithered enough on our computer...sigh.  I think it will be MY tablet, for the sake of my sanity, lol.

son in law showed hubby how to use it when he got it but son in law is good on computers and I think he bamboozled hubby with all the info and hubby didn't take it all in, so was asking me a week or two later how to do stuff,

Oh I've had that happen to me...somebody who knows how to do it just rushes right through whatever it is on the computer, "oh you just do this and this and this," and I have no clue what they just did, lol.  I haven't got the tablet turned on yet because they forgot to include the English instruction manual and my French just isn't that good.  So, I'll have to look it up online. :)  Ah the joys of technology....not.  Well it looks pretty but I have no clue how or where to turn it on!

there is usually a button on the side that you hold in to turn it on or across the top what make tablet do you have???

Oh...okay.  It's a Google Nexxus 7, 32 GB, if that's any help?

Oh I am sorry but that is soooo me !!

Just for our American friends who are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend...if you're a Jurassic Park fan like I am you will get this immediately.

We've been getting a lot of snow lately.  



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