Hi Everyone.

New Year - New (updated) Discussion.

To simplify things (and for me 'simple' is ALWAYS better...lol) we have decided to combine two of your favourite discussions: Yarn-aholics Therapy and Anyone Feel Like A Chat? We thank Jeni (Harrison's Mum) and Kalai for initiating these wonderful avenues for sharing, which will be archived and still available for reading and reminiscing. 

I know I've laughed, cried and commiserated with many of you over the years and so it is my pleasure to offer you this opportunity to continue to share with your friends in 'Share A Yarn?'

Who doesn't love to share a yarn?...Well, I probably prefer to share a yarn (tale) than share a yarn (my stash)...lol.

So all you lovely folk, let's keep things humming along.....well maybe 'humming' is not a good word to use in my case. I recently learned from my hubby that he doesn't like my humming...only took him almost 32 years to tell me.....but I think it may also have taken him 31+ years to work out WHY I hum. When I'm happy, I tend to sing (or la, la, la, as I never know all the words to a song)....but when I'm tired (I think to keep myself awake) irritated or just plain CROSS, I hum.....LOL.

There you go...there's my first 'yarn to share'.

I look forward to seeing and/or reading yours...please share....you are among friends.  :))


yarn holder/unwinder


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Here is another favourite 'yarn' I'd like to share with you. My friend, Kym, gave me this for Christmas. When she gave it to me (while we were at work) I smiled and tried to show the appropriate enthusiasm, while inwardly thinking "Oh, goodie! Something else to dust". However, when taking this to my car (after work...and my brain can think a little clearer without the little angels chatting in my ear...I love them dearly) I had a 'lightbulb' moment when I realised this was in fact a yarn holder/unwinder to unwind my yarn as I knit...what a GREAT friend!!!!! And of course, ever so thoughtfully, she even supplied me with a ball of yarn.  :))

This is going to be a GREAT discussion, Bev.  Thanks for starting it!

I am going to "close for replies" the two old discussions so people will start using the one, but I will leave them where they are for a week or so, so people can catch the final posts and then I will tuck them safely away in Closed Discussions where they will stay and can be read anytime.

I m very jealous of your hot weather - although our cold snap is over, and it was warm enough today in my neck of the woods for it to rain.

I'm even more jealous of your yarn holder - I want one, I want one, I want one!!!

Thank you, Anne. I hope we all continue to share the fun and/or important moments/events in our lives.  :)) ....not to forget the wonderful and amazing and funny pics. (that onus is on you, Jeanne....lol...you find the best)

Of course, the very creative, Kym, is already working on recreating this yarnholder, when she's not working on a 'Bell Tower' for one of the up and coming landmarks in the 'Great Heights'  squares challenge.  :))

What a great idea, that looks very helpful! I expect we'll be seeing some squares in that variegated color soon? Hint hint :)

Bev that is a knifty little cat toy---I mean ball unwinder/holder!  I could see one of my four cats underneath that, grabbing tight and vigorously kicking the living daylights out of that yarn ball with it's back legs.  I still think it's a neat idea though.

I love it! I'm going to have to dive into the scrap wood box  and make one (as soon as the workshop thaws from the recent snow). Guess what my mom's getting for her birthday.  :)

When your workshop thaws...please do, Kathleen...and if possible, I would love to see a pic. My friend made one after she bought me the unwinder....she is very crafty...unlike me...lol.

LOL Bev!  My Mother hums to herself all the time, but far from being annoyed by it I LOVE it!  Lets me know I am not in the house on my own!  Often makes me chuckle to myself too as she mostly doesn't even realise she is doing it!

A friend also sent me some knitting yarn for Christmas (bless her) and a couple of weeks before that she also sent some she had found 'stashed' in her home and didn't need. (How could you not NEED yarn)!

Sounds like you might be like me too, I have a personal HATE of what I call Objet D'Art (ornaments and the like). I just HATE dusting them, so time consuming, time that could be better spent knitting and crocheting!

Yes Pam....lol... that's another thing I do when my hubby annoys me...I prefer the non-confrontational approach....and I know that annoys him...hee hee.  Gee, probably should say that we cruise along quite happily MOST of the time.  :))

i love to sing when I am happy or cooking I put on a cd and sing along only trouble is hubby doesn't like my singing now I have to admit I am not the best singer in fact I have been told I am tone deaf so when I start to sing hubby either puts his hands over his ears or asks me if I am in pain and where is the pain cheeky devil I think I have a fab singing voice,,,,,,,,,,, now where did I put that teatowel so I can whack him

LOL Ann...I find the louder I play the CD, the better I think my voice sounds while I sing to it.  :))



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