Hi Everyone.

New Year - New (updated) Discussion.

To simplify things (and for me 'simple' is ALWAYS better...lol) we have decided to combine two of your favourite discussions: Yarn-aholics Therapy and Anyone Feel Like A Chat? We thank Jeni (Harrison's Mum) and Kalai for initiating these wonderful avenues for sharing, which will be archived and still available for reading and reminiscing. 

I know I've laughed, cried and commiserated with many of you over the years and so it is my pleasure to offer you this opportunity to continue to share with your friends in 'Share A Yarn?'

Who doesn't love to share a yarn?...Well, I probably prefer to share a yarn (tale) than share a yarn (my stash)...lol.

So all you lovely folk, let's keep things humming along.....well maybe 'humming' is not a good word to use in my case. I recently learned from my hubby that he doesn't like my humming...only took him almost 32 years to tell me.....but I think it may also have taken him 31+ years to work out WHY I hum. When I'm happy, I tend to sing (or la, la, la, as I never know all the words to a song)....but when I'm tired (I think to keep myself awake) irritated or just plain CROSS, I hum.....LOL.

There you go...there's my first 'yarn to share'.

I look forward to seeing and/or reading yours...please share....you are among friends.  :))


yarn holder/unwinder


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And to me nowhere near as attractive but certainly startling, is this. The lace along the grill is a nice touch but otherwise...CRIKEY!!!

This couple are yarn crafters.  She crochets and he loom knits.

Both the above pictures represent keeping the crafts alive which is all good for KAS !

I had a laugh when I cleaned out the garage for moving. I found a huge sports bag full of yarn . Or rather my son did. I said I was a bit embarrassed about all the yarn I have and he very generously said, never mind mum you'll knit it all up. However I had a sneaky thought he didn't know about the cupboard full upstairs, so when he went home I set to and packed my china and placed a good pile of the wool around the china to keep it safe. It is now distributed around various boxes. Most of my secret is now safe I think. 

Oh Sue that's hilarious!  I am sure laughing. You're being very sneaky.  My thought is, what a hunt you'll have to go on if you want a specific yarn color and know it's in there somewhere!

Recognise the need for this anyone?

LOLOL!  Hilarious but makes total sense to me.  That little sign has probably saved a few marriages!

Okay this is just too superb not to share....awesome.

This is not a yarn. It's just a word to say that I'm celebrating my second anniversary today. I sent my first parcel to KAS, containing 37 squares, on May 26 2012. And I want to thank all of you who welcomed me to Kas and have contributed so much over these 2 years with good advice, kind comments and lots of laughter. The KAS sisterhood is something to be cherished and respected. You give me really good vibes. The only fly in the ointment is that we still have so many children to help....but at least we're trying. Love you all.  XXXXX

Happy anniversary- keep the squares coming x

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Valerie!

I had my first in April, and I totally agree with everything you say about KAS and the community we have become.  This is such a fabulous cause, worthy of our very best efforts.  It is such an pleasure and an honor to be part of it. xo

Happy Anniversary, Valerie!

Happy anniversary and may we all have many more and continue to warmthe  little ones we can never cuddle



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