Hi Everyone.

New Year - New (updated) Discussion.

To simplify things (and for me 'simple' is ALWAYS better...lol) we have decided to combine two of your favourite discussions: Yarn-aholics Therapy and Anyone Feel Like A Chat? We thank Jeni (Harrison's Mum) and Kalai for initiating these wonderful avenues for sharing, which will be archived and still available for reading and reminiscing. 

I know I've laughed, cried and commiserated with many of you over the years and so it is my pleasure to offer you this opportunity to continue to share with your friends in 'Share A Yarn?'

Who doesn't love to share a yarn?...Well, I probably prefer to share a yarn (tale) than share a yarn (my stash)...lol.

So all you lovely folk, let's keep things humming along.....well maybe 'humming' is not a good word to use in my case. I recently learned from my hubby that he doesn't like my humming...only took him almost 32 years to tell me.....but I think it may also have taken him 31+ years to work out WHY I hum. When I'm happy, I tend to sing (or la, la, la, as I never know all the words to a song)....but when I'm tired (I think to keep myself awake) irritated or just plain CROSS, I hum.....LOL.

There you go...there's my first 'yarn to share'.

I look forward to seeing and/or reading yours...please share....you are among friends.  :))


yarn holder/unwinder


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Now THIS is a very special husband.  Michelle Sharp's husband (she's a Crochet Crowd member) is modelling the breastfeeding hat she made.  She had the giggles something fierce while posting this as you can imagine.

Brave man. He looks a bit long-suffering to me !

I feel like he's thinking "You have five seconds to take that picture then this thing is coming OFF!"  lol

I just realized I've never posted a picture of my home town Dryden.  Here it is from the air.  That's Lake Wabigoon along the top and the Wabigoon River along the bottom.

There's a lot of deciduous trees in town, planted by all of us but outside of town it's all conifers/fir trees with some occasional birch or poplar in it (not Lombardy, they're like the Birches but greyer bark not white). The peninsula lower right has a boat drydocked on it now, one of the original log moving tug boats from when log booms were brought up the river by boat.  There used to be on that jut of land the shed/sawmill where the logs were fed up it's clanky toothed conveyor belts and then on above the road across it and into the mill. This picture looks like it was taken from one of the mill towers. The buildings lower left are the skating arenas and swimming pool, fitness clubs, the town is sports mad. They've got soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball teams, ringette, figure skating, I forget...oh curling 3 golf courses...only 7800 people and a big pro fishing tournament every year for Walleye.  (it's a live catch and release tournament). Lots of hunting and fishing done here, there's a few farms outside of town too on a spot of arable land, the rest is forests and lakes. Across the lake at the top there is nothing....it's empty, just wilderness for hundreds of miles. Go to the left and it's thousands of miles.  4 hours to a city . This is looking SE.

This is our main street downtown and it looks identical to this today.  The fast food restaurants and Walmart and larger stores are 2 blocks to the left across the CP railway tracks along the Trans Canada Highway.  You get to the highway via either a subway under the tracks (behind you in this photo) or an overpass over the tracks at the east end of town.That's our mascot, Max the Moose. He used to be the largest in Canada but another town built a bigger one, which to me is uglier even if bigger. We celebrate Max's birthday every year, put a big party hat on him, have birthday cake and fun and games for the kids and families.  In the winter he wears a giant winter toque(like a KAS hat) and a scarf.  He used to have--ahem--moose balls at the back but people kept painting them dayglo orange so he was neutered. This is typical scenery here: 

This is great Jeanne. I enjoyed seeing all this about Dryden. Made me feel closer to you.

Awww thanks hon. :)

Lovely Jeanne and I am very fond of trees Just the place for me !


Just watched Ice road Truckers wow what a life and the temperature  we moan when it goes minus 1c hope your  spring has arrived all the best for the rest of the year. 


Ah yes, Ice Road Truckers...we have companies go north from here and surrounding towns over ice roads to reach the towns not connected except by air. Two winters ago it was very short, they only got a half season in, lots of construction supplies etc. didn't get into the towns before an early thaw. You just can't fly some things in to these towns, too big, too expensive etc. So I prayed for a longer winter this year so they'd get caught back up....but I wasn't expected the really long winter we just got!  Be careful what you pray for eh?  Yeeesh.  

There's still some snow piles around but our own lawn is clear and starting to green up. I might be seeing buds on a tree by the house but they're tiny.  No leaves anywhere except of course on the fir trees.  Lots of rain right now so that'll chase the snow away soon enough! :)

Someone there needs to attend urgently.



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