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I invite you, one and all, to visit this new 2015 discussion and share whatever is on your mind.....the good, the bad...and the not too ugly.  

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Even kittens like to share a yarn......

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My husband got swatted for it but he told me to use one candle for every decade, then they'd fit!  He has a point.  :)

In other news some twerp drove through our front yard last evening and across the neighbor's before spinning out on the street.  Our poor neighbor thought he was going right through her house but drunk/drugged or not he did swerve back out onto the road instead.  I'd like to know how he missed 3 sub stantially sized trees on their lawns!  So that livened things up.  Casualties?  The school crossing sign got flattened, our front fence is missing a wide section and boy our old big lilac bushes got about half removed.  It could have been so much worse.

The joys of living on a corner lot on two major streets eh? Well it did give our sometimes bored police and firemen something to do. :) The firemen checked the truck to make sure it was safe to move it since he drove over the 2nd neighbor's rubbish bins on his way back onto the road.  Don't worry nobody is upset...bemused I am.  What a twerp.  I didn't hear any squealing tires or engine noises last night--I think he tried to pull a u-turn on the street and his sense of steering was a tad out of whack--that was a very wide turn lol.

My 1 recurring thought is that CBC radio's phone-in gardening expert Ed Lawrence once said the rougher you are with lilacs the more they like it.  I think this might have been a tad too much? ;)  Hey it made my worried daughter laugh when I phoned her.



What an exciting life you lead, Jeanne. I never got to put any candles on the cake as I couldn't remember where I'd put them.

First, after laughing that you couldn't remember where you put the candles, in honor of your birthday Valerie I must share this maxim:

Then I must say this, the fellow wasn't drunk or drugged it turns out.  He had some sort of seizure while he was turning the truck around and it went backwards through our fence and the neighbor's yard before making a right angle turn to end up sitting across the road! Only damage to the truck was a slight ding in it's back bumper.  He came round in the ambulance to wonder where he was.  He and his father are rebuilding our fence for us and have already taken away all the smashed fence and bushes.  He is in his late twenties, early thirties, his father is very nice too.  You can tell if somebody is shifty or not, these are decent folks.  The MD's can't figure out what happened to him but obviously he can't drive until they find out.  I think he may have inherited his dad's condition because he says he gets seizures but his meds control it so he can drive.  What a way to find out you inherited what your dad has, eh?  Luckily he found out in the perfect spot....missed our power pole, didn't hit anyone...if this had happened when he was out on the highway I shudder to think.  As for the truck steering itself backwards the way it did....you can see the tire tracks but that right turn to avoid a huge tree at the end...impossible.  My husband, my daughter and I are convinced "somebody" was driving that truck for him. There is literally no other explanation for such a ride without destroying a house or the truck on one of the 3 big trees there. Guardian angels were out and about, we're certain of it.  Particularly if you follow the tire tracks and see where the one drive wheel suddenly dug in and the other spun hard to make the truck make that turn.  It's impossible in theory, since the truck doesn't have a differential drive train on it...the wheels are locked in tandem.  I'm just relieved he and everyone else is alright.  The news sure got around our whole town fast, that's for sure, lol.  When something happens the whole town goes ga-ga. Hahaha.

(I remember the day hubby was outside digging up an anthill...he got ribbed unmercifully at work the next day by people asking if he was digging for gold!)

How embarrassing!

Following Jeanne and Valerie with amusement ! Happy birthday Valerie. Pam it looks as if he thought there was a shortcut  !

Oh he's never going to live that one down, Pam, lol!  

Must share this....a Boston bus driver pulled over his bus at a kids lemonade stand and got everyone on his bus a lemonade. He said it's the cheapest "round" he's ever bought and took him all of 90 seconds. 


Boston bus lemonade stand -WBZ vid

What a lovely good-all-round gesture!

Oh yes, I have exhausted all mine.....sigh......lolol......thanks to an unexpected yarn shopping spree earlier this week.

Lol!! Why am I not surprised sis?? ❤️ ❤️

Yes, the family secrets come out eventually, eh?   lol

Yarn secrets....I never thought of rainboots but what a great yarn hiding place!  Anyone else about to confess to places they have hidden yarn?  I've got a large wooden chest that's for blankets which is full of yarn...and a crafting dresser, full of yarn...and two grocery bags full of yarn.  Anyone else got more imaginative spaces they have things stashed? 

Some imaginative ones include the freezer (!), coffee cans, behind the furnace and under the baby's crib as well as in the family vehicle. https://www.facebook.com/WildflowerWool/posts/185938524862882

Another crafter says her friend never uses the dishwasher in his apartment so he stores his potatoes and onions in it and she's going to store her yarn in hers as she never uses her dishwasher either!  wow

Another person stores all their yarn in their sauna as they don't use the sauna as a sauna.  Huh.

And if you have an old refrigerator you're not using.....



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