Hi KASfriends.

Well, its that time of year again; time for a new beginning, a new discussion.....so.....

Won't you share a thought or two?  

A joke...or maybe a story?

Perhaps a snippet of your day?

Or your life in all its glory......

I invite you, one and all, to visit this new 2015 discussion and share whatever is on your mind.....the good, the bad...and the not too ugly.  

Remember, you are among friends.

Even kittens like to share a yarn......

The 2014 Share A Yarn? discussion will be archived, but still available for reading and reminiscing.

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hahaha, Pam! I recently saw a similar one but it involved learning how to use a toilet. I remind my children of this now, every time I ask for help with my tech gadgets...lol.

Bev(s spot on. It certainly does put things in perspective. Just to be realy snarky I'd maybe change spoon to potty!

Sorry to repeat your thought Barb, but I hadn't seen your comment when I wrote mine.  Obviously great minds think alike!!!

It's so true. They did teach me everything I know and are still teaching me. Hubby recently got a cell phone, his first. The kids are teaching him how to use it.  I've seen him sit at this desk, stare at this PC and say "I used to be a computer programmer! I programmed mainframes....and I don't know what to do!"  LOL

Our cats have been all over us since we returned from 3 days out of town. They particularly love me since hubby installed the A/C in the living room for me and they stay here right close to it and me. I think they know I'm not feeling 100%, having gotten either heatstroke or heat exhaustion over the weekend...all it took was 3.5 hours in furnace heat on Friday, despite all precautions...ugh. My body just couldn't adjust from 12C mornings to 42C (107.6F counting in humidity).  I've had sunstroke twice and heatstroke once, all decades ago, so I'm susceptible to heat and I knew to get out of there.  

Hubby and our daughter kept me in an air conditioned hotel for 2 days then drove me home in the early morning hours before the heat could rocket up again. Yuck.  So now I've got cats consoling me left and right, and loving the A/C too. Thankfully it's less of a furnace here than on the great plains....I can't imagine how our KASers out west are doing...the air is yellow and smoggy with thick smoke in several places, plus the heat.  I hope they're all well!

So this is a shout out to all western Canada KASers....are you alright?  400+ fires burning right now with firefighters from 9+ countries flying in to help out. Even with the army involved we're out of man/woman power. :P  Sorry to our USA friends who are getting some of the smoke!

I saw on TV about the fires. So far here there have been very few. Spain and Portugal seem to suffer more than we do in France, although Corsica is usually hit. There the fires are often set deliberately so that the land can be zoned for building after. That used to happen on the French Riviera until they passed very strict laws forbidding building on burnt zones for many, many years.

Wow Valerie....what a nasty thing to do.  Here it's just tinder dry and up she goes.  I saw this and thought I might not be the only one who wishes for this?

You aren't Jeanne! I'm extremely tired from the heat at night and inability to have a long sleep. Getting to bed late and up early. I'd love some 3 year old energy right about now! Otherwise I'm wise enough lol and old enough that I don't care to have a 20 year old body!!
Fine here in Kamloops thanks Valerie! Heat and smoke was impossible a few days ago but cooler and smoke gone to someone else at present, thank you for your concern. It's really bad in places and we still have a lot of summer ahead of us.

You certainly aren't the only one Jeanne. I'm coming up to my 3 score years and ten in a few days and a young woman asked me a couple of days ago if it was upsetting and how I felt about my age. I told her that my body didn't much like it, but my mind had no idea what it meant. It was just a number. my inner self still thinks it's 20 years old. A group of us went out to a restaurant last night to celebrate a friend's birthday. He was the youngest of us at 67, and we were laughing so much all evening that we must have sounded like a group of giggly teens.(We didn't disturb the other diners as the restaurant was full of crumblies like us who were enjoying themselves just as much, and we ate outside where noise wasn't a problem! There was also a group playing with a blues singer with a very carrying voice).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VALERIE!   Your night out sounds awesome.  I am all for giggling.  My soul doesn't feel old either and I happily remember being young and fit.  My body is like a grouchy old camel, hahaha.  I try not to grouch along with it! 

I couldn't resist this one:   LOL!

Okay, seriously......

LOVE them all, Jeanne!!!!!

Jeanne, thank you SOOOOOO much. These wishes will be treasured and thought on long after the day itsalf is over. I absolutely love the first one. I couldn't find a cake big enough to put 70 candles on, so I'm just putting 1 on.At least I shouldn't have any problem blowing it out!



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