Hi KASfriends.

Well, its that time of year again; time for a new beginning, a new discussion.....so.....

Won't you share a thought or two?  

A joke...or maybe a story?

Perhaps a snippet of your day?

Or your life in all its glory......

I invite you, one and all, to visit this new 2015 discussion and share whatever is on your mind.....the good, the bad...and the not too ugly.  

Remember, you are among friends.

Even kittens like to share a yarn......

The 2014 Share A Yarn? discussion will be archived, but still available for reading and reminiscing.

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It most definitely counts as salad. :-)

LOL!  I agree! This is a chocolate vinaigrette salad and I can get it locally...the local one is huge, I always bring half of it home with me but is it GOOD! (the local one has goat cheese crumbles too in it! So good!)

Here's a couple of other chocolate salads:

Not sure what this next one has going for it...fiber?

They say "Behold, the most terrifying salad on earth". (I see Mini Peanut Butter Cups, Rolos, M&M's...yikes)

This is a Mixed Berry Chocolate Drizzle salad and I am allll over this one!

I am as determined as "Carl" is below...only I'm determined to finish my 2nd navy scarf and diminish my stash as per my New Year's resolution---so far I've got about 10 squares loom knit from two large balls of cream and forest green yarn...I combined them. They are getting smaller...yaaay. I can loom knit an 8" square in about 40 minutes, which is fast for me.

Go Jeanne go!!!!

I love ambition....I have loads of it, its the achievement part of the equation that I have a problem with......lol.

Yeah I hear you Bev.  I go a day or two or three, busy, no KASing...then I sit and wait for hubby after work and get a square and a half done or 3 done watching a movie...yaaay me.  What I dislike most is that no man's land in the center of doing a scarf or a vest or a Cuddle where it feels you're lost in the desert, no progress, row after row and it all feels the same, like a hamster on a treadmill....I find if I can persevere through that, just stick out my lower lip, like Winston Churchill, and stubbornly keep going then suddenly I'm down to just a few rows and then I've got enough in my tank to finish the item.  I think some wise women here use stripes and patterns for that very reason, to avoid stalling out in the middle.  I say power to every one of them!  You inspire me. :)

this is why I'm passing on the cuddles and the scarves - I can do a square in about half an hour which keeps me interested and a regular sense of achievment! Ok with hexagon sweaters but tend to run of of yarn at inappropriate moments...

i can whip up a square with the best of them I even bought myself some looms I can make a hat quite quickly if I stick to it meaning not stopping for meals of drinks or nature calls lol but I just cant get the hang of making squares on a loom I have watched endless videos on how to do it but it just baffles me

Last I heard on loom knitting was that one had to experiment with different numbers of pegs to get an 8 inch square from it.  So I tried that, reasoning I could always add a border to a skinny one but instead I just frogged it back and tried again.

 Right now I am using the typical plastic peg looms you can buy in Walmart or any hobby store (not the closely spaced expensive wood and steel looms for socks).  I am using doubled yarn or chunky yarn...right now a thick worsted and a sport are working up great together for squares and i find on these rather widely spaced pegs I am using 19 pegs on a 24 peg circular loom to get a good 8 inch square.  I know such a square can of course stretch but sitting "as is" it makes 8 inches and it's nice and thick.  If that helps any?

p.s. I am steering well away from any fancy stitches, just doing the "e" wrap around the pegs.  I don't need the complications I figure, lol. (not the way my brain works!)

i have a round knitting loom and a long one, think I will need to try again mine is plastic as well

Be warned if you have cats, mine love chewing on the plastic loom pegs. So far the pegs are impervious to their attempts...thankfully but the looms are not a cat teething toy no matter what they think!

Ha ha ha Jeanne, I know exactly what you mean about "no man's land".  I've tried placing a marker at the end of a row, continue knitting, and am surprised at how quickly it has moved down :)  

You could even move the marker along with you every couple of inches as a way of "measuring" your progress.  Just a thought :) xo



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