We all remember in colour but a lot of the time we don't realise it.    We only tend to notice colour in our memories when it is particularly striking.   

Some examples of this theory may be: .....the colour of your first winter coat as a child, ....the colour of the first car you ever bought, ....the colour you chose to paint your front door,....the colourful flowers in a wedding bouquet,...or the colour lipstick your Mother always wore.

   Charities are synonymous with colour too - a pink ribbon for breast cancer, the yellow daffodil for Marie Curie, or the red poppy for Remembrance and Hope for our Armed Forces to name just a few.    It could be that a charity has a poignant meaning to you which you would like to express.

What is your favourite colour....and why?

Which colours make you feel happy, relaxed, emotional or excited?

Where is your happy place, and what colour do you associate with the calm you find there?

Alternatively you could take a look through your stash and see which colour grabs attention and makes you think of a certain object, person, place, item of food etc.   

I'd love to invite you to express yourself in colour in your crafting, and tell us a little about why, when, who or what this colour means to you personally.........

Please note too that the Colour of the Month for September is Grey

8" squares, hats, handwarmers, blankets and hand-hold size toys are all encouraged to make and send to our needy children in South Africa.

Happy Crafting!

Please clink this link to view pictures of the contributions:

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A collection of gray squares, using up lots of different shades of gray.

Kudos for these grey stash busting creations Sharon X.  I certainly feel grey showcases other colours placed around it + goes with anything.    Thanks babes X

GREAT selection of 'greys', Sharon. I think my faves are the two crocheted ones at the top, although I do really like the soft grey of the bottom left.  :))

These squares really show what can be done with shades of grey - lovely work, Sharon.

Your squares are so interesting and well executed Sharon. 

September 2021 Theme - Colour Memories

Grey variegated CoM squares. From a dark grey (the camera seems tempted to make it black) to a mid grey to a pale grey to a white (which is really just a bleached pale grey in my books...haha) They are all 'square', I just really suck at remembering to tease them into shape before I photograph. :))

VERY well done Bev,  these are terrific!   Clever to do two different style squares with the same (delish)  wool.   Thank you X ❤️

I have a blanket to submit which is in the hands of a good friend.    It is temporarily delayed,  but will make it soon for photographing. X

The two-directional squares work really well in this yarn, Bev, as do the one-directional of course!

Fabulous squares Bev.  I really like the Multidirectional Diagonal squares, mostly because I can never get the regular diagonal squares to be square.   You've done a perfect job on both!

I was inspired to tick learning the multi-directional square off my to-do list, after yourself and then Patricia had both posted pics in the last few weeks. I have procrastinated for so long, because I had never done SSK (and turning) in knitting before and the concept sounded hard, but once I put my mind to it, it all was quite easy.  :)) 


5 Mosaic Granny Squares in different shades of grey - a new pattern for me. I used a tutorial from



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