(Pam) Jeanne Haessler
1951 - 2022

Written by Gloria Grandy

Another precious KASvoice from our Square Circle Forum has gone quiet.

The voice of our KASsister Jeanne Haessler was, as many of us know, an uplifting, positive and immensely funny voice. The sound of her laughter will be missed - even though some of us can only imagine that sound.

I feel privileged to be someone who heard it in person during my visits with her in her hometown of Dryden, Ontario, Canada. Jeanne truly was a treasure!

Jeanne was a valued and much-loved contributor to KAS - her crocheted work, her positive interaction with us on the Forum and her prayers for KAS and "our" children – doing her best from her little corner of the world. We could always count on Jeanne to offer encouagement to her KASfriends, share a little humor now and then and generally bring a ray of sunshine to our Square Circle Forum.

At one time, Jeanne hosted a theme where she would endeavor to keep us all in stitches - the giggling and laughing kind, not the knitting and crocheting kind - and she always succeeded. A trip back through some of those discussions will put a smile on your face, I'm sure.

Our Jeanne had such a great love for the children. She cared a great deal about our volunteers at the Barn. She shared loving comments throughout distribution photos and discussions from the barn, forever wishing she could do more.

If the good wishes, love and prayers Jeanne continually sent could warm and comfort the children, there would not be a cold or lonely child in all of South Africa - or, indeed, the whole world.

Thank you, Jeanne, for all your good work. May your family and all your loved ones find comfort in remembering the happiness you brought to their lives and, through KAS, the lives of many dear children.

When asked, Why do you want to contribute to KAS?
Jeanne answered with this:

"I want to make a difference in the world, to give people hope, to let them know we care, that they're important, and use my talents doing so."

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Thank you Andrea and Gloria for writing this tribute to Jeanne.
When I think about Jeanne, I think about her compassion for the children; her friendly, kindly support for all those who are a part of the KAS family, whether they be members, Go-Gos, or those who volunteer in the KASbarn; and of course her wonderful sense of humour!

Sincere condolences to her much loved family. x

So very sorry to read this news.   Jeanne will be sorely missed here at KAS and probably many other places that we can only imagine.   Best wishes heading to her family and all her friends.   RIP.

My condolences to all who knew Jeanne. I considered her a friend through our KAS connection. We exchanged cards at Christmas and Facebook messages and comments almost daily. I feel very sad that she won’t be with us anymore but her light shines on in all who knew her. Rest in peace dear Jeanne.

Thanks to your forum I have only just found out about Jeanne. I met her through KAS and we have been snail mail penfriends for the last 10 years.  It is such a shock to find out this way that she has gone.  I can't quite believe it.  Although we never met, Jeanne was an amazing person.  Just seeing the letter in the letterbox from her was enough to lift the spirits.  She may be gone, but she will be in my heart forever.  Bless her and keep her safe in her new adventures.

I will miss her so very, very much.  All her letters and encouragement to me and my family mean so much.  I treasure every one.

Her gifts of shared yarn.  Her valiant battle with cancer.  Her Faith.  She warmed so many children with her knitting and so many lives with her encouragement.  

A True Friend.  

Jeanne’s daughter has a box of squares that are ready to go to Ronda and her team. Would any of you like one? She has offered to mail a square to whomever would like one. 

Also, I have a message from Jeanne's daughter, Lisa:

"I saw one of her friends say that were shocked to hear the news, you may share that we all were taken by surprise by her passing. All of us kids were on our way to Dryden when we got the news, we wanted to be there, we were already traveling there because we were planning to be there for her birthday on the 13th and sped up the travel when we heard she was non responsive. We didn't make it in time, but it was good that we were all together with Dad to process it together. She never gave up hope that she would beat the odds and get another year or two. I'm sure, if she'd known when the end was coming, she would've have tried to reach out to her dear friends at KAS. I think we all thought she was a little bit invincible."

I imagine there are many members who love the idea of having 'a keepsake of Jeanne', Andrea, but I thought, just as a suggestion only, that Lisa send her Mum's squares to SA and ask them to put them to one side and perhaps in November's theme, which is 'Favourites' we knit and crochet squares to surround Jeanne's squares in a blanket or two or few (depending how many squares are in Jeanne's box) and these can be our "Jeanne memorial blankets", with the same thought, remembrance and caring that we did for Anne.

Thank you for sharing the messages from her daughter. 

If anyone could have beat it I would have thought she could. Jeanne was always so positive and upbeat....and if laughter is the best medicine, she had the best meds for us all.

Bev, I think it is a good suggestion. Jeanne created the squares to warm the children, it would be very fitting if Jeanne’s KAS friends could honour her by making squares to surround hers in a special memorial blanket(s). 
Does anyone know Jeanne’s favourite colour?

I can ask her daughter. 

I think this idea too and am so touched these emotional messages from Jeanne's family have been forwarded for us all to appreciate her character + humungous spirit even more ✔️

I like this idea too, Bev.



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