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Hi, I have been given a selection of small toys suitable for boys. But they are not soft toys they are action figures,small cars,dinosaurs etc. Can I still send them with the hats and hand warmers that I knit? Thanks

Hello, hello, hello..........

When I first started sending things to KAS from the UK we were asked not to post things in boxes.  Now we are trying to get as much as we are able in the parcels to save customs fees, I am aware that the plastic bag type envelopes I can get for posting things, if they are the right size for the cheaper postage fees to send, are not very convenient for getting as near as I can to the 2kg maximum weight for that postal service.

Can we use boxes now?  I did not know if they might attract fees before, but if you are having to pay fees any way.........

Hi Rebecca. It would be great to send boxes, but iunfortunately it isn’t just about fees in SA.

In the UK, to send a box International Economy it has to meet the criteria, not only up to 2kgs in weight, but the measurements of the parcel.....

                   No single side greater than 60cms

                   The combined height, width and depth not greater than 90cms

I hope this helps.

Christine, I thought I had already sent my thanks for your help.  The boxes need to be the same size maximum as the parcels, in other words....... I will have a think about which I can get more squares packed into!

Hi there

I have a lady who is a follower on the UK Facebook page.  She does not do Paypal and is wondering if there is any other way to send donations to cover the postage tax?

Hi Rebecca,

In the 'donate to knit a square' category there is an option to pay by credit card.    It seems a range of the major brands (logos) are available (visa. Mastercard etc).   Hope this helps,   Karen

Thanks Karen.  I will see if that is of any help to her :D

Hi All, 

I'm new here and I'm looking for help to get started please.  

I'm looking at the specifications listed on the website for what type of yarn to use:

Yarn you can use

You can use different types of wool or wool blend yarns, acrylic yarns or bamboo and lighter weight yarns can be doubled up. But whatever yarn you use, make sure your squares are warm and cosy.

I had printed another sheet off that said to use "worsted yarn" double knit.  So I bought a bunch of yarn that is a weight of 4.  Is that right?  And then I knit 2 pieces of yarn at the same time?  This is what I got.  Is it right or should I return it?

Or should I instead purchase a chunky yarn that is a weight 6 instead and just single knit it?

Thanks very much for your help!  My 3 kids and I are eager to get started.

Caroline Evans

Hi Caroline! Welcome to Kint-a-square. What you purchased is exactly right. Use a single strand because it’s a worstwd weight. Start with whatever needle or hook size you’re comfortable with and if you find it too loose or too tight, adjust up or down accordingly. 

Feel free to send me a message if you need more help by clicking on my profile picture and choosing Send a message on the left hand side. 

Thank you for helping to warm the children of Soyth Africa!

Hi Everyone. Is anyone having trouble uploading their photos?

When I try to, this is what I get.....



Cancel my question....after getting off the forum for a while and then popping back in and trying again, it seems to have got over its hissy fit.  :))

Oh I"m so relieved for you Bev I love to see your pictures X.  What is they say... Patience is a virtue ❤️



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