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Hello a new member please tell me what is the best size needles to use - uk . Thankyou 

Hi Ginny. I tend to be guided by what it says on the yarn band....unless the yarn seems a little thin and/or the tension a little too loose when you begin knitting. Usually, I use 4mm/size 8 UK needles for 8ply yarn, unless as I have said, the yarn seems a little too thin, as happens at times. If the yarn is Aran or chunky, I use what size it says on the band, though I have had cause to go a size smaller, a couple of times.

I tend to do an inch or so and see how it looks and measure it for correct width, if I'm using a yarn I haven't used before, as they can vary. We aim to make our squares as close to 8" as possible, but if it turns out a quarter/half inch bigger that's all good, too. If they turn out rectangular, like 7" x 9" that can make it a little tricky for our sewing volunteers in South Africa.  :))

I hope this helps...thank you for joining us.

I’m really excited to discover this community! I love your themes and the flexibility and warmth you all seem to bring to what you do!
I’ve been looking for a creative outlet like this and can’t wait to start.
Quick question—if I end up logging these hours as part of an application for a summer grant (I’m a law student hoping to do pro bono work this summer), can I put down the organization’s information in case the grant committee wants to verify I did in fact send squares/toys/etc? Probably they won’t, and I wouldn’t need any signatures or anything like that, I would just list a phone number/email.
Looking forward to getting involved!

Hi Hope.

I know this is something that K-A-S does, hopefully Sue, Pam or Linda will see your question in the next hours or day or so and they will be able to give you more info, as to how that 'works' with K-A-S.

Thank you for joining us.  :))

Thanks, Bev!

Delighted to have you join us Hope.  One thing you can do, is to photograph the parcel ready for mailing...with the address label prominent in the photo. 

If you haven't already done so, please read the Helpful Hints  [listed in top toolbar] for the best way to send your parcel from the US.

Thanks, Linda!

Anyone having trouble uploading pics again? It won't show my latest pic, unless you click on 'view full size', so I have deleted it....grrrr. 

Hi Bev, I’m having problems too. I was able to upload into photos yesterday (but photo very large), but not the theme discussion.

Today, like you, the photo isn’t uploading into Photos  properly and it can only be seen if you click on it. So I will leave it for now.

Ning starting the year off with a 'bang' !

I'll send Sandy a message as I can't fix this.

Thank you Linda.

Yes Chris, when I downloaded my second photo of the day, into the Dec theme, it was huge, but it wouldn't come to any size in the photos you clicked view full size.

I'm a high school student and I'm wondering if KAS can give service hours for squares submitted. If I include the service form in the package along with the squares, would it be possible for a volunteer to sign the form and mail it back to the US or email a picture of the form? I hope it is not an inconvenience.



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