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Question about "blankets"
Posted by Aprile on November 22, 2016 in our 'old' QUESTIONS, ANSWERS & HELP and moved here by me.

Hello, I know this isn't the right place to ask this question, but I couldn't find how to ask a question on the Helpful Hints page (or else the link wasn't working?)
My question is this: even though we are sending KAS squares (not blankets, because of Customs, and because the local ladies sew up the blankets) is it possible for individual knitters to design their own blanket, and send all the squares for that design tacked together (eg a couple of stitches between adjoining squares), so it's obvious to the sewing ladies where each square goes?
Or is it preferable to have the ladies choose the blanket designs themselves?

and here's my reply (also moved from the old discussion)

Hi Aprile,
It is perfectly OK to design a blanket and ask that it be put together in a certain way. Most people find that the easiest way is to do that is to lay out the blanket, take a photo and enclose it with the squares when you send them.
If you prefer to assemble the blanket yourself, that is fine too.
I'm sorry you had trouble finding the Questions, Answers and Help discussion. The link on the drop-down menu seems to be working for me (click on the blue 'here'). There is also a link in the right sidebar, way at the can go to the Discussion Categories tab and click on Helpful Hints and then on the Q,A, & Help discussion. No need to start a new discussion, just post your question in Q,A, & Help and someone will answer.
I will leave this discussion here for a day so that I know you have seen my answer, and then I will move your question over. Yours will be the first question in the new Q,A, & Help discussion (but it will have my face on it (only way I can move it.)
Getting used to this forum can be a challenge so we are in the process of simlplifying it.

Hi Aprile.

I do a bit of both. On the month's that I only manage a few squares, I put them to one side, until I collect more 'odd' ones, then on the month's that I have a specific design (and time to knit it), I sew those squares into a blanket. After 2-4 months I send a parcel of bundled 'odd' squares with a completed blanket or two....but making sure to declare them all as 'knitted squares'. I also visit the KAS shop and purchase some 'Gogo support' for the squares to be sewn together when they reach SA. (optional)

Hi Aprile.

In reply to the other new discussion you started....You poor sweetie. I'm thinking that maybe the site provider (Ning) or whatever fancy techno term they call themselves, may have been playing up, as my earlier reply to you took two times to work. First time it said 'sorry, you need to reply' and my reply was in the text box, so I got out of this page, came back in and retyped and the next time it worked. 

On the off chance that this was not what happened to you, when you want to ask a question all you need to do is click in the text box either directly below Anne's intro to this discussion and then click on 'add reply' at the bottom of the text box or click on 'reply' below the last person's comment, type in the text box and then click on 'add reply'.....but I figure you know how to do this part as you have replied in the Nov theme using the same procedure.

Hallelujah I can now see where to reply - thanks heaps!

YAY!! Great news, glad its all sorted.  :))

Thank you for persevering.  :))

I just sent off 4 packages last week. I went to a different post office and was told I couldn't leave the value 0 because in the past taxes are put on charity packages. They said it was specific to South Africa. The other post office never said anything. So, I put 10 yen (about 10 cents) and 1 yen on the packages. Is there a way to find out if they will be taxed? If they are, I'd like to pay for that tax. 

Just wondering if there have been any changes about writing the value on the packages. 

Next time I'll go to my regular post office!

Hi Juli, it is confusing when post offices can't decide what the 'rules' are !   We have the same problem here in Canada.   Sometimes Ronda has been paying customs duties on parcels that arrive with values over $1 [the SA rules change each time she picks up parcels...sometimes she pays, sometimes she doesn't]. 

We have been asking people to declare $0 or $1 as the value.  The info was updated earlier this year but if you weren't asked to declare a value you'll have missed it.  Please click on 'Helpful Hints' in the toolbar above and scroll to 'Postage Information' to read the discussion. 

BTW,are you receiving Snippets, the monthly newsletter ? 


I am from the British International School of Shanghai and my classmates and I were wondering whether the tails are completely necessary for sewing the squares together? We didn’t realize this requirement before starting to knit, and now we are stuck with tails ranging from lengths of 5-40cm (2-15 in). Is it alright to send them as they are or should we tie more yarn to them to make them up to the 50cm/20in requirement?

Also, what is the range of sizes acceptable for the squares? Some of the squares are up to 5cm/2in off the 20cm/8in requirement, so is it better to send them all and see which ones can be used, or just not send the ones that are very off?

Thank you!

Hi Milka, thanks to you and your classmates for making squares to keep the children warm. 

It would be very helpful if each square had a 20 in/50 cm tail.  So far this year, Knit-a-Square SA has received over 150 000 squares.  Can you imagine the problems if the squares didn’t have tails ?  Another problem is the fact that the Gogos [grandmothers] often don’t have enough sewing needles and must share.  Gogos will wait patiently while one Gogo sews up her blanket and then she passes the needle to the next Gogo… having the tails all ready to go is more efficient.

Please weave in the short ends and add a 20 in/50 cm tail at a corner then ‘butterfly’ the tail to the square. The tails need to be knot free for ease of sewing so adding to the length that is already there won’t work.

It is fine to send all the squares, even the extra large ones.  There are a couple of volunteers who will work with the squares and fit them in with other over/under sized ones to create a blanket.  Perhaps the knitters who have difficulty with size could try a diagonal square.  It is guaranteed to come out 8 in/20 cm.  Here is the pattern:

Happy Knitting !


OK so how can I help the Gogos get more sewing needles (without having to pay Customs)?

For example: Is there a reputable online store in South Africa that I could safely order (I'm in Australia) some needles and get them posted to Ronda? And if so, what SIZE of needles should I order?

Thank you.

Thank you Aprile.  That is very thoughtful of you.

Many people order online from China.  The yarn needles are shipped directly to SA.  I'm not sure about Customs duties but some people make an extra donation to KAS to cover any duties.

Maybe someone knows of an online store and can help you with that.

Thanks Linda. Yes if anyone knows an online store in SA that is safe and reputable, that would be ideal



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