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Hi Donna.

In these past two or three years, due to the massive volume of squares received each week, Ronda has had to restrict the number of different items that they can manage to sort and distribute. Therefore,  K-A-S now caters to 3-9 year  olds with the following items: Squares, hats, handwarmers and soft toys. Ronda still accepts other items, but these are now distributed by a third party. E.g. A nursing sister from a hospital collects the baby items and gives them to needy mums with newborns who are about to go home from said hospital.

When the pattern book was updated last year some items that were no longer valid were removed to avoid confusion.

Ok thanks

I am knitting bears and giving each of them a scarf - should I leave the scarf loose or is it better to attach it with a few stitches so that it will not get lost?  I would appreciate your advice. Gillian Barnes

Thank you for that advice.  Your suggestion of attaching it at the back sounds good, it enables the child to undo and re-tie the scarf so providing a little something to play with.   I'll certainly try to add some photos.  Knitting is going quite slowly at the moment as it is the height of summer here (Australia)  with a succession of heat waves. Not ideal for knitting, but I could not resist sending some bears to the Picnic. 

My friend Debbie and I sent off our first box of squares three weeks ago.  We are so excited to have already started our next blanket.

We wondered though if the So.African culture adheres to girls/pink, purple, pastels and the boys/blue,red,bright colors?  Is that really a consideration?  And if it does apply, which one would you have more of a need for?

And my husband wants to know how cold it gets in Johannesburg so that the kids need blankets? 

We are new to this and are enjoying being on board with your efforts.

Thank you for all you do,

Debbie & Joanne

York, Maine, USA

Hi Debbie and Joanne.

Congrats on your first contribution to K-A-S....and thank you.  :))

All squares in any colour are needed and much appreciated......if you would like to check out the Blanket Room discussion, you will find blankets in all manner of combinations.  :))

The average daytime temps from May-August are around 10-14C....and they do get snow from time to time, too.

Thank you for joining our forum and for contributing to the warmth and wellbeing of 'our' children.  xo

We have been using 4PLY yarn and I just wanted to make certain that this was satisfactory with KAS and that the squares are thick enough for a good warm blanket.  Our yarn is mainly donated by our local thrift shops.  When we have smaller PLY, we will just knit two threads as we go along.

FYI -Ruth Circle of Wimberley United Methodist Church has been knitting/crocheting squares for KAS since early 2010.  The best estimate for total squares we have sent to KAS is approximately 5,000.  We put 8 to 10 squares in a baggie and squash it down with a board compressing it to about half it's original size.  We are able to get about 200 in a box 20x14x10 (maximum size from USA) the average weight is about 12lbs for a cost of about $100 - $110.

Happy knitting!

Suzy Cannon

Hi Suzy. I have tried to find an accurate comparison online to our ply here in Australia, but I can't see what the US classes your 4ply it a light worsted? If so, this would be okay as that seems to be equivalent to our 8 ply. If I come across a thin 8 ply, I tend to double up with either a yarn of lesser or equal thickness or I set aside the yarn and make handwarmers from it.

Thank you so much to the Ruth Circle of Wimberley United Methodist Church for your long standing love and support of K-A-Square. Around 143 blankets........what a fabulous contribution!!!!  xo

What a great  contribution over the years. That means many warm, happier children.

Your baggie ides is interesting. I use vacuum packs, and can send more or less the same amount of squares.

This whole yarn categorizing thing really keeps us knitters and crocheters in a quandary.  4-ply, 8-ply, medium worsted, worsted weight ... it's difficult to know what it all means :(  

To me (in Canada), 8-ply sounds like a very thick yarn, but I've learned that it is not.  The labels on most of my yarns have a number such as ((0)), ((1)) and so on.  This gives an indication of the weight.  The higher the number, the heavier the yarn.

In the photo below, I wrapped three of my yarns, each over a one-inch span - although doing this over just one inch is not the best way to do it.  This is just to show you what I mean.  The first one (orange) is Bernat Pop - 9 WPI - and the label tells me it is a category ((4)).  The second one (yellow) is Impeccable - 10 WPI - and the label tells me it is also a ((4)).  The last one (pink) is Caron Cake - 11 WPI - and the label tells me this, too, is ... you guessed it ... ((4)).  This means each yarn will require a different number of stitches for an 8" square.

Here's a link that attempts to explain yarn weights:

Here's a link to some explanation and how-tos for determining yarn weights using the WPI method.

How many WPI do you get with your yarn?

This might be useful   

Are squares woven on a peg loom acceptable?



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