Hi, in an effort to share infomation about shipping costs, I've compiled some info that includes some links to the information at the Post Office and also the cost of sending my first four packages to South Africa.

I found the shipping information at the USPS (United States Postal Service) - http://www.usps.com/
International Mail Categories

The two that seem to apply for our purposes are (1) Priority Mail International - Flat-rate boxes and (2) First-Class Mail International - Large Envelopes (Flats) and Packages

This link goes to the info about the Priority Mail Flat Rate box rates -International Mail: flat box rates

For the medium size box (provided by the Post Office) $41.95
For the large sixe box (provided by the Post Office) $53.95

The prices reflect the recent rate hike. You can stuff the box FULL, but the maximum weight limit is 20 pounds. Both boxes are similar in size to the boxes that I normally use to send things via the First Class International rate.

Remember to package your squares in ZipLock or other plastic bags and squeeze as much air out as you can, also mark the outside of the boxes with NO COMMERCIAL VALUE and FOR CHARITY. The customs form should say $0 value (although my Post Office insists on entering a $1 value).


I've been keeping track of the things I've sent since I joined the K-A-S group on Ravelry.

All of these items were shipped via First Class International rate, from the US in boxes that I provided.

Box #, total weight, items shipped, total cost
#1 - 1 lb. +1 oz. (9 wool squares + some yarn) - cost $11.98
#2 - just under 2 lbs. (16 squares + 11 hats) - cost $16.99
#3 - 1 lb., 1.2 oz. (6 squares & 6 hats) - cost $11.98
#4 - 2 lbs. 6.7 oz.(12 squares + 6 youth-adult sized hats) - cost $20.33

I hope more people will add to this thread!

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Thanks for this info. I'm getting ready to mail our first package from Colorado. Looks like parcel service was discontinued in 2007 and had something to do with treaty agreements, etc. I'm thinking that if several of us go together we may be able to send the 20# box for $50 or so and share the shipping fee. (If 4# costs around $30 we could ship 5 times that weight for around $50) Does that sound right?
Debbie........I have mailed several boxes of squares from our church. A box 15lbs.12 oz. from
Houston cost 94.50; a box 16lbs.12 oz. cost 99.50. Others were 14lbs.7.6oz costing 89.50 and
11 lbs.5.8oz at 74.50. The 20lb. box you mention will probably cost over $100.00 based
on our costs above. Can you find someone other than KAS knitters to help you with the costs?
All of the boxes we send from the U.S. now must go by air. No more sea mail. Makes the
costs really high.
I just wanted to say that the package I sent at after Christmas was the large box by priority mailing with the cost being $14.50 (U. S.) and she put the stamps on it (at no extra cost). These go internationally or locally. I squished, pulled and pushed and I got about 35-40 squares+ 1 hat in it. I only put the label, tape and information on the outside of the box and take it to the Post Office and away is goes. I don't think this is a bad deal at all. The lady at the P. Office knows exactly what I'm doing and has supplied me with the Post Office tape for the outside and the labels so I can have it ready before I take it to the Post Office. I have already purchased another box to get ready to get packed and shipped before too long. Just thought I'd let you know what it costs me in Virginia, U. S. A.
can you still do this?? And was this to Africa or PP
Have you looked around the USPS website ?
You can enter your weight for any particular country and it will tell you the costs of the different options.

not yet my son is so good and can use the computer and find things quicker I might have him check out the different postal services. I probably sound obsessed with this but its hard going from pp to sending direct to Africa and I love doing the service.
Peggy, you mentioned on another thread about an example cost for 2 lbs weight.
This is the results page for 2 lbs weight to South Africa, showing the different options.
Just click the link
thanks for the info. Do hats for some reason take up less room in a box?? Or is it just what you sent. Any good tricks for getting all the air out of the bags??
Was so glad to see this as I was curious as to what it may cost. I just started this but already have a box full. The box is the size of a copy paper box. How many squares should I put in the plastic bag and how full should I make the box. I don't want it to be too heavy as it would cost a lot but what would your suggestion be. I am so excited about this because I am now retired and able to work on these squares in my free time. And what a wonderful organization this is. If someone could get back to me and help me with an answer, I would be grateful. My name is Phyllis and my email address is dominica1112@aol.com. Hope to hear from someone and thank you.

Here are my latest postage costs:

14 1/4" x 19" bubble mailer, 3 pounds 10 ounces: $28.68 ($0.49/ounce)
 *1 cuddle
 *5 hats
 *11 squares
 *5 soft toys

Box $56.10 to send 6 pounds, 14.4 ounces ($0.51/ounce)
 *58 squares
 *7 hats

(drop ins)


Box $80.95 to send 11 pounds, 9.8 ounces ($0.44/ounce)
 *83 squares
 *6 hats
 *1 slipover
 (Pencil sharpeners, small animals)

The U.S. Post Office is cutting costs.  I was in our Post Office last week and the postal clerk told me that all

tape has been taken out and the clerks will no longer supply tape of any kind to customers.  If someone needs tape

to ready a box for mailing, the tape will have to be purchased in a roll from the post office.  Cost is $3.95 a roll.


(And.........grump, grump.........my neighborhood post office is closing and I will have to drive further to mail packages.)

From Miami, Florida:  I just mailed 55 squares, 5lbs 11 oz, in an oversize box, priority mail, for $51.25.  This box was bigger than the large international flat rate box that would have cost me $58.95.  



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