As you will all know, Ronda in South Africa needs funds to enable her and her wonderful team to continue distributing the blankets, hats, hand warmers and toys that we make and send.

We don’t like to keep asking members to contribute financially, but without the necessary funds, KAS SA would struggle to continue to help the vulnerable children.


We thought it would be a fun idea for members, and perhaps friends and family of our members, to plant a virtual ‘KAS Garden’ by donating $5 for each flower, fruit, vegetable, shrub or tree chosen.

Please choose something from the list and share with us the reason for your choice… it could be a favourite of yours, or a loved one, or perhaps a happy memory.

It may be that what you want isn’t on the list. If so, please tell us what you would like to plant. I hope we can also learn from each other, as what may be favourites in one country may not even grow in another!

It doesn’t matter at all if more than one person chooses the same flower; it will be nice to have something else in common with each other, in addition to our love for KAS.

We hope that over the next 6 weeks our garden will grow, and as it is a virtual garden, all things will grow well together, no matter what the season. The best thing is that there won’t be a bug in sight!

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Thank you Andrea for creating and posting this special fund raiser. I hope with the help of our members, family and friends, we can have fun creating a colourful virtual garden around our KAS shop.

I will be the KAS gardener for the next 6 weeks, so please keep me busy!

When you share your choice, I will ‘plant’ your flower in the discussion.

I would like to plant some of my mother’s favourite flowers, Snowdrops. One of her favourite memories was seeing masses of them as we drove the beautiful Wye Valley.

Please will you plant a rose called Peace this was my mother’s favourite flower and some Bluebells for a friend who is rather poorly at the moment but the sight of Bluebells in a local wood made her so happy.  I think they would look lovely alongside your snowdrops.

Thank you Jude for your requests, I will be happy to plant them for you.

A Peace Rose bush......

What a great idea!  The KAS Garden really puts the 'fun' into fundraising. Please plant a Lupin for me in honour of my grandpuppy - a charming Windsprite, whose name just happens to be "Lupin"!

Thank you Anne for joining us, such a pretty puppy with a lovely name! Lupins for Lupin :))

When my son Andrew was a little boy, he used to love visiting my parents who lived nearby, he had a special relationship with them, and also loved the meals that my mother would produce!

He used to love helping his grandfather  pick runner beans in the garden, and when there was enough for a meal for us all, he would eagerly run down the garden path to give them to his grandmother who would cook them....... they were delicious!

My mother loved making flower arrangements for the house, and so my father grew brightly coloured dahlias for her to use. Andrew loved helping her while she picked them and passed them to him to hold. He had to check that they were free from earwigs before taking them into the house!

Andrew wants to make a donation to KAS by planting Runner Beans and Dahlias.

Thank you Andrew, your nanna and grampy would be so pleased that your happy childhood memories with them were helping children now.

Runner Beans


Please plant daffodils and primroses for me - I just love cheery yellow spring flowers ❤️

Oh lovely, I love primroses and daffodils too, beautiful signs of spring!

Thank you Karen.



Ooooo thank you, they're beautiful.   Donation made.   I must say how speedy you're busying in our virtual garden ✅❤️

Thank you Karen for you floral and financial contributions :))

Every item planted means continuing help for the children in SA...... so this kind of gardening is very special!

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this idea!!!  And I absolutely LOVE flowers!  I am not a gardener and I don't know a lot of flower names.  I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried because they're all so incredibly beautiful.  However, I would like to plant a couple in our virtual garden, please.  

First of all, would you plant some lily-of-the-valley for me because they remind me of boquets I used to pick when I was a little girl.  I loved their fragrance when I brought them in and put them on a dresser or a table.

Also, would you please plant a lilac bush for my Mom.  I love their fragrance, and they were one of Mom's favourites.

I can just imagine how beautiful our garden is going to be once everyone has had a chance to pick a flower or a bush to add.  Thank you!  xo



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Our goal is to remove the monthly deficit that Ronda and her team have to deal with. You can:

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