Ronda and Wendy have been producing quite a catalogue of photographs from the recent distributions, rather than post them a few at a time, it was decided to create a discussion page where they could be displayed more speedily so that members might be able to spot their squares, garments or hats earlier!  Spotting one of our own creations in Africa really does spur as on to even greater creativity!

Here is one of the gorgeous children in a
'before' and 'after' photo!
      Often one reads comments from members wishing they could do more, but the only thing we have to do, is exactly the amount of goodness that each of us has available from looking after our families etc.,  EVERY SQUARE  is so very valuable, and it does make a difference. KAS members have contributed an astonishing number of squares during the last 4 and half years - added together, we have brought comfort and warmth to thousands upon thousands of deprived, vulnerable, and, sadly often unwell children.  Below is a quote from one of the loveliest Africans to grace that continent - Bishop Desmond Tutu which really summarises everything the KAS Band of Sisters & Brothers do, day in day out, freely and without thought of self!  We knit & crochet to support these children totally unconditionally.

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how wonderful to see them on the kids! I'm currently rounding up all of mine and parcelling them up.

I recognise the flecky 'cosy jumper' made from Kathy P's pattern, just can't remember who knitted it.

Congrats on seeing so much of your work, Anne....what a THRILL!!!!

These G-o's are just so snuggly and beautiful . Mary/Anne you might have this info on your patterns but I don't crochet. Yours are a good fit and I wondered if we could have the measurements of the neck opening, front opening and sleeve length?

Sue - the Hexagon sweater is crocheted, but the Go-Over can be done either by knitting or crochet. Patterns for both versions are in the KAS Pattern book. I usually crochet them because it's faster for me. Sometimes I knit the body squares and crochet the sleeves, It's a very flexible pattern

Here is an early one I did - worn by my grandaughter approx size 10. You can change the size easily by varying the size of the squares.


Hmm bet that was a real feel good moment. No matter how good it feels to make items and see pictures, it always gets us even more when we see our own items in the pics.


How exciting, Anne! Such a privilege actually to see your garment on a child! I have one precious such picture and I am always looking at it and showing it to people.
The children look so happy to get these just makes your heart melt.

Yes thanks Anne I have made a few Go Overs in my time but I see that some of them seem to be very big across the neck and I just wondered if they could be sewn up better to get a better fit. That's why I asked for those particular measurements . Anyway I am sure they always fit someone  and  I guess caregivers can do a bit of stitching if they fall off ! Better too big than too small. I think I'll use a few of my squares for a Go Over now that I see these on the kids looking good !

Thanks  to Jana and Jeanne for letting me know that the sweater I sent in April is here on the middle child of the last photo. I feel so proud to see it in use. I know it sounds silly, but making and sending our work is so one-sided. When you actually get to see where things end up it's a completion of the process. Somehow I feel there's a link between this child and myself and I sincerely hope this sweater will bring warmth and comfort.

You're so welcome.  I know it was a struggle for you to get it finished.  Makes it all worth it. :D

My hat is the one on a pile of blankets. 


This little girl loved her top so much!  In fact, it was so long that she intends to wear it as a dress. She modelled it for us and then put her jacket over it!




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