Ronda and Wendy continue to bring us wonderful photographs of the children receiving their blankets, hats and garments. Along with many story snippets of their experiences at the variations places.  These photographs not only confirm to the world that by taking direct action our members are making a difference

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Some more pics have surfaced from Ithumeleng - the creche run by the wonderful Mavis. You may recall how on a previous visit KAS goodies prevented the place being closed by the authorities because there were no floor mats. These photos are from the day Ronda's car broke down and had to be rescued last year - thankfully, to be replaced with the KasVan!

Mavis is one among many unsung heroes providing day care with very little resources. She looks after 40 children or so. She has persevered against all the odds. Social Welfare will not lift a finger to help her because she has remained in her little shack and resisted attempts to move her to a little brick box of a house in a new area - MILES and MILES away from everything and everyone she has known for years. Many people have lived for so long in an informal settlement that it the only home they know.

She is wonderful with the children, and when we visited her last we were amazed at how much she had done to the shack - she had built a kitchen in order to make food for the children and tidied up enormously. Mavis takes such delight in the children and teaches them to sing and dance and recite.......a born teacher!! She just works so hard for her charges and remains cheerful and hopeful through great difficulty, which is why Knit-a-Square will keep supporting her.

KAS has visited Mavis 3 times in the past five years. 

Mavis offering prayers and thanksgiving for Knit-a-Square in a very moving speech.

Mavis displaying the logo on her T-shirt !

Someone having a little fun !

Mavis with her charges !

Somebody sent a stuffed Unicorn...awwww. And look at all the mitts and socks in that one photo. I am relieved vastly to hear that KAS will keep helping Mavis. I am SO glad she didn't get shut down and we got there in time. If there is ever anything we can do for her and her 40 children, DO let us know!

Distribution photos to Dobsonville on 18th March 2014

The photos about 5 up from the bottom show a child in my blue and green, hooded "Jaunty Jacket" and another in one of my recent Winter Warmers. It's so exciting to see them actually warming a child! 

What a fantastic job the KAS team does! 

I love that smile on the boy's face - the sweater was made for him!!

FANTASTIC!!  In the righthand picture above, the little girl in the pink hat is wearing my first yellow go-over.  )

That's great, Mili.  Doesn't it feel good to see something you have made ON a child?? That's a very pretty G-O and it fits beautifully and has room for her to grow.

Anne, I had to look twice as I had overlooked it three times already.  Yes, it should wear well and for a long time as it fit me in a pinch.

It looks beautiful. How exciting is it to see who it belongs to now!

More from Dobsonville - please excuse some of the green tinges - caused by a green awning!

Ronda with the very hard working Mrs. Tshabalala

Wandi with the wonderful Mrs. Tshabalala

Photos from Protea South - distribution to Julia's Educare on 1st April 2014 - it has been 3 years since KAS last visited.

Julia and Ronda

This little chap may have to grow a little bit first!

Love them all Pam. Thank you.



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