ANNUAL P-t-R APPEAL - 365 days to cover!

and Pay the Rent at the same time, and,

just like the October theme - anything goes!

Is there anyone you would like to invite to have a cup of tea

or a mug coffee and a good chin-wag with?

A dear friend or family member perhaps?

Or would you prefer a quiet cup and slice of cake on your own, or perhaps you might enjoy a group meeting to celebrate a special occasion? Possibly a KAS Family PicKnit.......bring your hooks and needles too, plus choose the place or country where members can meet up !

Maybe you would like to invite Her Majesty and the Corgis to an afternoon garden tea party, or, reminisce with KAS friends about enjoyable times from the past, such as the 50's & 60's - a party with Elvis, Buddy Holly or Beatles fans. Adding a link to some music on YouTube would be fun!


Why not reveal what you enjoy about your Tea Party Guest, and, it would make it extra special if you would post your own photos of tea, coffee, cake or anything else that adds to a party! 


Last year members formed teams to Pay the Rent for day or half-day, and choosing a special day will be an option. We will be re-introducing the Calendar, therefore members can nominate any day of year and tell us why it has been chosen. 

 Even a single cup of coffee, tea or slice of cake will be added to the calendar, thus 10 cups of tea or coffee will cover a full day and a little bit more (an extra slice to support Ronda's team maybe!)

Celebrations could include the birth of a child, passing of exams, wedding anniversaries......anything goes!

Many families have an outstanding member who was loved by everyone and like to meet up to reminisce on the anniversary of their passing.

It might be nice to have a Memory Tea Gathering, you could share with members or make this a 'private function' with a special donation for a complete day. 



To pay for your coffee, tea, cake or party etc  

in support of KAS South Africa please


Please would you record each purchase, who or what it is for in the discussion below, and, the date so it can be 'booked' into the calendar.

If unsure how to do this, please click here for step by step instructions, also

instructions for creating a PayPal account click here if needed.

 Thank you for your ongoing support of Knit-a-Square !

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Thanks so much, Pam.   As it happens, I LOVE sapphires, which happen to be my birth stone, but even if they weren't, I always loved them, and wore a sapphire ring back in the old days when I could wear jewelry.

Helen Flagg has made a payment of $25 towards the rent in honour of her and her husband's children - Elizabeth, Kathryn and Eric. Helen's contribution will go towards paying for half a day on Thanksgiving Day on November 24th

I've been so busy I completely forgot to send my 2 x $10 to Ronda for my tea & cake with Sharon & picnic with Chris. :( I'm very sorry for the delay ladies, I have now sent it. :)))

As the only say goes, better late than never Louise, everyone will forgive you!

That's okay Louise, you did remember to bring the Pavlova :-)

Yes, I can forgive almost anything....for pavlova.  :))

I have a few beautiful old cubic zirconia necklaces that i do not wear anymore, would Ronda and the KAS team like me to send them?  maybe you could sell them to pay your rent money?  Very Beautiful.  I just don't wear them anymore.  They look real! We Love You All.  Caroline.

In a few weeks,

Look For Some Precious Jewelry tightly Wrapped in a brown sweater inside a black shoebox.  ;D That should take care our your rent money! Caroline

Dear Caroline, it is extremely generous of you to send precious jewellery, however, we beg you not to do so!! If you haven't actually sent them, please would you remove them from your parcel before posting.

Very few of our parcels have gone astray over the years, simply because any of the people working for the South African post office, who have less integrity are not tempted by KAS parcels because, it would require them to sew the squares together in order to have a blanket! If it became known that some parcels might contain valuable jewellery, it could lead to many parcels being opened and discarded in an underhand manner.

The majority of parcels go through electronic screening and jewels would easily be seen - we know you absolutely meant well and this has obviously come from your heart, but it could unwittingly lead to issues in the future. We also mention this here not just for you, but as a reminder for other KasMembers - you all are so caring!

Hello everyone! I love the "Pay the Rent" concept Pam. So, I've "bought" a cake, to celebrate my birthday on November 12th! So, you can add me to the calendar, if that date is open. Otherwise, any day is fine ;) And, all my KAS friends are invited, LOL!

Sending love to you all and good luck on the fundraising! XOXO
Mary Anne

Oh how lovely, another birthday party to attend and delicious cake to eat. Thank you so much Mary Anne and Happy Birthday for November 12th. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday. :))
Thank you Mary Anne, I am always willing to eat a slice of cake, so not sure if you are a tea or coffee drinker, so I will get one of can have first pick Hope you have a happy birthday .xx



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