We woke up on Friday, 6 December to the very sad news that the father of our nation, Tata Nelson Mandela (Madiba) had passed away at his home in Houghton.  On behalf of all the members of Knit-A-Square we pay loving tribute to this most profoundly humble, kind and forgiving man and what better way to honour his memory than with a KAS distribution?

We teamed up with two South African businesses, Accutronics and Eketsa Interior Design, and headed to Bophelong, an informal settlement situated near Vanderbijlpark, which is in the southern-most part of Gauteng.  The staff at Accutronics and Eketsa have been supporting the Bophelong Children’s Home for two years now and, as part of their corporate social responsibility initiative, collect much-needed food, clothing and other items for the home and provide them with support wherever possible.  Today they were making a special Christmas delivery of gifts for the children and food to keep them going over the festive period.  Knit-A-Square was made aware of this project via one of our volunteers, Gina, who belongs to the same community forum as Tobie from Accutronics and we asked whether we could joint their Christmas initiative and distribute some of your warm, hand-knitted blankets, beanies and tops to the children. 

 The cheerful Bophelong Children’s Home.

Wendy and I travelled to the Home with a full KASvan and listened to the coverage, on the radio, of Nelson Mandela’s passing.  We made sure we had a box of tissues for the trip and boy, did we need them …. !

There were more tears to come on our arrival at the Bophelong Children’s Home when one of the young residents, struggling with her own emotions, addressed us with the opening statement “My mother threw me away, but I am no longer an orphan because this is now my home……”  

 Gratitude from the heart and not a dry eye in the house

She continued by thanking everyone for caring, and for the assistance in the way of food and clothing to enable Emily, mother to the 58 orphaned children at this home, to feed, care for and educate her charges.

 This is home…….

We were given a tour of the home Emily has created for these 58 orphaned or abandoned children ranging in age from a few months to 19 years old and, although there is very little space, one gets the feeling that these children are loved and cared for.  The stories of abuse and abandonment endured by most of the children we met are truly heart-rending. These  few have been rescued though, and despite the desperate sadness of the speeches we heard today, there is an atmosphere  of hopefulness for the future at Emily’s Bophelong Home. 

 Scenes in and around Bophelong Children’s Home – tears, but hope too!

The staff from Accutronics and Eketsa, together with the very enthusiastic children, Wendy and I helped carry the gifts, food and other items inside.  There was much ululating and excitement as even a Christmas tree was brought in for the home!!!!

 The very generous contribution of food and gifts as well as blankets from KAS.

Emily continued to show as around and even took us on a walk through Bophelong to one of the 4 day care centres she manages on top of the home she runs - a lady with a very large heart!

It is still too warm for the children to be wrapped up in winter woollies so Emily will put the KAS items away until the weather cools down.  We know that the bright, cheerful colours of the blankets will brighten the home up and encourage the children to know that each and every one of them is cared for and held in the thoughts, prayers and love of people from all over the world.

 Some of the children with the KAS bundles….

Friday, 6 December we woke up to what was a very sad day for the world, but Knit-A-Square will continue to be inspired by Nelson Mandela’s life, his love of children and everything that he stood for - with your help - through the work we do for orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.

We will keep our special farewell sign on the back of the KASvan for the time being!


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Warm hugs for you Ronda! xoxoxoxo

Ronda, I'm so glad you had a chance to team up with Accutronics and Elektsa Interior Design for this distribution.

It sounds like a wonderful place for these children to call 'home'.

It is very encouraging to hear about businesses who have adopted a "social corporate responsibility initiative". They are making a difference.  Just think what we could accomplish if more businesses were like these two.

Although Madiba's passing is a very sad thing, the news coverage, at least here in Canada, has shown some of the conditions in the informal settlements, and we can only hope that seeing this, more hearts will be opened and more people will want to help.

Oh Ronda reading this I had tears in my eyes. 

Me too.

Nelson Mandelo has left a legacy with his people that can only get better as the years go by.. Emily is living proof of this.. what a wonderful woman she is to give homes to these dear forgotten children.. I too needed a box of tissues after reading this.. one could become overwhelmed with the desperate plight of so many children but it is not pity they need but the action of people like KAS, Emily, Rhona, the two south African business and countless hands that donated , knitted, gave money , care and also let us not forget, prayed for the plight of South Africa.. I am truly truly so glad I found KAS.. in a world where we see only bad news on the television , newspapers etc, it is sooo  wonderful to read of the good that is going on ... I have said it many times I know but God Bless you all.

Thank You Ronda. The work you put into ensuring we are all part of the distributions is very much appreciated. I don't know how you do it ! A very heart warming place and those children will get a good Christmas and then the treat of the blanket, top and beanie when winter comes along. I love the picture of Mandela on the back of the van. It is a beautiful way to wave goodbye. All over the world we feel the loss.

Certainly Mandela will be the first politician to be truly missed for many a year! Let us take much hope from the Reports from South Africa - and realise the wonderful contribution Knit-a-Square and its MEMBERS are making.

How wonderful that KAS knitters were able to donate to this amazing school.  It spurs me on, especially when I spied my turquoise and orange blanket!!  Thanks to Rhonda and her fantastic team for all their HARD WORK.

Thank you, Ronda, for this heartbreaking, yet uplifting, report.  God bless all the caregivers who take orphaned and vulnerable children into their charge. 

I was looking at the beds. they are going to look so bright and cheerful with KAS blankets on them!

Thank you for sharing and letting us be a part of this, Ronda...there are many truly amazing individuals and organisations in SA. I agree with Anne, how wonderful it would be if more corporations were "socially responsible'.

Lovely comments and encouragement - thanks for each and every one !

Hugs to you all ... we wish you a merry Christmas and everything good in 2014 xoxoxoxo

We will be "going slow" on reports in the next few weeks, although there are a few items "up our sleeves" so keep visiting the Forum, please, wonderful contributors and friends !!

Love from us all at Knit-a-Square SA



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