Hi everyone!  October kinda snuck up and pounced on us! Wow time is zipping past.  Our KAS calendar suggests "Member's Choice" as the October challenge. :)   So we are suggesting you pick your favorite item, be it square, hat, vest, blanket or cuddle, or toy, and go for it, in your favorite color(s).  There has also been talk around the boards of making tiny toys, like pocket pals, so the kids can easily carry them with them, to go along with the items we send.  So if you would like to make a teeny toy, like a teddy or doll, or even if you see a deal, then buy a few of course, they can be included along with October's offerings.  Depending on where you live and how your postage goes, they might arrive in time for Christmas! :)  I am using that tiny teddy pattern that's here on KAS, it's got a flat body and lightly stuffed head, only 5 inches tall maximum, have two done already.  Here's the link to the main toy patterns page and you can choose from there:  http://square-circle-forum.ning.com/forum/categories/patterns-toys-...

It's been suggested we do a running tally, per post.  So feel free to start with what you've made and will send and the next person can add to that total in their post and so on.  How's that?

My own October challenge will be UFO's.  (unfinished objects)  I have been cleaning up and have found a bin full of them. (out of sight out of mind!)

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the izzy dolls would be perfect for this one, isnt there a link to them on the project page? maybe draw peoples attention to it?
yep it is on page two of the form under toys puppets etc you will find Izzy dolls and go to the site they have a knitted and crochet version
I can't wait to try one of these:-
I hope that link works
Cheers all
I've made izzy dolls (there are different types out there), I have a picture on my Ravelry project page (rondaletts). Mother Bears are a great pattern too - I think the cost is $5 for the pattern, and they do come out larger than pocket size, fyi, though smaller needles, thinner yarn and fewer repeats for the body, legs and arms can downsize them. Lion Brand's website has a bunch of crocheted and knitted amigurumi patterns, as does Crochet Pattern Central and Knitting Pattern Central. I would just be sure to embroider facial features with yarn or embroidery floss, instead of button-type doll or animal eyes that can be a choking hazard. There are so many free patterns out there, so many to choose from. Here are some links, hope it helps!


would love to see these pictures on ravelry can you tell me the email address that will bring me to your pictures or how to do it went to ravelry but couldn't figure out how to get to photos.
hit a wonderful rummage with tons of lovely stuffed toys and in the box were well kept and clean tiny bunnies...dogs...bears...etc...now that send is going to save some crochet time !!!!!!!!!!
good for you paulette.
I love it Paulette when I find perfectly sized and clean and cheap toys I can send over. I agree it's a bonanza and it frees me up to do more squares or hats or vests, though once in a while I think I need to just reeelax and do a toy anyways. :) It's about as much fun to make one as it is for the child who gets it eh? :D
good will would be a good place to look maybe I will .
Jeanne, you're right about the fun in making a toy. I just finished my first one - a knitted teddy - and I enjoyed the process so much. In fact, I'm also enjoying looking at the bear so much (I can't believe I made one!) that it will be a wrench to put it in the box!
Let's have a look then.
Yeah that's the problem, I don't get attached to a square but a teddy? They come alive once you embroider the face on them and add a little scarf or hat or vest. That being said I'm lucky to get the bear done so mine usually go nekked, except for a smile. ;)



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