For the next two weeks, prior to the beginning of the next BIG SURPRISE CHALLENGE, we are giving you free reign to HAVE SOME FUN, while creating mucho squares!

BUT WAIT!  Hold your hat!  Or should I say; HOLD – THE – HATS!!

We have learned from Ronda and her crew that they have approximately 3 hats for every potential blanket!  We have been asked, for the time being, to please focus on squares rather than hats.  Might I suggest that, rather than making a hat, you make 3 squares instead?

As you can see from the photos that Ronda provided, they have A LOT of hats!

Lots of hats!                         


....and more hats!

SO, let's work on our fundamental purpose, MAKING SQUARES!!

As always, the greatest need is for plain jane squares!  But if you need some inspiration, here are some ideas for you!

Finish your UFOs (unfinished objects!)  If you are like me, you probably have a few partially done squares hiding away in your cupboards.  This is a great opportunity to finish up all of those squares that were started for a different challenge and never got finished!

Explore your creativity!  There are limitless possibilities for exploring your creativity.  Color is one of my favorite ways to do that!  Where to look?  A color wheel can help when trying new colors together!  

Fabric can give you some great color combos; I love perusing the fabric store for ideas!



Pump out some major PJs!!!    Wouldn’t it be awesome to see stacks and stacks of plain janes?!?!  Check out Susan Haines’ stack of 88 squares!

I hope you have some fun with our “Un-challenge”!  I can’t wait to see what you create!!

*****Laurie Fortier has graciously created a Pinterest page for the "Un-challenge"!  The link for that is here:

*****You can also find the photo albums for this challenge here:

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My latest four squares - it is amazing in this challenge on how so many of us have opted for crochet squares - a wonderful collection all round and one that has inspired me to try different patterns.  I usually alternate between crochet & knitting, but for me crochet . is so much quicker to complete and a great way of using up small lengths of wool.

Here is the puff stitch alphabet blanket, finally, yippee!!  I do need to finish up five more heart squares, but at least I have all the alphabet done now LOL!!

Alphabet Blanket

Various patterns using Burgundy, Iris and Sunflower.  These are my last creations for this un-challenge.  It was a lot of FUN!!

OCTOBER 2013 Burgundy Iris & Sunflower

Back to squares now that I have finished my Cuddle. I do like this pattern, and haven't done any crochet so far this month, so it's a nice change. 

Elaine Game's created this beautiful square of an African garden!  She wanted to show her love of the children in S. Africa and it comes across loud and clear!!


 My attempt at an Africian garden


I just loved the whole Smiley family that developed during the course of this month, and always had a big smile on my face whenever I saw the squares.  I thought the Smiley's might need a pet or two, so I am submitting a dog and a cat Smiley ... (I think you can tell that I am more of a dog person than a cat person, and couldn't get the cat quite right ... maybe next time.)


" Howdy! " from South Dakota, USA.   

OK... I had to squeeze in one more smiley before the un-challenge ended.  :-)

OCTOBER 2013 Mr. Cowboy Smiley

Another 3 squares! 

Ms. Cutie Patootie Smiley:  Little sister to Mr. Cowboy Smiley.

OCTOBER 2013 Ms. Cutie Patootie Smiley

Sorry I didn't post this before, but here is my last set of squares for the un-challenge. There are 4 circle in square and 2 sc with cross stitch dc motif. The orange square in the top row is unbelievably soft with yarn from an enormous ball that someone donated to Entente Cordiale. The colours are a bit washed out in this photo. They are much more vibrant in reality. I've thoroughly enjoyed all the beautiful squares that have been posted. The smileys are so funny. They brightened up my days.

Two more squares with the crochet wheel pattern at the centre.  (The sewing length is tucked under the right side of the red one).  I, too, have enjoyed very much this" Unchallenge",   


I made this square because I thought it might look like a stack of squares ... if you use your imagination :)))  And now I'm going to make a real stack of squares using the same colors.



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