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I have soooo many favourites:
Favourite knitting patterns
variegated triangles
Favourite crochet patterns
CoM - July 2022   Bobble Hearts  JUNE 2015 THEME - Rust and green chain stitch squares
Favourite colours
APRIL CoM    MAY 2017 - "B is for Bev"  
Favourite yarns
August 2020 Theme - Sweets for my Sweet  June 2020 Theme - Unforeseen Theme
One of my other favourite things are picture squares, with either appliques or stitching.
April 2020 Theme - A Night at the Circus  LeoLion  July 2022 Theme - Things that Move
Please join in this month and show your KAS friends YOUR favourites.
Colour of the month is:
Some might say brown is pretty boring, but when I think brown, I think chocolate, chocolate cake, fudge, salted caramel, cinnamon, gingernut biscuits, gingerbread......and brown just doesn't seem so boring anymore.
Dig deep (in your stash) and find YOUR inner brown.  :))

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Wow ... those are definitely RJ sunset colours.  Absolutely gorgeous, Chris!  xo

BEAUTIFUL colours in this blanket, Chris!!!  It must have brought you a LOT of joy crocheting this, as you relived your special holiday in Canada.

The combination of your's and Glo's yarn went together so well, just as the meeting of you two lovely ladies.  xo

I'm askin', Glo.....????? :))

Oops, this decided to land here. Was supposed to be under Glo's first comment re her visit with Chris.

Oooh, thank you for asking, Bev :)))  This is a story I love to share because it brought us a lot of giggles when Chris and Andrew visited.  And it's still making us giggle ... 

In my home, I do the cooking.  Don does not cook.  He will do the washing up.  He will fold laundry.  He has even been known to drag the vacuum cleaner around on occasion.  But he does not cook.

So ... whenever I want a break from preparing meals, I very sweetly ask Don to cook our dinner.  He always agrees to do so by taking me to out to eat.  Whenever I want to be taken out to dinner, I simply tell Don that it's his turn to cook and it works every time :)))

While Chris and Andrew were with us, it gave me great pleasure to prepare a few meals for them.  However, they told us they also wanted to contribute by doing their bit and suggested taking us out for a meal.  We laughed when I told them how Don 'cooks', and Andrew very generously offered to 'cook' for us "Don" style.  With a busy schedule of touring and sightseeing, we wanted something quick and decided on the Subway in Tatamagouche.  There, Andrew 'cooked' us a lovely meal with no washing up required.  What a special treat that was!

It turned out that Andrew was to 'cook' our last meal together as we were accompanying them to board the ferry for PEI.  We made a stop in Pictou and lo and behold there was a Subway shop in plain sight.  We all trooped inside and Andrew once again 'cooked' us a delicious meal.

I will never look at a Subway shop without thinking of the fabulous time we had - and the wonderful memories we made - while Chris and Andrew were with us in Nova Scotia ... xo

Love this story, Gloria, although I've now got to amend my idea of Chris's son preparing lovely home-cooked meals for her back in Wales!

Don't amend too much, Patricia.  I suspect Andrew's meal preparation in his own kitchen is quite different from the meals he "prepared" while travelling ... :))) ... xo

I can’t see a Subway without thinking of Glo and Don and having a giggle! I had only ever had a Sub once before in New Zealand on New Year’s Day 2009 (it was the only place open on a long journey!) By far the best Subs were in Nova Scotia….. I have no doubt it was the lovely people that we were with made them taste so good :))

Since returning, Andrew has been making various things that Glo had made that were delicious, her Brown Rice Salad has been a big hit with friends and family at BBQ’s at his new home, the recipe has been asked for several times! Her pasta salad was delicious too, and I’m waiting for him to make Impossible pie…. it was gorgeous! 

Ahhhh, yes, brown rice salad.  That's another amusing story, eh Chris ... haha

I first had that salad in a restaurant in Halifax.  Absolutely LOVED it.  Loved it so much, in fact, I asked my server to give my compliments to the chef and (horror of horrors!) ask if he would share the recipe.  Surprisingly, he said yes!

As I was leaving the table, my server handed me a folded piece of paper.  "His recipe," she whispered.  Elated, I carefully tucked it into my purse without looking at it.  When I got home, I unfolded the paper to read the recipe.  The very first ingredient was "10 pounds of rice"!!!  Was that chef having a chuckle???

Years later, my grandson broke it down for me into more sane amounts and I've been making it ... and sharing it ... ever since ... xo

Yes….. Andrew made the amended amounts, he gave the original 10lbs rice recipe to my niece and her eyes nearly popped out of her head! Then she saw the revised amounts :))

Thanks for sharing, Glo....hahaha. Ray doesn't cook at home either, but does 'cook' every now and then. In fact he's going to 'cook' lunch tomorrow, I hope.  :))

So many wonderful memories you four have from your time together.....so blessed. Thank you for sharing them with us.  xo

Oh how I have enjoyed reading about your trip to Canada, Chris.   And all the wonderful memories that you've shared with us.  

I must add Craig to the male "cooks" in the family.   He is easy to please, which makes my cooking much easier.   But when I want a day off, I tell him it is his turn to cook, and he will pick up any take-out that I choose.  I prefer that to going out, because then I don't even have to bother putting on a pair of shoes.  I just veg out on the couch while he "cooks".

10 lbs of brown rice!!!  Even in a restaurant, wouldn't that last for weeks???  Oh, maybe not, if it is as good as it sounds.

What a beautiful story incorporated in your blanket, Chris. It will be a lucky child who receives this.



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