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I have soooo many favourites:
Favourite knitting patterns
variegated triangles
Favourite crochet patterns
CoM - July 2022   Bobble Hearts  JUNE 2015 THEME - Rust and green chain stitch squares
Favourite colours
APRIL CoM    MAY 2017 - "B is for Bev"  
Favourite yarns
August 2020 Theme - Sweets for my Sweet  June 2020 Theme - Unforeseen Theme
One of my other favourite things are picture squares, with either appliques or stitching.
April 2020 Theme - A Night at the Circus  LeoLion  July 2022 Theme - Things that Move
Please join in this month and show your KAS friends YOUR favourites.
Colour of the month is:
Some might say brown is pretty boring, but when I think brown, I think chocolate, chocolate cake, fudge, salted caramel, cinnamon, gingernut biscuits, gingerbread......and brown just doesn't seem so boring anymore.
Dig deep (in your stash) and find YOUR inner brown.  :))

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Oh my goodness!!! Not one, but TWO FABULOUS blankets, Sandra!!!!

You are a knitting magician. I can only imagine the joy on the little  faces of those who are lucky enough to receive one of these. The colours, patterns and designs and your oh-so-neat knitting are just AMAZING!!

Sandra, I too am amazed at the incredible blankets you produce and the speed in which you do so! The children will love these :)

Truly amazing, Sandra.   Your creativity knows no bounds, and for that we are thankful!

Please tell me that you make these on a knitting machine???   I can't for the life of me figure out how a person could work fast enough with just 2 knitting needles.

Two incredible, unique, inspired and very clever blanket designs Sandra.   Your ideas are so inspirational and you must have the patience and tolerance of a Saint Xx ✔️✔️

I can only second what everybody else has said, Sandra.

It looks to be a great month, Bev.   Who doesn't like chocolate?    Really, if there is anyone out there who doesn't like chocolate, I will gladly lend you some of my love of chocolate, because there is enough for 10 people in my sweet tooth!

Favourites…… I’ve got a few, all in one blanket…… favourite people, special places, beautiful gifted yarn and very happy memories!

When I arrived in Nova Scotia in June, the owner of the beautiul b&b on a very pretty bay, showed me to my room. I was astonished and absolutely delighted to find a beautiful Carin cake and a beech crochet hook. Gloria had visited and placed them on my bed to welcome me, it brought tears of happiness to my eyes. So I have used that beautiful yarn to make the centre of this panel, as I crocheted, I have thought a great deal about our trip, remembering happy days with Glo and Don, my visit to the River John library to meet the ladies of the RJSK and the natural beauty of Canada. 

Oh Chris my eyes filled reading this.   A very poignant blanket indeed.  It is beautiful ❤️

Oh my dear Chris, what gloriously happy memories you have brought to my mind!  I remember that day like it was yesterday ... walking into the B&B to be greeted by Valorie (with an "O" :) who allowed me to follow her to your room where she helped me to  place your gift so you would see it first thing.

Thank you so very much for turning it into such a gorgeous blanket for a precious child.  I absolutely love it!!!  The colours you have chose to surround your centre panel are perfect!

Greeting you at my door with a hug that June day was the beginning of the best part of my summer.  You and Andrew left me and Don with the most treasured memories ... memories we still re-live as we visit or pass by places we enjoyed together ... for example, whenever Don cooks our dinner :))  It should be noted that Andrew also did his fair share of cooking, as well.

Curious?  Just ask us ... hehehe ... xo

May I please add ...

Chris, your beautiful creation puts me in mind of one of the many incredible sunset as seen from the 'Sunset Bridge' in River John.

If you were traveling on the road which is (unseen) on the left of this photo, you would pass the church you see in this pic and just after that, you would turn left and would not be very far from our humble little cottage ... just sayin' ... xo

What a beautiful sunset, thanks for sharing, how I would love to have seen that! But I shouldnt be greedy, I saw so many other beautiful sights :))

Glo, the colours I chose from my stash didn’t come out well, the bright orange certainly didn’t! Here they are close up….

Glad you like it x



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