Welcome to our November theme 

Put on a Happy Face.

This month was going to be hosted by our dear friend, Anne Powell. Sadly, Anne passed away suddenly, in March.

Looking through her photos has sure put a smile on my dial. I have included some of her fun faces in the picture squares below. They are the little pink pig and the yellow/red and blue/blue variegated smiley faces.

Faces of all kinds are so engaging and just looking at them can put a smile on our own.

Squares featuring animal faces

Go For The Gold - July 2020  Celebrating African Animals - Zebra  SEPTEMBER 2015 THEME - Pig

SAM_0712   FuzzyBear  Teddy Bears Picnic



June. The Unforeseen  16" Unicorn Square. June.  February theme - Celebrate Africa

JUNE CHALLENGE - 8 Maids A'milking  I love cats  I love dogs

Fun Emojis....

July Theme Emojis Smiley & Spongebob 

 2 Emoji Diagonals - July 2019 Theme Emoji's  12 Emoji Diagonals - Emoji Theme - July 2019  

July 2019 Theme: Emojis  SEPTEMBER 2015 THEME - Red Smiley  SEPTEMBER 2015 THEME - Blue Smiley

And all manner of fun faces

Fab Faces from Sesame Street  Fabulous faces....double square 

 Fab Faces

If picture squares are not your thing, please consider making striped or single colour  squares in colours that will have you putting on a happy face.

And for your toe tapping pleasure...


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Super picture square, and how I chuckled at the music choice!!   The pictures accompanying the sheep are very like ones my husband takes while he is out running our rambling local countryside, just ace ♥️

Karen - have you seen the Ode to your hair on page 10 of this discussion? How does it feel to be an inspiration?!

Well I have now - such fun!!    I'm ganin' more lilac now like, but am so chuffed folk are inspired and amused!

As a child my siblings and I used to love watching Lassie, an American TV series about the adventures a rough female collie called Lassie.....


Chris, I loved that show too.  One of my childhood favorites!!!  Your square is just lovely, and you do very well in matching the yarn colors to your pictures .. xo

I always wanted a dog like Lassie, as a kid...she looked so 'glamorous' next to our kelpies and blue heeler farm dogs.  :))  Of course, my saner, more boring adult self realized that a dog with beautiful flowing locks would never have worked, running through the long grass with a million and one grass seeds stuck in their fur.LOVING your Lassie.  :))

When my sister was very young, she said she wanted a ‘Lassie dog’ for Christmas, at the time my mother was anxious about having any kind of dog, so there was a gentle but firm no, but perhaps one day when she was old enough to look after a dog herself. One day Sharon saw a black highland terrier toy in a shop window and fell in love with it, she hoped Santa would bring her one of those, and a tartan colour and lead to match the tartan bow around its neck. Christmas morning arrived, Sharon saw the toy dog sitting on top of some presents and soon found the collar and lead. To my parents amazement, she stopped opening her presents and went out of the room, returning with a roller skate (the old fashioned type that adjusted and went over your shoe). She then asked for help to tie the dog onto the skate, she attached the collar and lead and went into the garden and walked the dog up and down the garden path in her dressing gown and slippers and then later when she was dressed, in the street!

My mother gave in that year and they had their first Yorkshire terrier, Sharon never had a lassie dog, she fell in love with Yorkshire terriers, and always had one. It’s thanks to my sister that I have Jess, she saw the litter of pups had been born in a dog rescue centre.

What a lovely memory, Chris. I can certainly see why your Mother changed her mind.

Aww, Chris..what a beautiful memory....I wasn't sure if I was going to laugh or cry...it seems I can do both at the same time. What a sweet image it brings to mind....and how imaginative was your sister?! 

Oh Chris what a precious tale.   It made my heart melt.   I had always wished for a rabbit when I was young, then I was given a Black Rex Rabbit, and a doll and pram for Christmas when I was 8.    After a few months  I ditched the doll and used to use the pram for Benny around the house, and sometimes walk him to the shops, giving folk a laugh if they realised.  Precious memories ❤️

Chris, thank you for sharing this precious memory.  Like Bev, I was torn between laughter and tears ... picturing a sweet little girl with her rollerskating doggie following her around ... xo

5 Happy Minions in Mini C2C.



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