Knit a Square moved into what we loving call The Barn in 2015.  It is located in Randburg, not far from our post office.  This is a very large space that allows us to sort all the post, make blanket packs, stack blankets, and most important create our wonderful KAS cakes.  Our volunteers show up on Tuesday morning around 9:00am and work their magic until about 3:00pm.  Themba has already collected the post, and often times will make a distribution on Tuesdays.  

Please know that the Barn is a success due to all our contributors, financial donors and volunteers.  Without your ongoing support we would find it difficult to carry on.

Thank you all for everything.

Check in to this discussion frequently to see the latest news and photos from The Barn.  Many thanks to our marvelous reporter, Estelle for bringing the fun of The Barn to us.

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Here is the news from our trusty reporter, Estelle.

Opening Day at the KASbarn on this “TWOSDAY“ 2/22/22.
We were delighted to see post when we arrived at the barn but distressed to see how some of the parcels arrived. There seems to be more tampering with the parcels especially the ones just wrapped in brown paper. Please secure your parcels with masking tape even if they have been sent in a postal bag.
Thank goodness you wrapped your squares in bubble wrap Trish as both these parcels were opened.
The good news is that so many more parcels are arriving with accurate parcels slips 🙏🏻 it saves us so much time when we don’t have to count the squares, cut out the name and address of the sender then staple all the information together.
Ronda and Mandy were both away enjoying time in the bush…hope you have good viewing.
Thanks to all our new contributors it’s a thrill seeing new names on the parcels.
Beautiful squares sent from MARTA posted from The Czech Republic on May 10 2020.
Gorgeous picture squares from Liz Sloan UK.
The cutest knitted dolls and hand warmers from Holland. Thank you Christine Stevens.
Norma’s daughter in law Sandra Nodwele donated these lovely baby clothes
…perfect for Sister Sue!
Beautiful squares from Kath Burton.
Looking neat and tidy waiting for the Gogos to make into beautiful blankets.
Today I decided to show our supporters who do not follow the KAS Forum some of the blankets we receive from our volunteers, friends who join blankets for us and some we have received in the post.
Another beauty joined by Marioth Brown - squares from Clear Lake Methodist Church.
Gorgeous crocheted blanket from Audrey.
Judith Rose and her sister sent about 19 of these double blankets from California. Please note how beautifully they are joined.
One of Liz Gyldenhuis’s
Love the way Liz embellished her blankets with flowers and hearts.
Liz Gyldenhuis’s pretty pink and blue creation.
Thanks Marioth Brown.
Fabulous blanket sewn together by Roni Rudman-Owens…thanks to so many contributors who spent hours making these squares.
Stunning blanket created by our very own Athele Oosterbroek with squares from Elaine Joubert SA, Marion Davies Wales, Carolyn Stone Canada and many many crafters.  Truly International!
Another delightful pretty blanket from Athelé and Carolyn Stone.

So happy to see that our blankets arrived. Thank you for the compliment of the join. Kathy and I knit strips on the 46 needle Addi circular knitting machine and then we braid the strips together. 

The Barn was busy on March.  Lindi was back, isn't it great to see her!

Estelle has provided us with a marvelous report and photos.

Opening Day at the KASbarn March 1 2022.
Beautiful squares make beautiful blankets but it’s not possible without plain squares to compliment and complete them. We are extremely grateful for the magnificent and the plain squares we receive from our contributors.
Many of our supporters don’t just knit and post squares to us, they spend hours posting photographs, running a shop which helps pay our astronomical handling fees at the Post Office, host theme months eg the theme this month is Education, and post a photograph of every blanket received at the barn on The Blanket Room…the list goes on and on. They certainly go the extra mile for KAS. 
Great to open parcel from you Karla ( The Czech Republic) your blanket is exquisite and I love your fun squares.
Do you think Elaine Joubert saw 4 more lions in the bush than Ronda did?  They have both recently returned from the bush.
Frans, Benjamin and Philani brought 46 blankets from the Ikhwezi Congregation Outreach Gogo group.
Leanne interviewed Norma for a Podcast while the rest of us made quick work of opening the post.
Norma pick out the perfect color to edge her blanket
We missed Athelé, Liz and Mandy today.
Great to see you Molly who once again arrived with a blue bag overflowing with beautiful blankets and a bag of baby goodies.
Good to have you back in the barn today Lindi…. with Bongi and Sheldon.
One of Audrey’s lovely blankets.
Sheldon examining this gorgeous blanket…thinking of making one Sheldon???
Always a hug for Nans.
Stunning creation from Kathleen Bergman from Clear Lake Methodist Church.
Love your colour combination Cath…one I haven’t seen before.  Center is navy blue.
Ronda received a call from Judy Kirkwood a nurse who does breast feeding clinics in Alex and was delighted to hand out some of our blankets and toys.
Wandi and Themba headed out for a distribution today, too.
Wands with that famous smile.

Barn News from March 8.  Thanks Estelle and Ronda!

Opening Day at the KASbarn March 8 2022.
Sr Sue from Baragwanath Hospital arrived bright and early to collect new born and premie baby clothes. Norma was delighted to hand over baby grows and clothes from her twin granddaughters.
One lonely blanket sewn together by Norma waiting to be photographed.…watch this space!
Themba packed about 27 Bags of blankets into the very smart looking van with its new Decal, to be delivered in Tshepisong.
We are still finding bags with wet, smelly squares so Viv and I did a bit of laundering.
There was no new post today it seems to be taking longer going through Customs, sent to Witpos to be sorted and finally delivered to Bryanston only once a week now. 
I had to leave when Audrey arrived with her five blankets and the fun started opening Ute’s boxes containing more than 200 squares, 147 soft toys 2 fleece blankets, beanies etc.
Luca delivered 2 great big boxes from Ute Sadler from Wales.
Lindi has just made herself a paper fan…rather hot in the barn today.
Sewing tags on the blankets.
Viv loves tidying the shelves and woe betide anyone who doesn’t fold the blankets like she does.
And so the cake began to rise….54 blankets from Lindi’s group Pumzile from Tshepisong, 180 that Wandi brought in, 2 from Leigh Ann Tolkin, 1 from Norma, 5 from Audrey and 3 from me. So….about 285 to be sewn together and 245 ready for distribution.
You’re doing a great job ladies…make sure you do it Viv’s way!
Thanks Ronda for the info and photographs.

It was interesting to read about the post. I've got a number of parcels in transit that would normally have arrived at the Barn by now. Are other people finding this?

Definitely Patricia, I am finding that my Sea Mail parcels (from Australia) are taking about 6 to 8 months to arrive at the Barn now. Used to take about 3 or 4. So long as they get there though!

Many thanks to Ronda and Norma for this weeks report from The Barn.

Estelle is enjoying a much need break out in the bush...funny thing is she is still working on KAS projects.

Here is the news from The Barn.

Tuesday March 15, 2022

Sad news as it is the third week without any post, but the ladies found lots to do having collected180 blankets from three gogo groups last week.

First we build the cake...

Then we photograph all the yummy layers of the cake.

Next we all take a much needed break before we fold, (per Viv's instructions) and shelve the blankets.

Lindi is trying to figure out what Viv and Norma are doing?

This amazing pile of blankets has put a smile on Wandi's face.

Sadly though, there is not a single square left in the Barn as of today when
Norma took the last 7 for her new gogo group, they now have 17 blankets to
stitch together and are, apparently, enjoying themselves !
Time was also spent sewing on KAS labels to blankets.  The labels help identify KAS when other NGO distribute our blankets.
Ronda leads by example.
Lindi getting her label just right.
 Viv is so busy working she doesn't even notice Wandi.
Liz working hard sewing on her labels.
Audrey taking a short break.
Is Norma showing Lindi how many steps she took today in The Barn?
All ready to go, Viv?
Norma is collecting yarn to border the blankets she will sew together.
Wandi and Themba checking out the blankets for an upcoming distribution.
Please keep your fingers crossed that the Post Office will sort out their distribution issues and we will received lots of packages next week.

Super pics Ronda and Norma sad to see that there was no new post again. 
Thanks for posting Amy. 

Estelle is back from the bush, yet Ronda is off on holiday.

Here is Estelle's report from The Barn this week...YEA WE HAVE POST TO OPEN.

Opening Day at the KASbarn March 29 2022.
It was great to have new post to open today, only 13 parcels mainly from Canada but that’s a start. Let’s hope the PO gets itself sorted out quickly.
As a reminder please secure all your parcels,
some parcels have been tampered with recently.
We had a couple of our faithful visitors Heather and Joyce bringing 37 stunning blankets and Athelé popped in with her beautiful blankets.
This blanket is called "Ode to Ukraine"...sunflowers.
This Misfits blanket is from Melanie.
Now for Athele's blankets
Portia and her family brought 149 blankets from her Gogo Group,
Portia's precious daughter helping mom with the blankets.
Husband Michael carry a big load, too.
and new cake was started with the help of Viv, Lindi and Wandi.
We missed Ronda who is enjoying lovely sunny weather with her family in the UK...enjoy all the milestone celebrations.
Two parcels were couriered to us one from the children, family and friends of the Griffithstown Primary which is a UNICEF ‘ Rights Respecting’ Silver Award school in South Wales, they’re hoping to gain the Gold Award this year as they feel so passionate about children’s rights all over the world. Holding thumbs for you…you certainly deserve to win.
Michelle Babcock and her boys brought 1103 fabulous squares she and her family knitted and crocheted.
Norma and Themba went to Sweet Angels Day Care Centre for their distribution.
Although we do miss our mountains of post but we’re kept busy all morning…great to start collecting bundles for the Gogos again.
Thanks to everyone who makes this possible.

Oh my goodness, it looks like River John Days!!!  The alphabet squares and the "Canada" square in the first blanket were made by our dear RJSK Marilyn Ebsary who we lost in 2017.  We had been using those squares in our craft displays, but we finally decided to send them off to be used in a blanket.  Marilyn would be absolutely thrilled to see the fantastic job done in stitching them into that gorgeous blanket for a child.  Stunning!

And it looks like 6 pink packages in that pile of parcels :))

And lastly, I'm glad to see that my yellow Anne squares arrived safely ... xo

It was definitely a RJSK day Gloria and your parcels are always arrive perfectly wrapped. 

Last week the UK had gorgeous warm sunny weather, this week many parts have had snow. I hope Ronda has packed clothes suitable for all eventualities!

I'm loving this idea of combining granny squares with stripes in a blanket - definitely one for me to try.



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