Knit a Square moved into what we loving call The Barn in 2015.  It is located in Randburg, not far from our post office.  This is a very large space that allows us to sort all the post, make blanket packs, stack blankets, and most important create our wonderful KAS cakes.  Our volunteers show up on Tuesday morning around 9:00am and work their magic until about 3:00pm.  Themba has already collected the post, and often times will make a distribution on Tuesdays.  

Please know that the Barn is a success due to all our contributors, financial donors and volunteers.  Without your ongoing support we would find it difficult to carry on.

Thank you all for everything.

Check in to this discussion frequently to see the latest news and photos from The Barn.  Many thanks to our marvelous reporter, Estelle for bringing the fun of The Barn to us.

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Wehey, a festival of colour thanks to such generous makes + volunteering.    I spy your terrific tabletop-full of large picture squares too Amy.  Glory glory all around ❤️

Here is Estelle's happy report from September 6.  Sadly no post, but friends showed up to visit, work make deliveries and pick up items for distributions.

Opening day at the KASbarn September 6 2022.
As there was no new post today we spent another happy, spring morning at the barn catching up on photographing and labeling blankets.
Wands and Lindi adding layers from Protea South’s Gogos to the cake.
Phew Viv - finally 35!
One of the five lovely blankets Audrey brought in today.
We welcomed Liz back from her travels to Australia which she absolutely loved.
Love that blanket you put together Liz.
Sister Sue visited us to collect baby goodies from our very generous contributors.
Spring has sprung in the barn…Sister Sue and Ronda.
Elaine Joubert was our second visitor and once again stayed all morning to help us. Thank you.
Nice to see you Elaine - you’re a star to stay and help us.
Although there were no distributions today, Viv and Wandi are all packed and ready to go for their distributions in the next couple of weeks.
Themba closing the bags for those of us who have arthritic hands.
Two more lovely blankets, a rhino and squares from Antoinette’s team. You have all been amazing thank you.

Thank you, and Well Done everyone!!

Post came into The Barn from far and wide.  Here is Estelle's exciting report.

Opening Day at the KASbarn September 13 2022.
It’s great to come into the barn on a Tuesday morning to find post. Today we received post from Japan, Singapore, Australia and Croatia besides a few from our generous UK and the USA members. 
Wandi and Themba packed the van and headed off to the Keamo Getsoe Crèche to bring smiles to another 70 special little people. Sadly I have no pictures to share.
It was definitely TOY day today. We received adorable, soft cuddly toys from Kathleen Bergman, Sadie from Japan and Andreja’s team - Croatia.
Vivienne with goods from Croatia.
Toys from the US.
Lindi busy with her parcel from Japan. Thank you Sadie for the beautiful squares, toys and cardigans.
PS Lindi…I think you need a new chair or is it my wide angle setting?
We are always delighted to see Michael reverse his 4x4 up to our roll up door. It was jam-packed with 135 beautiful colourful blankets.  A new cake was started immediately- amazing to see all of Portia’s Gogo blankets practically making a cake of their own.
Blankets from Croatia.
Ronda counted 320 tiny squares and I counted at least another 300 20cm squares. Thanks Croatia.
Jane Mack you’ll be thrilled to know that your parcel from Utah with 200 magnificent squares has finally arrived.
Helping sort the colours of Janes squares for Viv to make the final decision of the blanket packs.
60 cosy warm squares from G Haugh and E Harvey from the UKLovely squares from Louise.
The cake at the end of the day.
Thanks for some of the pics Ronda

Wow that was amazingly quick…thanks for sharing our news from the barn. I’ve just added a few pics of Wandi’s distribution but no doubt you’ll get them all soon. 

Delighted to read that parcels are getting through. 

All super news.   Love seeing the smiley faces.   Thank you Xx

Lovely! So many cute and cuddly toys and colourful squares.

I also believe there may be 2 parcels from me in the first photo. There are 2 bundles wrapped in black plastic and mummified with tape that I think are mine. Good to see things are arriving again at last!

They are yours Wendy. Luckily for us we didn’t have time to open all the post…something to look forward to next week. We never know if there will be new post, it’s so frustrating as we are well aware of what should be arriving. 

Ok, how cool is this - Jane Mack (in the US) is about the only person I (in Japan) know in real life on here. Neither of us knew the other knitted for Knit-a-square until today when our parcels arrived on the same day and you happened to mention both of us in this post! I sent her a message as soon as I saw, and we even had a phone call just to be sure. It made this a very good day for us!

The cardigans I sent came from my son-in-law's grandmother. I know they aren't what you usually collect, but we hope you can find someone who can use them.

Woah,  that's great!!   Small world sometimes isn't it.  So happy you've reconnected ✔️

I was so surprised!



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