Knit a Square moved into what we loving call The Barn in 2015.  It is located in Randburg, not far from our post office.  This is a very large space that allows us to sort all the post, make blanket packs, stack blankets, and most important create our wonderful KAS cakes.  Our volunteers show up on Tuesday morning around 9:00am and work their magic until about 3:00pm.  Themba has already collected the post, and often times will make a distribution on Tuesdays.  

Please know that the Barn is a success due to all our contributors, financial donors and volunteers.  Without your ongoing support we would find it difficult to carry on.

Thank you all for everything.

Check in to this discussion frequently to see the latest news and photos from The Barn.  Many thanks to our marvelous reporter, Estelle for bringing the fun of The Barn to us.

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Thanks Estelle, much appreciated.

Thanks so much for the effort you put into getting these photos so we can see how the barn works, and what wonderful things show up there.

I love seeing everything -- toys, hats, handwarmers, blankets, and distributions.   It is a beehive of activity, and we get to feel the excitement from afar.  What a joy!

I cannot claim the honour of making the blanket beneath the photo of Judith and Kathy's beanies!

I was certain we had a parcel from you on Tuesday Diane,  perhaps they were your beautifully knitted squares….will have to check! 

This report is a little late, so sorry, but I was on vacation/holiday with very little internet service.  The Barn was so busy on October 4...lots of parcels and lots of activity.

Opening Day at the KASbarn October 4 2022 from Estelle.
It was another successful day at the barn with so much new and the remainder of last weeks post to open.…smiles all round. The temperature in the barn reached 34 degrees. 
That is a considerable amount of post. Can you imagine how many hours of knitting and crocheting went into making the squares, beanies and hand warmers, shopping for yarn and soft toys let alone the dollars and pounds it cost to send the parcels, AND all done with love from our extraordinary contributors. Thank you all for your hard work and support.
We started with Show and Tell admiring all the beautiful blankets that poured into the barn, some made by the volunteers and some that arrived in the post.
Liz with her Michelle Babcock blanket and Elaine with Liz’s Jill Leas blanket. I love the colours your sister chose for the borders Liz.
Looks like Elaine is becoming addicted to the barn. Love it when you’re there to help us, and love the perfect colour combinations you put together. Elaine made this stunning blanket from 108 of the squares that were in your box Andreja. Thanks to all.
Adding one of Audrey’s blankets to the cake…we love this knitting pattern!
Viv couldn’t stop opening boxes from Judith and Kathy, there must have been 5 boxes today. Two of the 27 fabulous blankets from Judith Rose and Kathy - you two are truly amazing!
Shirley Tibbett armed with 6 lovely blankets.
The third stunning matching blanket set from Avryl Ramsden - such a wonderful gift for a vulnerable child. Thank you so much. 
Another jam-packed box from Amy with the cutest Koala blanket, hand warmers, incredible squares and a cheeky monkey. Thank you .
They just get cuter by the minute…all the Ellies and now this little guy.
Amy's second blanket - love it!
15 gorgeous knitted teddies from Sally-Ann Rothwell.
Viv had fun unpacking these from Sally Patterson, the children are going to love them.
The Gogo bags keep on growing.
A chock-a- block large container of hand warmers. Thanks to all who have been sending them, we were completely out of hand warmers and in true KAS fashion they are pouring in.
Welcome Viv you finally found another entrance to the barn!
Oops we should clean that door next week…problem is we never see it.
Smiling Wands in her pretty cool cotton…perfect for working in the barn today.
OH YES! That feels better Lindi!
Lovely squares from Karen Gordon and the cutest knitted toys from her friend.
 Three blanket packs and then there were two more parcels of beautifully crocheted squares and beanies with matching hand warmers. 
What a star you have been Sharon Rains Bedgood. What did I say about Lindi unpacking vibrant, stunning coloured squares? Wandi sits opposite Lindi at this super table with its gold leaf inlay - perfect for a barn. Jokes aside it’s the perfect width for people sharing a table.
Didn’t quite finish today…high expectations to come.
Please note the tidy boxes on the right
We missed you today Ronda Lowrie. Enjoy your time in the bush with all your family.
No distributions today…just as well I couldn’t imagine a little soul wrapped in a blanket in this heat.

News from Estelle on Tuesday October, 11, 2022.

Opening Day at the KASbarn October 11 2022.
It was another quite, hot day in the barn with no new post.
As Khensani is on leave, Ronda got to the broom before I did. It’s not the time of the year to joke or be sarcastic about brooms 🎃 sooooo thanks for keeping the barn clean for us Ronda. 🤣
Super to see you in the barn again Sheldon…thanks for all your help.
The cutest little handmade doll with its own blanket.
Love the hearts you added to your blanket Audrey.
Lindi had a distribution at S’phiwesihle ECD Centre in Klipspruit with help from Wandi and Themba.
Wandi’s in the HOT seat today with Nduduzi ( Themba’s son) to keep an eye on her. Hope you enjoyed your adventure.
Absolutely stunning, clear photos from Lindi….fabulous children and colours. It’s such a shame to blur their faces.
I adore these sleeping little souls.
Wandi, Lindi, Themba and Nduduzi return with smiling faces.
Stunning colours everywhere. Thank you Pat Fackrell from the UK for 100 pairs of hand warmers. Our contributors are incredible…they never fail to come to the party. 
Andrea Turner from the UK Sheldon enjoyed opening your parcel and displaying the contents for a photograph.
You know I love blue and purple together Viv….
The stunning blankets from Judith and Kathy have just been photographed and are waiting to be tagged then onto the shelves.
These have also just been photographed but…whipped off the cake to keep up with the photographer!
More beautiful colours and blankets.
Loving those gorgeous blankets.
Viv just finished packing for her distribution next week….backbreaking stuff!

On October 18, Estelle was out in the bush with family and friends, while Ronda, Lindi, Wandi and Liz. were busy in The Barn sorting those all the packages that arrive and showing off their recent creations.

Here are photos that Ronda took to share with us.

There was a new batch of parcels from Australia, and lots of post from other parts of the world.

We we received a marvelous shipment from Knit For Life in the UK.  Thanks to all.

Liz with some of her fabulous creations...

Just what can I put together with these colorful squares?

Lindi, Wandi and Liz visiting over a colorful lot of squares.

More goodies from the US.

Estelle, Liz Murphy and friends are still busy with KAS projects while they are on holiday.  

Love the colourful granny square blankets!

Estelle is back in The Barn after a brief respite.  

Here is her colorful report and photos.

Opening Day at the KASbarn October 25 2022.
It was great to be back in the barn to see all the smiling faces, the tables laden with colourful squares and boxes and post to open.
Stunning squares Ronda collected from La Vie Nouvelle Retirement Home - long time supporters of KAS. Thank you.
A parcel posted by Karen Gordon containing this baby blanket crocheted by Bev, the toys she knitted- we have named the dog Patch - and about 26 hats knitted by Karen…I think 🤔 Thank you!
We didn’t receive new post today but apparently there is a BIG post to collect next week.
Can’t wait to get my hands on this lot.
Themba and Wandi went off to collect blankets from the Gogos in Soweto...
Wandi is delighted with the colourful blankets collected this morning.
That’s a heavy load Themba.
...and we carried on doing what we do best…opening post.
Viv unpacked 8 lovely blankets from Eva Dvrakova from Croatia unfortunately I didn’t see the others but they will all appear on The Blanket Room. Thank you Eva.
Three blankets from Ina Schilte from Malaysia. Thank you Ina these are gorgeous the children that receive these will be over the moon. I think the colours you chose go perfectly with those cheeky little faces.
Ina this is a masterpiece…each little square is separate, we appreciate the amount of time you spent on it, the fabulous border and all made with love for one of our disparately needy children. Thank you.
Ina’s third blanket another winner!
We have started our 2nd LARGE container for hand warmers….you’re SIMPLY THE BEST contributors any charity could wish for. Many, many thanks.
Besides the wonderful blankets these toys, baby blankets and beautifully knitted baby clothes were in Inas box. Just look at those blue pants!
Another long time supporter Antoinette dropped this blanket, Ellie and Lama, and squares at my home. Thank you Antoinette you and your team have been incredible.
Ronda packed theses bags with fleece blankets and a variety of baby goodies to keep those babies warm.
The shelves are looking neat ( thanks Viv) and healthy considering how many distributions we’ve done in the last quarter.
What’s with the walker Viv?
We will have to see if we can find out the story behind the walker...

Thank you very much for this account of today's parcels.   My friend Bev is so chuffed to see her blanket + pile of hats pictured too - you've made her day! Well done everyone ✔️

Thanks for sharing this report Amy….and so quickly! 

Heather Mensah has shared this photo and lovely word about the hand-warmers from this week's post.

All the handwarmers on top of this pile came in my parcel but most were made by my 80-year-old cousin, Joyce. She's knitted over 100 pairs for KAS, over time. Here she is, already on with her next batch!

Thank you Joyce, for your tremendous generosity and dedication to KAS and warming the little children in South Africa.  Blessings to you.



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