Knit a Square moved into what we loving call The Barn in 2015.  It is located in Randburg, not far from our post office.  This is a very large space that allows us to sort all the post, make blanket packs, stack blankets, and most important create our wonderful KAS cakes.  Our volunteers show up on Tuesday morning around 9:00am and work their magic until about 3:00pm.  Themba has already collected the post, and often times will make a distribution on Tuesdays.  

Please know that the Barn is a success due to all our contributors, financial donors and volunteers.  Without your ongoing support we would find it difficult to carry on.

Thank you all for everything.

Check in to this discussion frequently to see the latest news and photos from The Barn.  Many thanks to our marvelous reporter, Estelle for bringing the fun of The Barn to us.

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What a sweet baby! Can we also  send such a knitwear to KAS?

I understand that KAS only wants to distribute squares, handwarmers and hats and the baby stuff is from people who haven't got the memo. 

Lots of post was waiting in The Barn for our volunteers to open today.  More is supposed to come next.

Here is Estelle's lively report.

Opening Day at the KASbarn September 27 2022.
Another happy morning spent in the barn surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colour, fabulous post, smiling faces and fresh scones jam, cream and cheese - who could ask for more on a sunny day with the temperature reaching 31.
Now that’s what I call a BIG post and apparently there is more to be collected.
Ronda’s friend Traute came to help us open and sort post - what a conscientious worker she just got on with the job bundling squares together to make fabulous blankets. Thanks for your help Traute.
We were delighted to see Sunel Botes husband with two fantastic blankets from Sunél, I’m afraid we have a new model. Stefanus did a great job showing us your blankets. Thanks for you ongoing support Sunél even though you have relocated to the coast.
Heather Regenass and Joyce Drake surprised us with some lovely blankets and fabulous Christmas toys. Thank you so much.
A masterpiece Heather made from the centre square Viv gave her - stunning!
Joyce we were so pleased to receive these Christmas toys, they can join our one who’s been jolly lonely. Thank you 
Liz can’t believe how the lonely Christmas toy multiplied this morning.Another stunning blanket from Marioth Brown. You’ve been a busy lass thanks Marioth.
We love your new hair style Viv….just look at the dolls matching hairdos.
Gorgeous sunny blanket that arrived in the post.
Fantastic crocheted toys from M Gehlen The Netherlands thank you.
Lindi always seems to be surrounded by beautiful, colourful squares.
What did I tell you about Lindi? She attracts vibrant coloured gorgeous squares. Just look at the little mermaid with the minty green hair, isn’t she adorable? Thank you Rebecca Eva Messina from the USA that’s such a lovely parcel you have sent us.
That’s going to be a pretty pastel one Audrey.
WOW, WOW, WOW just what we need…70 hand warmers from Pat Falker from Wales. Thank you too Amy for putting the word out there that we were out of hand warmers. They certainly have been rolling in.

AND…90 of Judith Rose and Kathy’s famous lined beanies. You two are amazing.
Lovely warm knitted blanket from Diane Burns???
Great to receive these fabulous squares from you again Carolyn Stone we LOVE them.
YAY I opened this one…..I love match - match the blanket, beanie hand warmers and even teddy’s scarf match. I love the flowers and hearts you have added Avryl Ramsden from the UK, you have certainly gone the extra mile to warm one of our children and given them something to cherish forever. Thank you
Happy days….
More amazing toys and as usual beautifully knitted squares from Carol Rawlings. We all loved the lady dressed in orange. Thank you.
Snazzy outfit Miz Wandi I believe you made it yourself….looking good after you distribution in this unbelievably hot weather.
Viv’s fabulous blanket she stitched together with the squares from Debbie Joslin. Thanks Debbie, Love your border Viv.
Blankets from Sharon B in the USA.
There have been three distributions in the last three days. I have posted three pics from each just to wet your appetites. The balance will either be posted on The Forum or Facebook. Enjoy the happy snaps!
The following 3 pics are from Viv’s distribution on Sunday at the Moroka Sunday School Methodist Church of South Africa.
These are from Wandi’s distribution today at Meadowlands at Nhlalontle day care centre.
The following three are from a distribution Sheldon and I did yesterday. Fandisi.
Thank you so much Estelle for this amazing report.  We are blessed to have you giving us weekly updates.

I'm so pleased to see parcels getting through and distributions. 

In the distribution photos numbers 5 & 6 there is a blanket with pink and variegated squares that I think is my 'Ballet Slippers' blanket. 

Loving the granny square blankets too. 

I really enjoy seeing what is happening in the barn and with distributions. Next best thing to actually being there.

Oh my. I love seeing the 90 reversible hats in one spot. now to spread the  wealth.

Judith your and Kathy’s blankets and beanies are famous now - everyone goes around recognizing them and saying “ that’s a Judith Rose “ blanket or beanie. Thank you for the hundreds of amazing blankets and beanies you and Kathy have sent us. The children in the colder regions have treasured your double lined blankets and lined beanies. 

Thank you Estelle. It has been a great honor knitting for the needy children of South Africa.  We are so sad that the US Postal Service has basically priced us out of the chance to help. Since the beanies just came in, I think the last boxes of 25 blankets will also be arriving. Then, we’ll be onlookers, following your great charity and praying for its continued success.

Sorry to hear that Postage costs are stopping you from continuing to send blankets etc Judith.

I am thankful Australia still has Seamail or it would be the same for me. Airmail costs almost double the price of Seamail.

It is a shame There is not a special rate for charity items.

Moi aussi Wendy je regrette beaucoup que la poste ne pratique pas un tarif spécial pour les articles de charité car les frais d'envoi sont énormes  depuis la France et toute l'Europe et je trouve que ce n'est pas juste.

We appreciate every blanket, beanie and soft toy you have sent us Judith and Kathy. Your blankets have warmed and been cherished by desperately needy children from The Drakensberg mountains - one of few areas that has snow in winter, Clarens another region that experiences extremely cold weather, Soweto and Johannesburg. 
We will always remember the excitement of opening a Judith Rose box. 

Thanks Wendy the photos are one way of showing you how we appreciate your support and to let you know if your parcels have arrived in SA and actually got to the barn. Unfortunately I can’t take photos of every parcel that arrives and is opened.
I also try to give you the feeling of what it would be like to join us in the barn for a morning.



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