New, dimensions needed for KAS hats and garments and blankets. 2012 CUDDLES UPDATE!

The following are the UPDATED recommended dimensions for various KAS garments.


SQUARES TOTAL REQUIRED FOR BLANKETS-- (we used to do different sizes but this size will grow with the child and is the only size being made now):

5 x 7 = 35 squares

HAT SIZES Head Circumference (HC) Hat circumference (hc) Hat height (HH)  The children have such large heads that we encourage making the Teens/small adult size hats now so the kids don't outgrow their warm hats.

Child (3-10 yrs) HC 19"-20 1/2", HH 8.5"
Pre-teens, Teens and Adults HC 20 1/2"-22", HH 9-10" (or longer to make a warm turn up brim)


Body Rectangle(BR) Shoulder Straps(SS) Total Length(TL) Armhole Length (AL)

(please note for vests and slipovers, all garments, we ask the length be a minimum of 3 inches longer than the garment is wide so it will fit over often swollen little tummies and not leave a cold gap...thank you so much!)

BR-11x12" SS-2x2" TL-15" AL-4"

BR-13x14" SS-3x3" TL- 17" AL-5"

BR-14x15" SS-3" wide x 4" TL-18" AL-6"

BR-15x16" SS-3" wide x 4" TL-19" AL-6"

BR-16x17" SS-3" wide x 4" TL-20" AL-7"


SIZE 4-6

FRONT AND BACK PANEL 16X16 inches(four 8" squares for each front and each back), plus a 3 inch bottom rib or border.  You could also make 8" x 10" "squares, that will ensure the needed length when sewn together. :)

SLEEVES 14 inches at shoulder seam14 inches long

NECK OPENING 3.5 - 4 inches at top of front panel4 inches each side of neck edge over to the sleeves seam. 

SIZE 8-14

FRONT AND BACK PANEL 20x24 inches ie. four 10"x12" "squares" for each front and back or one solid piece for each front and back. The length is really important to cover their swollen tummies. Thanks!

SLEEVES 16 inches at shoulder seam15-16 inches long

NECK OPENING 4 - 5 inches at top of front panel4 inches each side of neck edge to the shoulder seam.  



CIRCUMFERENCE --- 28-29 inches up to 32 inches circumference.

LENGTH--- 29-30" PLUS a 5" cuff up top (unjoined top five inches=35" length total) with a flat seamed bottom, no gathers. The infants need "kick room" in the bottom of the Cuddle. That's what we've been told.  Thank you!

These can be knit on a round loom with the right circumference or round needles or crocheted. The new length is important as the babies grow longer so fast and still need the warmth.  Thanks!  :)

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Thanks! I was looking for hat sizes. A question about the Go-Over: what's the three inch border in the size 4-6? Should it be split on the sides?
Ummm... I have 2 6-inch hats, are they fine or should I undo them and make squares?

Hi Dawson. :)  Right now, Zimbabwe will take ANY hats, any size so if you've got any baby or smallish sized items laying around, do send them in a package marked "For Zimbabwe" as another truck will be going there after the current one.


Some KASers have made that 3 inch border (presuming you need to add one to a truly "square" vest or sweater) with side splits...just to make sure it goes on easily.  If the border is done in ribbing it will be plenty stretchy with no splits.  The choice is entirely yours.  I try to go for a solid bottom edge to avoid any drafty gaps but whatever you feel works best!  :D

Thanks! Guess I'll have to find some extra yarn for the Go-Over. Nice to know the hats are fine.
KASers are becoming expert "yarn scroungers".  When we're not combing through yard and garage sales we check thrift and second-hand stores....some members have unravelled old sweaters and afghans they bought there just for the yarn which they then make up into squares, hats etc.  And some members have been swamped with yarn just by leaving a message pinned up on their church bulletin board or community club notice board. It seems many people have yarn lying around.  Just a few suggestions. :)

I am working on making some kimono style sweaters since they knit up so easily.


What do you recommend for chest/back /sleeve sizes? Normally I have my friends measure their kids but obviously that isn't an option.



BR TL AL Sorry to be so ignorant but can you tell me what they mean? Thanks

No problem...questions are never dumb and neither are you.  The meanings are under the title "Slip Over Dimensions".  :)  But heeeere they are.... :)


BR-  Body Rectangle

TL-  Total Length

AL-  Armhole Length

SS- Shoulder straps


Darn, that link just brought me to the sign in membership page and I'm on too many yarn company pages now, lol.  An online search leads me to links to baby kimono vests, wraparound sweaters etc....what size are you making?  Any chance of a picture?  It's kind of hard to say the dimensions without seeing the pattern but I can tell you the Go-Over sizes above are meant to Go-Over their thin clothes so are nice and roomy. Children's sweaters sized for 3-10 years are especially needed at the moment, if that helps any. :)  Some people knit jumpers in those sizes and the slightly larger the better so the child doesn't grow out of it quickly.
Yes it does on my laptop Elyse. It does look a very comfy top for the children. I've done one of the hats from the link you posted and even on smaller needles (can't do 9 or 10mms) it knits up really quickly. Thankyou!!. Can't work out where you are... are you in Canada with P.Jeanne?

Wisconsin, Anne.

I really liked this top and I was able to open the pattern so I think I might make one. I think we'd need to knit the biggest size.



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