As we enter the last few weeks of yet another wonderful KAS year, it's time to plan ahead for 2017. 

We have created a list of themes, which we hope will engage and inspire you.

Jan - Toy Story - Amy

As toys are always needed, Amy will be running this toy drive from Jan-April. Toys can be handmade, shop bought or pre-loved (washed and in good condition) from charity shops. Also, squares with a toy theme. 

Feb - Passion for Purple- Sharon & Louise

March - 1 Heart, 2 Hearts, Pink Hearts, Blue Hearts - Gloria

April - Eat A Rainbow - Valerie

Squares with a fruit and veg flavour. PJ squares in colours of your favourite fruit and veg, or picture squares.

May - Kids Love to Learn - Bev

The alphabet, numbers, colours, transport, short words.....

June -  From Sunrise to Sunset: Mother Nature in Your Day - Sue G.

Take inspiration from what you see in your day. The changing colours of the day, or sun , sky, flowers. a rainbow, misty mountains and whatever the weather, there is something for your eyes to share.

July - Legs and Wings, Fins & Slithery Things: Animals Abound - Amy

August - Terrific to Touch - Heather

Create squares of texture; from classic garter to a multitude of patterns....and don't forget all the fun fur yarns languishing in the bottom of your stash.

September - Diagonals Are Forever & Sassy Stripes Are Superb - Karen G.

October - Gorgeous Grannies & Garters plus Variegated Wonders - Susan D.

November - Temperature - Anneke

A fun new idea from Debbie and Anneke.

December - Odds & Ends - Sharon

Our traditional wind down to Christmas.

As we go about creating squares and other items for 'our' children - in each theme for 2017, let's 'think like a child'. The amazing colours, the designs, the patterns that any child would love......and as always, please don't forget the all-important pj (i.e. garter/single crochet/granny) square that supports all the squares in coming together to create each beautiful blanket.

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Wow, wonderful list of idea's for next year ladies.  Thank you so much for the list it's always great to know whats coming up so I can plan if I need a trip to the shops to top up the stash.

Thanks Claire.......and who doesn't need a top up of one's stash every now and then?

A fantastic inspiring list, Bev! Thanks. 

A great lineup, Bev.  Thank you :)  2017 is going to be a year filled with color, warmth, love, and F-U-N!! xo

Wow!  I'm new to KAS and Square Circle - and to crochet, after decades of knitting - and finding so much inspiration here. My stash is currently taking over the house, but I might also have to add to it (any excuse!)

Welcome to our Forum, Lesley.  It's wonderful to have you join us!!  

There are a number of excuses I use for adding to my stash (embarrassingly large, I might add).  To name a few:  It was a shade I didn't have (usually blue) ... It was on sale (hopefully blue) ... I just couldn't resist that color (usually blue) ... I needed it for this month's theme ... and so on and so on and so on.  Use any one(s) you like ... I love to share ... LOL

It's wonderful to hear from you, Lesley. I find much to inspire me in our monthly themes and in the photo section. I would love to see some of your creations......but no

Thank you so much for joining us. I hear you about your stash taking over your house....same here....just as well the kids have left home.....more storage 

Welcome Lesley. I too have knitted for 52 years, and only learned to crotchet 12 months ago....ohhhhhh the STASH, seems we are all afflicted haha!

Have just added to it again this morning - it's definitely an addiction!!

Thanks Bev.....time to sort picture graphs and start planning with the stash!

I find I plan for projects with my stash in mind and then I see another project and my mind goes into overdrive. Then oops I need yarn. Husband grabs what hair he has left and the yarn comes through the front door!

Sometimes even when I plan for projects, I change the design half way through and have to buy more yarn.....hubby doesn't even say anything anymore......I think he knows there's simply no if he saw how much I have hidden, he probably would....or perhaps he's got wise and realizes, 'happy wife , happy life'



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