A Memory Blanket is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed on.

Knitting or crocheting squares gives us an opportunity to reminisce

as we stitch loving memories into a blanket for

a vulnerable and orphaned child.


We would appreciate seeing and reading about your special

Memory Blanket.


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My Dad passed away in 2012.  The squares represent his love of numbers and the twinkle that was always in his eye. A photo of the layout was sent along with the squares. 

Wendy wrapping Dad’s blanket around the shoulders of a young boy.  The distribution was made on a very cold Father’s Day.

A friend’s Mother passed away leaving a partially made blanket in her knitting basket.   As her Mother loved children, the friend asked me to complete the blanket in memory of her mother.  The blanket is keeping the chill off a child in South Africa.

Beautiful Memory Blankets by Karla.  Here's what she had to say:

To my late father. He was born in March, when the first flowers and butterflies appear.

Spring blanket

I saw a beautiful memorial blanket from Chantelle and loved the idea :" I can´t give him a gift but I can make a child warm in his memory." So I decided to follow her and made a thank-you-blanket for my late grandma and grandpa / my dad´s parents/ for all their love they gave me.

a thank-you-blanket

This blanket is devoted to my other granny /my mum´s mum/ who was a very good knitter and even better crocheter.

Thank-you-blanket number 2

Chantelle du Preez  has made a number of beautiful Memory Blankets.

Here's what she had to say:

This blanket is in memory of dear friend of my husband and I who died last year of cancer.


A Memorial blanket in memory of my nephew who died. A wonderful person that I wished I have spend more time with.


My dad died over ten years ago when my son was just over a year old. This blanket shows the love and the life I had the privilege to share with him. I still miss him as if I lost him yesterday.


My gran died November 2011 and I can honestly say that my love for knitting comes from her. Just before I got married she had a stroke. She had double vision and still knitted jerseys. A real Yarnaholic to the end. Another person that made me the person I am today.

Granny Alice Blanket

Last year I started making memorial blankets for friends and family I have lost. This is another blanket in memory of Frans a dear friend of ours who would have had his birthday in March. I can't give him a gift but I can make a child warm in his memory.


A second blanket in memory of my dad.


A loving tribute to her parents by Christine Chiplen 

Here's what she had to say:

I have made this blanket in memory of my mother Joan. When at home, she always wore cardigans in these colours, as she thought they were 'cosy colours'. She loved flowers, and had a soft spot for pansies. A Plain Jane blanket made with much love.

Joan's Blanket

I have made this blanket in memory of my father Des. He enjoyed working in his greenhouse and garden, and often marvelled at the wonderful colours that would grow from seeds, with the help of the soil, water and sun. He enjoyed growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, grapes and green beans.

The blanket colours represent all of these colours, the dark brown edging (soil) allowing the brighter colours of the fruit, veg, sun and water to stand out. He also loved to watch the antics of the birds in his garden, thus the birds appliqués.
He was a good man, who loved the natural world.

Des's Blanket

When I started this blanket it just seem appropriate that Idedicate it to my husband's mom. She passed away when he was still in school and June was the anniversary of her passing away. I know she loved to crochet. We have a blanket made of granny squares she crocheted and I put together when my son was a baby. I never knew her, but if I look at my husband I know she was a great woman. I am glad that this blanket will keep a child be warm in her memory.  


Here is Chantelles Memory Blanket for her Mother-in-Law :

Summer blanket

Granny square blanket

In memory of three very special women, who lost their fight with breast cancer:

Breast Cancer Memorial blanket

This beautiful memory blanket is from one of our lovely members, Susanne Leverton. Susanne writes: It is a sort of memory blanket. I have a large collection of elephants that started with my dear late husband Allen buying a large wooden one in Cambodia 15 years ago. Then we bought one in Laos...and the collection continued to grow. I collected several in Uganda when visiting my daughter, and a couple from the shops in Johannesburg airport on the way home. The stripey one in the blanket is inspired by 2 multicolour resin ones I bought in Paris, and the bright colours Inspired by parade of elephants adorned in satins, silks and sequins in the Kandy Festival in Sri Lanka a couple of years ago


I love elephants too!  I have some from India. Your blanket  has many beautiful memories woven in it, a real delight and a lovely tribute to happy times with your late husband.



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