A Memory Blanket is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed on.

Knitting or crocheting squares gives us an opportunity to reminisce

as we stitch loving memories into a blanket for

a vulnerable and orphaned child.


We would appreciate seeing and reading about your special

Memory Blanket.


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Mili, I love your beautiful  blanket you made in honour of your husband Slavko. The blues are exactly the colours of the Adriatic Sea we could see when we visited your country.

Karla, thank you.  Great praise from you who are such a master knitter and crocheter.

Truly a blanket from the heart, Mili.  It's wonderful.

A memory blanket in honour of our mum, Freda, who passed away on Sept 1st, (2006), our first day of Spring. This beautiful blanket of squares was knitted/crocheted by my sister,ROS. Mum loved these colours and her family and friends were her life.

April 2015 - A Variegated theme...with a twist


After many years of ill health, George passed away on October 6, 2015. He was a great supporter of Knit-a-Square, in a special sort of way.

George was a member of our church, and despite his many ailments, attended almost every Sunday. On good days when he was able to walk, he would make his way slowly to the front pew, pushing his walker. On "bad days" he would come in his wheelchair.

George's wife, Udelle, has kept me supplied with cuddly toys for the last few years. She haunts our local thrift shop, chooses the best of the best, launders them, and brings me two or three each Sunday. As I am leaving church with a couple of teddies or lions or elephants tucked under my arm, I sometimes get some strange looks, but more often than not, it is an opportunity to tell someone else about KAS.

Every Sunday, before they left home, George would check with Udelle. "What are you taking for Anne today?" He took great delight in knowing they were sending a little bit of love to the KAS children.

The Memorial Service for George will be held this week. The family has asked that donations be made in his name to our KAS Postage fund.

This blanket is in memory of my friend George. I will miss him.

As you already know Joyce senior of Glenrose Friends sadly passed away in December. She was an inspirational, courageous lady who in spite of being totally blind and undergoing throat cancer treatment, crocheted squares and complete blankets for ‘our children’ in SA. She was a KAS fan and enjoyed listening to any KAS news.

 When I visited Joyce in hospital in November, I told her about the plans I was making for hosting the theme ‘Our Beautiful World'. I mentioned some of my ideas and asked her about a specific one; I was thinking about making a blanket in brightly coloured stripes that represented a variety of bright flowers.  I could see Joyce giving it some thought and we both decided upon tulips. Then quietly between us we came up with eight single bright colours to represent the tulips for the blanket and a green border to represent the leaves. Joyce smiled and said she could imagine it, I hope I haven’t let you down Joyce. Making this blanket has given me more pleasure than any other blanket I have made.This is my tribute to a very special lady.


 Joyce’s Tulip Blanket

A wonderful way to remember a wonderful woman.  Joyce's Tulip blanket will keep a child warm for many years.

Over the rainbow

Variegated colours in the middle with the blue sky all around. I would like this blanket to be in memory of my mothers birthday which would have been on the 14th May.

I am adding this beautiful memory blanket for Joyce (Glenrose Friends). Joyce Snr. was a generous and caring contributor to KAS.

Thanks Bev.

Joyce, this blanket is a lovely tribute to your Mother. 

This is lovely and I always think memory blankets are so special!  I love these colors!

A beautiful blanket in memory of your mother's birthday. That is a spectacular blue border and so effective with the variegated in the centre.



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