Hi everyone

My name is Melissa Langer and I live with my wonderful husband Fred and my pug Emmitt in Boulder, Colorado.

I am an artist and love to paint pugs and dogs.
You can see my work on my...
Website: http://www.pugnotes.com
Art Blog: http://pugnotes.blogspot.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pugnotes
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pugnotes
Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pugnotes.fan

I look forward to meeting you and seeing all of your beautiful artwork.

:) Melissa

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Holidays! :)

I made 5 of these little teddy bears to add to my November 2009 care package.

They are so easy and fun to make that I wrote a tutorial so you can make them too!



Thanks for setting up your blog and the patterns Melissa! Now we know the patterns will stay put! I love these teddies - they make me giggle - the diferent facial expressions give each one his own personality
Go-Over Sweater - Crochet Bobble - Arms made in the round - Pattern by Melissa Langer

Hi everyone!

I love making the go-over sweaters designed by this very talented group. Here is what I came up with based on the inspiration of the original pattern.

My main changes were to crochet the sleeves in the round instead of sewing squares together and I added the bobble stitch in rows on the front panels.

My pattern is below for your to enjoy.

Stitches used:

Bobble Stitch (Bobble instructions: - http://www.craftstylish.com/item/2838/how-to-crochet-the-bobble-stitch )

Worsted weight yarn, I hook

Sweater front: (make two panels)

Rows 1-5 sc across (26)
Row 6 (change color) Join new color and sc in same stitch, sc in next stitch, *bobble, sc in next 6 stitches, bobble* repeat until end of row. End bobble color (4 bobbles formed and 2 sc on either side of the bobbles at the end.)
Change back to background color.
Rows 7-11 sc across
Row 12 Repeat row 6.

Continue with this pattern until 5 rows of bobbles are complete and then sc with background color to form a long rectangle that is 20" long.

Now you should have a rectangle that is about 9 x 20. I then sc 2 rows along each side so that the rectangle is about 9.5 x 20.

*Repeat the same process for the second panel.*

With wrong sides up, line up the two panels with the way you want you bobbles to appear. (I inverted mine so that there is a bobble patch at the top and one at the bottom.)

Start at the bottom and sew the two seams together with your main color yarn & a yarn needle leaving 2.5 inches open at the top for the v opening. Now sew back down the seam again to the bottom to reinforce the seam and weave in your ends.

Ta da... the front is done.

To form the back, my gauge is to ch 52 and sc a rectangle that is about 19 x 20 that matches the front in size. No worries if it is not wide enough when done because you can add a row or two of sc on the sides to make them match up.


Sleeves: 16” total (make 2)

I start my sleeves as a flat band to check the gauge and to create a slightly different pattern in the sleeve to form a band at the top that is 5 rows and then sew the seam together and start working in the round. This is my preference, but you can start in the round if you like.

Ch 48
Sc 5 rows across flat band. (17” strip)

Row 6 – join work and work in rounds (sew up seam)

Row 12 – sc 10 decrease 1 (4x) = 44

Row 14 – sc18 decrease 1 (2x) = 42

Row 20 – sc 8 decrease 1 (4x) =38

Row 47 – sc 3 decrease 1 (8x) =30

Row 48 – sc 4 decrease 1 (5x) = 25

Row 49 & 50 – sc AA – end

Row 51 sc AA in contrasting color.

Piecing together: (I always sew all the seams twice to reinforce and to prevent holes.)

I line up the front and back panels and sew 5" in on each side to leave a comfortable neck hole.

When the top is joined, I line up the bottom and join from the bottom up to about the middle or a little higher to stablized the body to join in the sleeves. (There will be an opening on the sides that have not yet met the sleeve area that I will close once the main part of the sleeves are sewn in.)

I fold the sleeve so that the little seam from joining the 5 top rows is in the arm pit, line up the top at the shoulder, sew the front of the sleeve to the body, flip, sew the back and then close the side while joining in the last little bit of the bottom of the sleeve in the arm pit.

To finish, I pick the bobble color or a third contrasting color to sc around the bottom of the sweater, cuffs and neckline.

Voila, your bobble sweater is done. :)
I love your Go Overs i am a go over fan too. Melissa can ou tell me how do I set up a blog!!!
hi sue!
at the very top of this page on the right side there is a link that says Add A Discussion.

just click that and type the subject for your first post Sue Gillman's blog.

to add more posts to your personal blog (or discussion really) is to hit the button Add Reply and the thread will be your own personal space.

anne powell has a how to set up your own personal blog discussion as well if this explanation does not make sense. :)

Thanks Melissa and Anne I will start tonight!
Hi Melissa - just moving this post from the the general blog to your personal one, so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle

Great News! Spreading the word about KAS
Posted by Melissa Langer on October 13, 2009 at 3:43pm
Hi everyone!

I am honored to be the guest blogger on craftforhealth.com today where I was able to tell the world about KAS. :)

I hope it brings us lots of knitters, crocheters and new friends!


:) Melissa
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My Favorite book of crochet square patterns
Posted by Melissa Langer on June 6, 2009 at 12:5
hi everyone!

i wanted to share my favorite book of patterns where i learned how to make the bobble squares and circle in a square squares in these photos...


here is the book...

:) melissa



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