Meet the KAS Family - August 2017

The Stellar Knitters hail from a land up north, Canada.

Stellar Knitters began with an invitation from a Librarian at our local library, most likely through fellow KASer Gloria Grandy.  In October of 2014 some people were contacted and what started as two knitters grew into 20. They meet every Friday from 1-2pm, and average 12 attendees every week.  Ages for the member range from 35 to 85 and they have careers including librarians, retired teachers, nurses, office workers and homemakers.


Stellarton is a town located in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It is adjacent and to the south of the larger town of New Glasgow. In pioneer times the area was called Coal Mines Station, and from 1833 until 1870, it was known as Albion Mines. The town was incorporated as Stellarton in 1889 and owes its name to a specific type of torbanite which came to be known as "stellarite" because of the "stars of fire" given off by its sparky flame. Stellarton is surrounded by agriculture and fishing, lumbering and manufacturing, Michelin tire plant, pulp and paper industry.  It is also home to the head offices of Sobey's Food Chain.



 This group is busy making the complete KAS package; squares, beanies, hand-warmers and toys.  Most of their work is done by crochet, but many of the ladies knit, too. They also send in monetary donations they get from a donation jar and selling handmade dish cloths at the library.


When not making goodies for KAS, they are busy working on local projects:

 * For local shelters we knit afghans, sweaters, slippers.     

 *For local hospitals we provide Purple hats for newborns, baby sleepers, comfort dolls and finger puppets.

 *Twiddlemuffs for Dementia patients.

 *Knitted- Knockers for  Breast Cancer Survivors.


This group of remarkable ladies, also give free knitting lessons to children during summer at the library.  In fact they have been asked to teach a class this autumn on Tuesday evening. What an incredible way to help children not only locally but half way across the world.


Helen Cruickshank, who supplies this information says, “We are a friendly group of people who have a close relationship to other knitters from several communities and are now close friends.”

Check out this article from October 2015 for even more information about this amazing group of women and see a picture of the group;



Thank you ladies, for your generous contributions and beautiful creations to KAS. We are so happy that you are a part of the family.

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What a real joy it is to learn a little about our KAS sisters from around the world! Thank you Helen for sharing such interesting information about Stellarton with us and enabling us to 'glimpse' into your group....... your amazing activities; not only knitting and crocheting for KAS but local groups too and teaching others...... you are all inspirational!
Thanks Amy for facilitating 'Meet the KAS Family'.

What a lovely snapshot of Stellarton and it's wonderful people!  Thank you Amy for sharing their story with us.

I will say that I have been with these ladies on a Friday afternoon, and they truly are a caring and creative group.  Thank you, Stellar Knitters, for everything you do for the children of South Africa and all those who are fortunate enough to be touched by your kindness ... xo

What an interesting and inspiring account of our Canadian members!  I love these glimpses into the communities that gather around knitting and crocheting, and all the amazing things they contribute to.  Especially noteworthy is the sale of handmade dishcloths at the library to raise funds for KAS——such a good idea!  May your group continue to grow in good cheer and creativity!



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