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We have a new challenge for you for May and June. There is an opportunity in South Africa for a truck to be driven up to Zimbabwe filled with squares. Now we just need the squares to fill it. Mother of Peace in Zimbabwe will sew the squares into blankets and give them to children who are in such desperate need.


An exciting prospect and we need MASSES of squares to make it happen. So here's what you do: knit squares, lots of them! Address them to the same address:



Private Bag X900

Bryanston 2021

South Africa


Please mark them clearly as "SQUARES FOR ZIMBABWE" and there you have it. Children in Zimbabwe will be warmed and feel your love. Please keep a tally as we did for the bus challenge. Thanks everyone, and good luck!


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Hi Cheryl,  if you're asking generally, most of the squares are acrylic yarn or blends, simply because it's cheaper and easier to find.  However wool is valuable for it's property of staying warm when wet, so if you send wool squares or wool hats please mark that on the package or pinned to the item inside the package or in an included note since any wool squares will be put together into a blanket for those children living in the hills, with no shelter whatsoever.  The hats also go to those living outdoors.  Many here make wool items, just please mark them as 100% wool since the acrylics can be laundered and wool squares in an acrylic blanket would obviously felt and shrink and muck up the blanket.  Now some clever ladies have been taking old wool sweaters from thrift and second hand stores, felting them at home and then cutting up the resulting felt into incredibly warm felted wool blanket squares.  So yeah, long answer to a quick question...that's typical of me, lol!


Oh one other thing...we don't usually make the slipover vests of pure wool since the way it's processed leaves it scratchy...we need the very soft yarns next to delicate and immune compromised skin on these children. :)

Could you tell me if I should ship squares seperately from the "GO Over"? I don't want it to become a problem with shipping and/or customs...



Well I've always just bundled it all in together.  Of course I don't put on the package that there's a garment inside it...if the garment was made up of squares, like some Go-Overs are, then you're 100% legit in saying "crocheted squares only"...you're just omitting that they're joined together, LOL.  However if I'm sending hats and a vest plus some squares then I just put "crochet for charity-no commercial value" on the outside of the package in a couple of spots and on the customs declaration slip too.  Make sure to put "no value" or "no commercial value (NCV)" on it too. :) But I know most of us send mixed packages all the time...I will often stuff in as many squares as I can around a bigger item.   Hope that helped some! :D
Going great guns everybody!

Kalai, if we forget to mark "For Zimbabwe" on the package...I've been known to do that...is there a chance some stuff will still go there?  How long do we have before the truck leaves, do you know?


I was wondering when the truck was going to leave as well. It seems to be taking a good 3-4 months for my packages to arrive. Don't want to be late! :o)
Yes I'm tempted to send at least one pack by air mail just in case (just got to get the chauffeur to deposit me right outside the post office with my whatsaname crutches! :) ). How long can the truck wait, AND, if one can go could another go in the future?
I think I don't want to ask you what you've named your crutches, lol, Anne.  I think if we send enough packages marked Zimbabwe that another truck will be found in the future.  I am hoping we might make this ongoing on a somewhat irregular basis. We'll see eh? Fingers crossed. :)
Hi Andrea, I have written to Ronda about this. I'll get back to you guys as soon as I've heard from her x x
Hi, I'm new to this project and have 1 beanie and started on squares. Count me in for the challenge. Cheers, from South Australia, Jenni
Hi Kalai what a fantastic challenge,    I will certainly be participating but need to know if it is only for the months of May and June and do the squares have to be a certain size?   Look forward to hearing from you.

I posted 12 squares yesterday, so totals now:


1126 squares

143 hats



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