Hello and welcome to all you wonderfully talented crafters out there in KASville.  It's March, and we have just come through the Valentine's Day month, so I'm sure we all know what a heart looks like  :)


Heart appliqués can be securely stitched to squares, toys, hats, and handwarmers.  Appliqués can be knit, crochet, loom knit, or cut from felt or fabric.  You can knit or crochet a heart into a square as you work.  A heart can be duplicate stitched, embroidered, or cross-stitched onto a completed square.  Just look at these beautiful examples I found in our photo section!


This month we are going to concentrate on hearts ... hearts of any color, any size, and any style.  Use any of the patterns here, pick a pattern from your to-do list, or be expressive and make up your own pattern.  Take inspiration from what you see here, and what you will see as these pages begin to fill up.

When a child receives a heart in his or her blanket, I'm sure that child will feel loved.  So let's send the children a

little heart with a BIG message...


Here is a little poem I have written for you (with my sincerest apologies to Dr. Seuss).  It is interspersed with links (in red) to various patterns, along with some photos of previous work.  

One Heart

 Two Hearts

Pink Hearts

Blue Hearts

Red Hearts

Green Hearts

King Hearts, Queen Hearts

Hearts for Girls and Hearts for Boys

Hearts with Smiles and

Hearts like Toys

Hearts from needleshooks, or looms 

Hearts like flowers filled with blooms 

Hearts with Trunks, Hearts with wheels

Some like Fish, like Birds, like Seals

Many hearts will make a Bug

Special Hearts to hold and hug

Some are Big and Some are Small

Some are hardly there at all!

Hearts alone or in a pair

You can find hearts everywhere!

I’d like to say I’ve made them all.

But no, that tale would be too tall.

Watch this theme and you will see

Which of these were made by me!

And while we're at it, please let's not forget our fabulous PJs.  

They are, after all, the

HEART of every KASblanket!

A T.R.U.E.  PJ is an 8" (20 cm) square worked in one color only.  It can be knit (garter stitch) or crochet (single crochet).  

A P.E.R.T. PJ is also an  8" (20 cm) square worked in one color only.  However, unlike the T.R.U.E. PJ, it can be made using a pattern for texture and design.  It can be knit, crochet, loom knit, or Tunisian crochet.

All PJs provide a beautiful background in a blanket, helping the fancier squares to stand out.  Just look at the beautiful blanket above and you will see just how valuable our humble PJs are :)

Just a reminder that our overall theme for 2017 is


Now ... if you're thinking like a child, you've got to be thinking


Amy's Toy Story is running through to the end of April, so there is still plenty of time to participate.

Not a toymaker?  No problem!

Soft, clean, and gently loved items are also welcome.

Somewhere in South Africa, a child is waiting for a toy to cuddle and call

"my very own"

I'll stop now so you can grab your yarn, needles, hooks, or looms

and create some color, warmth, and fun.

Let's send a message to the children

... from our hearts ...

to let them know

they are special!

If you would like to see your photos in our March photo album, please add them to our photo section.  I can then pick them up and place them in our


We've filled our first album so I've started a new one.  Check our


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Amy, thank you so much for opening this.  I don't know why my computer didn't want to do it :(

Claire, your hearts and squares are all gorgeous!  I love the yarn in the bottom left square.  And what a beautiful variegated heart in that top square ... extra special :)))  Thank you! xo

Three GORGEOUS hearts/squares, Claire...think my fave is the top one.  :))

Thank you so much Amy for sorting out my picture. My computer never seems to be able to get it right.  Thank you ladies for all your lovely comments. All the yarn used was given to me by a friends mother who was having a turn out of bits and bobs so I was very happy to make use of them.

You did great work with those bits and bobs, so I hope there will be more in the future.

These are beautiful, warm, comforting squares.

At last! Finally finished my heart blanket! 

So sorry for my ongoing lack of forum contributions but looking forward to a couple of weeks off work now, so maybe I'll be able to pop in a bit more. Tonight I'm starting my "eat a rainbow" blanket. 

Have a lovely Easter break, everyone! Xxxxxx

Oh Heather, this is beautiful!  What a happy "heartful" blanket :))  

Shiny hearts, variegated hearts, pink hearts, blue hearts, mauve hearts, flag heart, happy heart with a heart nose, and all done up with stripes and diagonals!  You have outdone yourself this time, my dear.  This one was well worth the wait :)

What a lovely treasure for a lucky child!  Thank you!!! xo

A lot of heart and love in this blanket. Some lucky little one is going to love it to bits, Heather. So pretty!!

This is literally stupendous!

Heather, this is a real keeper.  LOVE IT!!

Heather, another of your gorgeous creations, so many beautiful squares!

Beautiful, Heather.   No way to choose a favorite, but think of the fun the children will have making that choice.

I'm sorry that this is rather late, but here is my March blanket. All of the squares are crocheted in the same pattern and I have used yarn from every donation I have received in this one, filling it with some extra love! It's my first complete crochet blanket. I'm hoping that Gloria won't mind the lateness of this post if I share this close-up of one particular square...



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