Can we try and spark some interest and conversation through our crafting this month to help the children learn....?

Letters, numbers, small words, colours, shapes, animals and nature are all superb ideas to stimulate their brains.

The designs, colours and ideas can all familiarise items, words and colours to aid their memories and make them feel clever and happy.

The colour of the month for our PJ's is BLUE

which is a great colour to represent water, the sea and sky in our work.

It has also recently been suggested that BLACK and WHITE squares are needed by the volunteers at The Barn In South Africa.I'm looking forward to seeing your imaginations run wild as you post any makes for us all to be inspired by too.......Hats, handwarmers, squares and blankets are what are really needed.

Happy crafting members, Karen xx

Click this link to see your creations compiled in an album:

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Super find, Chris.

Here's my alphabet blanket with a big blue border.   The children can sing the alphabet song until the teacher, parents and even siblings just shout Stop!

WOW!! This is truly FABULOUS, Sharon!! I had to 'blow it up', 'cos I wasn't sure if it was an embroidered panel you had sewn on to your blanket, but I see that it is all crocheted....amazing!! :))

Sharon -  very well done you!    The blanket is a cracker and must have taken some time.   I appreciate too that you've included lettering of the whole alphabet, as it's something I intended to do - but just haven't had the time!

Indeed I'm grateful to all of you crafters who have made educational pieces for that reason too Xxx

Wow Sharon, I love this blanket, your alphabet panel is wonderful! The colour mixes of plain and variegated set it off perfectly :))

You've got me singing the alphabet song now, Sharon - haven't done that for a few years!

Sharon you’ve done it again…after your Solar System blanket which was distributed recently this one is also a winner. We kept your Solar System blanket for awhile showing it to everyone who came into the barn. We’re so proud of what our contributors produce and we wanted it to go to a crèche or an extremely needy child. It found a home a few weeks ago at The Lion Park Informal Settlement. The children there have absolutely nothing…not even a square meter of green lawn to play on. This blanket will be loved  and cherished for many years and so will your ABC one. 

That is fantastic, Estelle.   Thank you so much for letting me know that it went to a special child who really needed it.   This story just makes me want to work faster and faster because there are so many children in a similar situation.

There are so many Sharon we appreciate every square and blanket that’s sent to us. 

This wasn't intended for this month (I've been using up left-overs as they 'arrived' for the past year), but as it has a blue border I thought Id pop it in here!

Don't know how my post got in between Sharon's blanket and Bev's reply, but I'm sure you can all work it out - Ning strikes again!

Ah, it's rearranged itself again - ignore the last comment!  I'm giving up now :((



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