Can we try and spark some interest and conversation through our crafting this month to help the children learn....?

Letters, numbers, small words, colours, shapes, animals and nature are all superb ideas to stimulate their brains.

The designs, colours and ideas can all familiarise items, words and colours to aid their memories and make them feel clever and happy.

The colour of the month for our PJ's is BLUE

which is a great colour to represent water, the sea and sky in our work.

It has also recently been suggested that BLACK and WHITE squares are needed by the volunteers at The Barn In South Africa.I'm looking forward to seeing your imaginations run wild as you post any makes for us all to be inspired by too.......Hats, handwarmers, squares and blankets are what are really needed.

Happy crafting members, Karen xx

Click this link to see your creations compiled in an album:

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Believe it or not, Bev, our snow is slowly disappearing.  I can actually see small bare spots (very small bare spots :) on my lawn.  Until later today, that is.  We're supposed to get more snow this afternoon and evening.  Guess we'll be a marshmallow world again tomorrow ... sigh ...

That's one reason I love our Square Circle Forum so much!  It never snows here, it's always filled with beautiful colours, and the warmth of our friendships is ever present :))) ... xo

Aww, so sweetly said.....Snow pics are a novelty to me, but I've never lived with the stuff.  :))

Bare spots?  Wow.  Over here in NW Ontario if you stepped off our front door you'd be thigh or waist deep in snow, right out to the top plank on our 4 plank front fence.  I love your white squares though I'm going to do some black sparkle ones.

Haha Jeanne,. So good to "see" you :))  I guess it all depends on what the norm is for you, eh?

One of my sons lives in N. AB.  When we here is NS are braving temps of -10C to  -15C, he'll say something like, "Suck it up, Buttercup!  We're at -38 wth a windchill of -50" ... LOL 

I know it gets very cold where you are too ... and I know where you are 'cos  I have a very happy memory of visiting you there!  However, there was no snow that day and it was lovely and warm ... xo

This all sounds horrendous! One of my Grandad's older brothers emigrated to Ontario in the early 1900s with his family although they settled in Hamilton, near to Niagara Falls, so quite a bit further south. How bad would their winters have been?

Well, Patricia, I spent most of my first 16 years in S. ON.  One of my grandmothers lived in Hamilton and we visited her frequently.  So while I can't give you an adult view of winters there, I can definitely say that for a child in my heyday they were fun, Fun, FUN!!  We would get snow that would last all winter without disappearing into unsightly grey slush. Great for sledding and tobogganing.  It stayed cold ... cold enough to freeze ponds and lakes.  Great for skating.  We had enough clean snow to gather in basins and buckets and my Dad would make us "snow taffy".  That, my friends, was a l-o-n-g time ago ... xo

Wow, Gloria, to think you are actually familiar with Hamilton! I have an address for the family in 1922 of 218 Cumberland Avenue. I suppose it would be a step too far for you to know the street as well? I hope my ancestors had as much fun as you when the children were growing up.

No, Patricia, I don't remember Cumberland Avenue.  Probably because I was a child and not looking at street signs or being concerned with directions.  However, I just googled your Cumberland Ave address and find that I could walk there in about 45 minutes from my grandmother's house at 11 Archibald Street!

However, I also discovered that Cumberland Avenue is very close to Gage Park, a park I played in a LOT as a child because an aunt we visited frequently lived on Rothsay Avenue.  According to Google. I could walk to your Cumberland Ave address in 17 minutes from my aunt's house :)  Small, small world ... xo

Gloria, this thread has run out of "Reply" slots so I'm not sure where my message is going to end up but I just wanted to say that I'm so glad I brought up about Hamilton and learnt of your connection. Stories like that make family history so much more real. One more fact I have was that one of my great uncle's sons was a clergyman on Prince Edward Island for a while, which I know is close to you in Nova Scotia.

Wow, Patricia, it just keeps getting "interestinger and interestinger" ... haha  My dad was also a clergyman and, as such, knew and associated with a great many other clergymen!  Do you know what years this would be ... which denomination ... and perhaps his name?  My Dad moved to NS from ON (back and forth several times, but that’s for another day ... LOL) and would have had churches in Eastern Canada from about 1947.

Gloria, I'll gather my information together and send you a private message.

Thank you Gloria as our Christmas distribution was postponed and Ronda suggested we do a Christmas in July distribution. We have about 50 Christmas blankets and fabulous ‘Christmas’ toys to hand out. I’m still making Christmas blankets so hold thumbs those beautiful white squares land on my table…..wouldn’t mind the turquoise and lilic/ purple ones from last month as well! 



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