~~ OUR MARCH 2016 THEME ~~

L E T ' S   H E A R   I T   F O R   T H E   B O Y S


If you would like to hear

what this month's theme is all about,

please click this link 

and let me tell you!

And thanks to Valerie's fabulous idea,

my brother Dwight's recording and producing talent,

and my niece Cynthia's lovely voice,

we can tell you about it

 here in FRENCH!


Si vous souhaitez voir la version française de L'introduction du thème our le mois de mars,
cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous
Gloria a, encore une fois, mis à contribution son frère, Dwight,
aidé par sa nièce, Cynthia,
pour produire cette version.

And if you don't know the song that's

playing in the background

but wish you did,

please click this link

and let me share it with you!

For your viewing pleasure, I have collected your photos

and placed them in our


And now ... since you amazing crafters have created

enough squares and items to fill a whole photo album,  

I have started a second one


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Great squares, Kiran ... makes me think of bumblebees, and spring.

Lovely, solid squares in GREAT boy colours, Kiran.  :))

Thanks, Gloria, for hosting yet another successful month. Thanks, also, for the video. I think I may have discovered the reason for my honeycomb squares turning out wonky shaped.

What a wonderful collection of squares and blankets for "our boys". Well done, everyone!! *\0/* *\0/* *\0/*

With 15 minutes to go in March in GMT (sorry, I was busy with a competition  do in Ravelry) here are a couple of images of squares that my friend Linda and I spent a few hours the other day sorting out the ends, sewing on tails, butterflying tails etc. We then parcelled them into 10s and decided to put those that would be suitable for boys on one pile and then the paler and pinker ones on another pile.  Here are 140 squares for the boys which I will be parcelling up this weekend and then posting off next week!

Aha - it is only letting me add the one image - I have done something wrong - sorry :D

Here is the image for the other group of squares - moderators, please feel free to do something about the size of the photos if you wish - I seem to have no luck at all with images in these posts :D

Well, it's still March somewhere in the world....just......

March 2016 Theme - Let's hear it for the boys.

Six 'boy' squares to finish off my month. The top left is purple, not blue. The purple and dark red squares are the p.o.m. for March.

Thank you so much, Glo for hosting this month.......can't wait for distribution photos of all the 'boy blankets' that will be created/or sent already constructed from the wonderful variety of squares produced this month.

Well done EVERYONE!!

Now bring on the cake.....it's morning tea time here and I'm starving!!.......lol.

These look so wonderful, Bev. But the pale yellow one with some kind of basket weave pattern caught my attention the most.... could you please share what pattern it is...thx. I love the baby blue color too....

I still have 4 1/2 hours to go in march....lol....talking about some pressure ...lol...

Thanks Kiran.  :)) 

I think the one I used was basket stitch pattern # 2........the only thing is, mine doesn't look quite the same.....lol......perhaps they blocked it to make the pattern sit flatter.


Thanks Bev. This site has so many neat patterns for PJs for us :)

I think yours look equally pretty if not more.

Bev, each one of these is an absolute beauty!  Your PoM squares look so regal in their deep and lucious colors.  PJs, patterns, and varaiegated ... I love them all - even the non blue ones :))  Thank you ... xo

Lovely squares, Bev. Thanks for the link to basket stitch patterns. 

Rebecca, what a fabulous contribution this is!  I love all the different colors and combinations.  You and Linda have done an amazing job of sewing, sorting, and bundling.  So many absolutely perfect boy squares ... 140!!  

Thank you to you both for this incredible contribution to our boys' blankets!  xo



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