The Mama Ntombi’s Community Projects (MNCP) was founded in 2007 and is caring for about 450 children at the Jika Joe and Ezinketheni Informal Settlements.

Knit-a-Square has networked with Mama N'tombi Community Projects for several years now, and have been able to supply hats, jumpers and blankets from time-to-time.

Louise Tidman, a member of the moderator team has stepped in to provide reports from this rural area so that we can see the developments that are taking place on a more regular basis!

Below is Louise's first report, which I'm posting on her behalf until she has mastered the process of posting from her iPad etc! Loading onto this Ning system can be quite a challenge, even when you are experienced!

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Due to the huge volume of items my group of 80+ ladies create I recently sent a shipment of knitted/crocheted items to Sandra Pillay, Project Manager/Fundraiser with MNCP. Below are two photos Sandra sent me from the distribution of our goodies to 300 children in the informal settlements where MNCP provide assistance.


Three Public Relations Students from a local college who are doing workplace training with MNCP help with the distribution.



Children wearing hats, gloves, hand warmers and jumpers made by our group.


There are more photos on the MNCP facebook page.


Sandra also sent me the following update of what is happening within MNCP. She writes;


We thank God for:

** Dorothy Marshall and Katherine Jackson who run the pre-schoolers programme.  Now that we have our container home, it has made teaching and learning so much fun, without the distractions that existed when we had to do this under the open skies.  We thank God for our beautiful container home.  We will be holding the official dedication of our Container on 17th September, 2016.

** Solomon’s dedication in serving this destitute community.  He gets up at 5.30 every morning so that he can prepare the breakfast for the 300 children that we feed before they go to school.  We even feed them on public holidays and school holidays as most of the children really depend on the provision of this nutritious porridge sponsored by JAM.   

** Vince Ndou is studying towards a PhD in Agriculture.  He has offered to assist us in establishing gardening projects.  He is also involved in mentoring youth and coaches soccer.  We have learnt so much from this amazing young man.  One of the DUT students, Thandanani said that he was so inspired from all that he leant from Vince that he was going to start a garden for his Mom.

** Prof Khoza – someone in a taxi told him about the work that MNCP is doing and he came to see me at our offices.  All he had was our physical address and my name.  He told me that if he didn’t find me at the office on Monday, he would come on Tuesday and would continue trying each day until he found me.  Fortunately, I was at the office on Monday!  He is a professional soccer coach and wants to form soccer teams at Ezinketheni.  When he helped out at our holiday club, he noticed the desperate needs in this community and is now helping us to start gardening and poultry co-ops as poverty alleviation programmes. 

** The young people from the Rotaract Club of Berea Durban as well as VP health who sent their amazing young ladies to start a garden for Gogo Madonsela  who is caring for 18 grandchildren. 

** The 6 DUT third year Public Relations Students and the 6 student Auxiliary Social Workers who are doing their internship with us.  These are such amazing young people who have such a heart for the children and elderly people that MNCP reaches out to.

** A young man who is a Quantity Surveyor had visited our project a year ago made contact with us again this past week to inform us that a friend of his is redesigning a kitchen for a wealthy family.  They will be donating all their kitchen appliances and cupboards to charity and he informed them of the work we are doing.  What’s more this young man has offered to build a kitchen for us on the piece of land that has been promised to us by the community leaders!  Wow!  The Lord is so good to us!  Please pray with us that we will receive the official letter from the Chief of this area, so that we can start with the building.  We have been waiting for this official documentation for over three years, but we trust the Lord that His timing will be perfect. 

** We are thankful to all the wonderful people who knit, sew and bake and use their talents to bless our children. 

** Thank you to the Rotary Club of Monrovia for their generous donation of $1000 to purchase cardigans for the destitute children at Umsilinga Primary.

** And we never cease to thank God for your partnership in this ministry. 

On 11th September we will officially be doing a Church plant at Ezinketheni.  This will fall under the auspices of The Christian Fellowship Church.  There are no Churches in this area and the community members are grateful for the spiritual and practical support we offer them. 

Thank you only for your practical support but more importantly we appreciate your prayer support.

God bless you.

Lots of love,



Pam, thank you so much for posting my day I may get to grips with this Ning system!!

Louise, I applaud your and your group's generous initiative to bless these 300 children with the warmth of a blanket.  

Thank you Diana. :))

Congrats on your first report. Well done, Louise!!

Well done Lou on the report I am sure this will be the first of many. We all enjoy reading the reports from SA accompanied by so many lovely pictures.

Well done Louise and team of wonderful ladies - all your knitting. You are all amazing, jus think you have given a little love to 300  extra children.  Thank you Louise and Pam for sharing this with us all. :))

Thank you for this wonderful report, Louise. Also, thank you, and all your ladies, for the knitting you have done.

It is so sad that these children and living in such desperate poverty but I'm glad that they are being helped. Well done and thank you to everyone involved in this work, as there is obviously a lot being done by a fantastic group of people. Feeding 300 children everyday must be a huge operation on it's own so I do hope that the kitchen plan is a success too.

Louise thank you for such an interesting and uplifting report. The hats hand warmers and jumpers have gone to the right place. I hope that kitchen can be built to serve the community.

Thanks Louise for stepping in to provide us with reports about this wonderful group. Also for your ladies very practical support for MNCP, which is obviously very much appreciated! 

Thank you for this article, all the information and the wonderful photos!

Thanks Pam.



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