The KAS Shop is an integral part of keeping KAS alive to provide help for the children in South Africa.    The funds raised through purchases from the KAS Shop are greatly needed to help cover expenses such as The Barn rent, the postal collection charges, fuel for the KAS van and the stipend for the Gogo's for each blanket sewn up.

A massive outgoing from the KAS funds is the mandatory customs and handling fee of $3.75US per parcel.    This is a charge the South African Customs and Excise enforce no matter what size of parcel is collected.   Therefore it is an ongoing regular outlay, and it is vital this proportion of expense is supported to keep our crafting flowing to where it is needed most.

Donations are most welcome whether they are as you can afford them, or by setting up a monthly donation.    Both are easily arranged by pressing the Donate button to the right of the Main Page in the Forum, or by making a purchase from our well stocked KAS Shop full of fundraising departments.  

Remember 100% of every KAS Shop purchase goes directly to KAS......and every penny counts!!    Thank you X

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Well a great big HELLO and how are you all today?    I've got to congratulate all involved in keeping our charitable cogs turning.   The turnover of parcels in The Barn has been especially phenomenal!   Just look at all that mail...............amazing!

With any spare pennies we can find I feel it is important that we remember to help GET THE MOTOR RUNNING.  

Wandi and Themba are doing their bit as they set off from The Barn, and just look at the pure joy this little girl cannot help showing at receiving her gift package!   Our goods need to get to where they are needed most, so please, please when sauntering through our shops aisles bare this expense in mind.    Take care and Stay Safe Crafters.   Many thanks for stopping by, Aunt Nellie X

Thank you Aunt Nellie for this reminder.  The KAS van has been busy with distributions and many trips to the Post Office.  We need to keep it filled with petrol. 

I was curious about the price of gas in SA versus the US.  A gallon of gas in SA would cost us $4.54 in the US. Crazy....I am currently paying $2.39. Of course South Africa as most of the world sells gas by the liter.

Let's keep the KAS van motor running for distributions!

Broom-Broom-Broom!!!    Special Delivery!!!

Every Penny Counts $$$

Wow Amy!!  The US are  cheaper than us. Hubby filled up his car in a  town about 55kms away from our town, yesterday and I think he said it was $1.38 per litre. There are 4.5litres to a gallon, so that makes it 6.21AUD., which is 4.80USD.  Can you send some over.....hahaha.

Yes, indeed Bev.  We are so spoiled here in the US and most people think that the price of gas is very high here. 

I've just popped into the shop as I received a second generous donation of wool in the mail.    I had my mask on, and found the whole experience convenient and speedy,  Kxx

Hello there crafters!    I've just popped by The Barn this morning and have seen the mail is now flowing swiftly and in huge numbers after the months of problems, backlogs and delays.  It is so humbling to see so many successful distributions being carried out across the region too.  Hooray! 

However, this does mean the postal retrieval costs are ever so high......R5800.00, which is over 420 USD and almost £300 UK.

An unbelievable amount, which I'm hoping we can help cover the price of month after month to keep the flow of needed items to the children who desperately need warmth over these coming cold months in SA.     

Please dig deep where, and as you can.........You're all stars!

Thanks Aunt Nellie and Karen for the reminder! 
I’m always delighted to see so many parcels arriving in The Barn and enjoy seeing the numerous beautiful blankets in the photos from the blanket room. Although it is wonderful to see, it is easy to forget that this comes at a very real, unaffordable cost to KAS.

I have made a mental note that each time I take a parcel to the post office, I must remember to pop into the KAS shop and pay the handling fee. 
I just popped in to the KAS shop and there wasn’t a queue or a mask insight!

Thank you for the reminders! 

 Like Chris, I have a routine so that when I ship a package, I also make an extra donation so that the customs fees can be paid.   I just shipped a package yesterday, so now I'm heading to the shop to make that additional donation.

Let's keep those packages full of warmth and love coming into the barn and then on to the children!

Hello, hello everyone!    I'm really overjoyed and excited to see the KAS Shop takings are on the up, up, up!!     The donations were well over $1000.00.    My smile is a mile wide today!

Thank You.....Hvala vam....Dankie.....Dank u.....

Gracias.....Merci.....Hvala ti.....Grazie.....Takk skal du ha!!!!!

I'm sure we have all enjoyed the photographs which have been taken in many of the distributions lately, and I hope this helps you see the value of giving to help keep the motor running.    Our packages simply could not have got to where they are really needed without your support - I am so proud of you all for digging into your purses so deeply.

When each of us visit the store to cover the cost of our parcel handling fee can I suggest that giving to Ronda's right hand would be a great area to send any extra you can afford.   There are unforseen expenses which mount up and need financially covered by us.   She and the team really do volunteer a lot of themselves with their feet and hands on the ground in South Africa.

Stay safe crafters, and keep on clicking and hooking, Aunt Nellie x x x

Did you realise too, that there are FREE items available in the shop all the time.   Why not stop by that department while you are browsing in store.....You could pick up a recipe book for example.......

Here is the KasShop report for May.

You guys knocked it out of the park! A total of $1,008.16 was donated through the Shop during the month of May. On behalf of Ronda and her team, thank you so much for your generosity, spirit and perseverance.

Oh my goodness crafters it has been some time since I took time to see and speak to you all.  

Times are harder then usual in South Africa right now as there has been unrest, power outages, riots and a return to heavy lockdown in the wake of increased infection and Covid dangers.    Services and supplies are limited which worries me so.

Our shop needs your custom more than ever right now,  to try and help keep things moving and get our crafted gifts out to where they are needed.   Temperatures are very low and these vulnerable children need some sign of love and warmth in their lives.    It would marvellous when you stop by the KAS Shop to cover your customs handling fee if you could make an extra purchase to keep our cashflow healthy.    For a small amount you could purchase fruit for the children, or a basket of yarn to supply the Gogos....    Do take some time to browse our varied items, there is a LOT to see.    I'll pop off for now but will be stopping by the shop again soon.   Stay safe and remember every penny counts,

Aunt Nellie xx xx




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