Knit-a-square relies on contributions of squares, hats, handwarmers and toys… and financial donations. Yes, financial donations! Without them, it would be impossible to organize, sort and deliver the massive influx of love that is received at the KasBarn.


Expenses include:

  • A postal charge of $3.75 US for every parcel received;
    • Rent for the KasBarn;
    • Fuel for the KasVan;
    • A stipend for the gogos ($1.50 US per blanket) andanother for Ronda’s ‘Right Hand.’


There are several ways you can help financially:

  1. Make a donation whenever you are able.
  2. Sign up for an ongoing monthly donation (subscription).
  3. Shop at the KasShop!


Shopping at the KasShop is a great way to support Knit-a-square. It doesn’t matter what you buy – whether it’s by donation to wrap a child in a blanket or toward fuel for the KasVan, or for a downloadable gift for yourself, a friend or loved one – every penny you spend here is a direct donation to KAS.


Is there something you would like to see on the 'shelves' of the Shop?

Do you have an idea for a downloadable item we could create that might appeal to shoppers?


Please share your thoughts and ideas here. The Shop Team will do our best to bring your ideas to life so they can raise much needed funds for Knit-a-square and the children in need.





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A great big thank you to everyone who shopped in the KAS Shop in 2019.  We managed to raise a total of $6907.83 USD, all of which goes directly to the team in S.A. to support our work there.

It was gratifying to see that our biggest seller in the Shop was “Pay the Customs Handling Fee”.  Did you know that every time you send a parcel, large or small, Knit-a-square incurs a mandatory handling fee of $3.75 US, charged by the South African Customs and Excise?

Your purchase of this item each time you mail a parcel will offset Ronda’s costs.

These charges are adding greatly to the cost of running Knit-a-square each month. Whether you send 10 squares or 100 squares, the cost to Ronda is the same.
We suggest that you save up your squares and other items until you have at least 2kg (or whatever weight is the most economical for you to send) so you can mail less often. If possible, include as part of your mailing the purchase of one Pay the Customs Handling Fee item. This is a win-win: by mailing less often, we save on postage and by paying the customs duties in advance, Knit-a-square can retrieve your parcel without delay.

NOTE: When mailing a package, it is critical to put BONA FIDE GIFT FOR CHARITY, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE on your parcel and a declared value of $0 on your Customs Slip so KAS doesn't incur additional postage fees.

You can purchase PAY THE CUSTOMS HANDLING FEE here

A note from Aunt Nellie

Thanks for the reminder!  I was just about to toddle off to the Post Office to mail my January squares... I'd better visit the KAS Shop first and Pay the Customs Handling fee.

Good for you, Aunt Nellie.  I have a pile of squares here to get weighed, wrapped and posted.  I've just made a "note to self" to visit the KAS Shop and Pay the Customs and Handling Fee when mail them.

Thanks for the reminder, Anne!  And what an impressive total in KAS Shop sales!!!   I'll add my thanks to everyone who chose to "Shop Local" at our very own KAS Shop ... xo

YAY for the KAS shop...I LOVE it!!!

Thanks for the reminder Aunt Nellie....I will be paying my customs fees, when I send the parcels. It just makes sense.  :))


In the fall of 2019, we invited our members to join in a Virtual Cookie Exchange by submitting their favourite Christmas recipes to the forum.  Rather than have the recipes disappear or be filed away, we asked our wonderful Andrea to compile them into a little book for you to enjoy.

So hop on over to


and grab your free copy of our first KAS Recipe Book!

You are welcome to print as many copies as you wish and spread the word about KAS by giving them to friends or selling them at your fundraisers.  We recommend inserting the pages into a report cover with a spine because we are sure you will use some of these recipes for years.

Of course, we also hope that while you are in the KAS Shop getting your ‘freebie’ that you will take your time to explore the Shop and peek at all the other items we have for sale – notecards, flashcards, art prints, pattern books, fuel for the KASvan, Gogo support and lots of other items.

The best part is

100% of all purchases goes to support the work of KAS!



The Donate button provides 2 options:

  1. One time donation
  2. Monthly subscription               [click the box]

Because of PayPal/banking fees, KAS asks that your donation be 5USD [or more].  Anything less, means your donation is eaten up with fees.  Thank you!


Our goal is to remove the monthly deficit that Ronda and her team have to deal with. You can:

1. Make a donation whenever you are able.

2. Sign up for an ongoing monthly donation (subscription).

3. Shop at the KasShop!

Please follow this discussion for monthly updates, current financial reports and ideas on what we can all do to help. Click link : 



The AUGUST 2022 Squares List is available. Please see:

2022 Squares List Discussion

     for the most recent lists.

For all other Square Lists, please visit our SQUARE LISTS page.



   Planning ahead??

 See the 2022






Color Of The Month GREEN

Free Patterns for

Plain Jane Knit Square

Plain Jane Crochet Square

can be found in the KAS PatternBook

Click here to find more free patterns in

Members Patterns - Squares




"CreateCare Global has set itself two tasks. The first is physical: to bring hope, support and comfort to children for whom poverty and loss are everyday tormentors. The second, and in our view equally important, is to spread the message to the world."

Our thanks to CreateCare Global for supporting the Square Circle Forum and helping to spread the wonderful work that KAS does.

Learn more about CCG here.

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